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Nossaman Paves the Way for Presidio Parkway Project

Nossaman advised the California Department of Transportation in connection with the first transportation P3 under California's 2009 P3 legislation.

Nossaman Helps California American Water Company Secure Approval For Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project

As a result of extensive efforts by Nossaman, the California Public Utilities Commission voted to allow California American Water Company to proceed with its $322 million project.

U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico Grants Nossaman Client's Motion for Summary Judgment

Nossaman Endangered Species Practice team secures victory for New Mexico Department of Game and Fish in a case alleging violation of section 9 of the Endangered Species Act.

Nossaman Helps the University of California Achieve First Higher-Education P3 Deal in the US

Historic achievement in innovative project delivery-The Regents of the University of California reach commercial/financial close on UC Merced 2020.

Ninth Circuit Rules in Favor of Nossaman Client Pattern Energy

On January 5, 2017 the Ninth Circuit closed the book on almost five years of litigation over Nossaman Client Pattern Energy’s Ocotillo Wind, a 265 megawatt wind energy generation project located on federal land in Imperial County, CA.  

Prelim Injunction Granted against Federal Government for Unpermitted Release of Endangered Wolves in New Mexico

Nossaman obtained a prelim injunction for New Mexico Department of Game and Fish in a conflict of state and federal regulations in regards to the ESA.

Nossaman Helps Arizona Department of Transportation Seal Deal for State's Largest Highway Project

Nossaman successfully advised the Arizona Department of Transportation on a groundbreaking deal for the South Mountain Freeway Project.

Ambitious General Plan Amendment and Specific Plan Approved for Nossaman Client

Nossaman served as land use and environmental law counsel for a master planned development project approved in southeast Los Angeles County.

Nossaman Helps Client Avoid Hazards On and Off the Golf Course

Nossaman fought successfully to keep Sharp Park Golf Course in business while protecting two listed species, despite the efforts of opponents both in court and via the political process to shut it down.

Nossaman Obtains Environmental Permits in Record Time, Allowing Completion of 2,000-Acre Solar Project

Nossaman helped Tenaska obtain permits, allowing for completion of a utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar development project in Southern California.

Nossaman Helps Illuminate Detroit-Area Highways

Nossaman helped the Michigan Department of Transportation achieve commercial and financial close on an agreement to provide an approximately $125 million street lighting project for the Detroit region.

Settlement in Emissions Case Saves Nossaman Client Millions

Nossaman successfully represented a client in the first formal hearing involving a disputed starting allocation under California’s South Coast Air Basin’s emissions cap and trade program.

Sometimes the Enemy Is In The House: Don't Let An Outside Vendor Control Your Systems

Confronted with an IT vendor refusing to return passwords and data, our oil and gas producer-client had two untenable choices.

TxDOT Procures Agreement for Segments F-1, F-2 and G of Grand Parkway with Assistance from Nossaman

Nossaman helped the Texas Department of Transportation reach an agreement for an approximately $1 billion portion of the Grand Parkway.  

Groundbreaking P3 Express Lanes Project Slashes Commutes in North Texas

Nossaman advised the Texas Department of Transportation on the LBJ Express Project (IH-635), one of the largest P3 highway projects in the U.S.

P3 Project Spells Relief for Drivers on Fort Worth-Area Highway

Nossaman helped the Texas Department of Transportation solidify a P3 agreement to launch the $1.5 billion North Tarrant Express Segments 3A & 3B Project.

Nossaman Drives North Carolina's First Transportation P3 to Financial Close

Nossaman helped the North Carolina Department of Transportation reach financial close on the I-77 Express Lanes Project.

Nossaman Shuts Down the Board of Registered Nursing Power Grab in Midwife Case
Nossaman successfully defended a 25-year veteran midwife, with over a 1,000 deliveries, against the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN).  
Nossaman Guides Agreement to Replace Aging Gerald Desmond Bridge

Nossaman assisted the Port of Long Beach and Caltrans with the agreement to replace the Gerald Desmond Bridge.

Nossaman Guides Downtown Properties Group in the Acquisition of the Cupertino Gateway Complex Leased by Apple
Nossaman assisted Downtown Properties with this significant real estate acquisition. 
Nossaman Handles Two of the Largest Real Estate Transactions in Pasadena, CA
Nossaman advised clients regarding real estate transactions involving the Pasadena AT&T building as well as the Plaza Las Fuentes. 
The I-4 Ultimate Project: Florida's Innovative P3 Success Continues

Nossaman advised the Florida Department of Transportation in connection with the largest greenfield availability payment P3 project in the U.S.

Nossaman Snatches Litigation Victory From the Jaws of Defeat in Real Estate Lease Dispute
Using some creative litigation strategies, Nossaman helped its client LSI Corporation turn the tables and receive a six-figure recovery from a "winning" plaintiff. 
Nossaman Obtains California Supreme Court Decision Allowing Completion of $1.5 Billion Light Rail Transit Project

Nossaman advised the Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority regarding environmental compliance for $1.5 billion, seven-mile, light rail transit project connecting Los Angeles with Santa Monica, California.

Toll Bridge Raises the Bar in P3 Financing

Nossaman assisted the Indiana Finance Authority on a project to improve traffic over the Ohio River.

Nossaman is Successful in Halting the Upper Echo Lake Fuels Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project
Nossaman represents pro bono client, Dr. Dennis Murphy, in a lawsuit against the United States Forest Service to successfully halt the progression of the Upper Echo Lakes Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project in 2014. 
$93 Million Subway Contract Dispute Rides to Victory
Nossaman represented the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority in a lengthy dispute over the construction management contract for the Metro Red Line subway project.  
sbX E-Street Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Project
Nossaman represented SANBAG in acquiring 151 properties as part of an effort to develop and construct the sbX E-Street Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Project, the first of-its-kind express BRT service in the Inland Empire.  
Improving Safety and Easing Congestion in Virginia with the Midtown Tunnel Project

We assisted Virginia Department of Transportation with improving one of the nation's most traveled transportation networks.

Preserving Measures Approved by Los Angeles County Voters

Nossaman successfully represented the County of Los Angeles in two significant election challenge cases.

Precedent-Setting $168.8M Victory in Landmark Bank Failure Trial
Nossaman successfully represented the FDIC in obtaining a federal jury verdict against three former officers of the failed bank IndyMac. 
Nossaman Achieves Dismissal of Immediate Jeopardy Case Before It Begins
Patient safety is best served when regulators provide clear guidance to facilities as to what conduct will be citable 
Creating the Largest Investor-Owned Water Utility in California
Nossaman successfully represented the California Water Service Group in connection with the acquisition of privately and publicly owned water companies.   
Nossaman Obtains Decision Allowing Completion of $5 Billion Honolulu Rail Transit Project

Nossaman's client, the City and County of Honolulu, achieved a major victory in the battle over the City's $5 billion, rail transit project. 

Fighting FEMA in the Delta
Nossaman achieved a settlement that could result in changes to FEMA's administration of the National Flood Insurance Program throughout California. 
Bridging the Gap Between Port of Miami and I-395 with Nation's Largest Soft Ground Bored Tunnel

Nossaman advised on procurement and financing of this innovative P3 which greatly reduced traffic in the Miami region. 

Nossaman Handles Royalty Stream Monetization Deal
We closed a transaction which granted our client an undivided 50% interest in the royalty stream from the pharma company to two affiliated private equity firms in New York 
Taking the Worry Out of Surgery Center Mergers and Acquisitions
We helped a healthcare provider grow and thrive through complex transactions in a heavily regulated environment. 
Structuring Monarch HealthCare Acquisition to Maintain Its Independence
We successfully represented long-time client Monarch HealthCare in its acquisition by OptumHealth, a unit of UnitedHealth Group Inc. 
Tailoring M&A Techniques to Suit Industry Standards
Nossaman's expertise in M&A transactions stretches across a wide variety of industries. 
Restructuring Through Stock for Stock Merger
We helped a struggling California corporation through a complex merger involving an out of state competitor in conjunction with a third party capital infusion. 
Providing a Start-Up the Expertise to Grow
When a start-up with valuable patents needed help forming and organizing the company so they could market their products, it turned to Nossaman for legal advice.  
Counseling Clients on Risks and Rewards of Corporate Acquisitions
We counseled the founder of an investment advisory firm that was being acquired by a public company on all aspects of the transaction. 
Managing a Difficult Employee Relationship - And Prevailing in a Subsequent Lawsuit
By carefully counseling an employer who was dealing with a difficult employee, we set the stage for a favorable outcome when the inevitable lawsuit was filed.
Complex Capital Restructuring Transactions for HealthCare Partners
When managed care provider HealthCare Partners needed a legal advisor on two major debt and equity restructuring transactions, it turned to Nossaman to get results. 
Coastal Commission Denial Reversed; Coastal Development Permit Issued
We developed and implemented a strategy to overcome a Coastal Commission Staff Report recommending denial of a proposed gated single family subdivision. 
How We Got $100 Million to Clean Up Groundwater Contamination
Nossaman drew on water, bankruptcy, and insurance expertise to secure a $100 million settlement to clean up contaminated water. 
Fighting for Water Rights Before the California Supreme Court
No stranger to the rough and tumble nature of California water disputes, we secured $50 million in water rights for an investor-owned water utility. 
Pulling Out All the Stops to Get Funding for Groundwater Clean Up
We used a multi-pronged approach to jump-start stalled water clean up efforts, which culminated in a $350 million contamination settlement. 
Establishment of 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance
We helped to establish federal authorization for recognition of 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.   
Improving the Flow of Goods: The Alameda Corridor
We helped develop the $2.4 billion Alameda Corridor, which improved traffic flow and enhanced the efficiency of goods distribution from the busiest ports in the country. 
A Physician/Oral Surgeon's Reputation is Vindicated
With our help, the innocence of a prestigious physician was established and the physician and oral surgeon was able to continue doing what he does best: practicing medicine and oral surgery. 
Making a Record-Breaking Real Estate Deal
An international real estate developer turned to us to help close San Francisco's biggest commercial real estate deal in three years. 
The Long and Winding Road Made Straight: Orange County Transportation Corridor Agencies
We planned ahead for our client's inevitable environmental challenges and created the contracts that provided California with its first modern toll roads.  
Managing a Hospital Management Crisis
We helped turn around a high-profile medical center and hospital so it could continue to provide high-quality care. 
Constructing Profits for a Pension Fund
We helped the a public pension plan realize profits from a LEED-certified commercial building by shepherding an idea into reality. 
Compensating for Construction Defects
A developer, general contractor and numerous subcontractors could not escape responsibility for major construction defects in an investment property. 
Speaking Up on Campaign Finance Reform
We created a business coalition to provide a powerful and unified voice to the Federal Elections Commission. 
Building Up a Neighborhood in a Down Market
We helped real estate developers succeed in breathing new life into old buildings, despite declining prices. 
Pre-empting a Cost-Prohibitive Permit
Nossaman drew on water and public policy resources to prevent potable water from being regulated as a "waste" or "pollutant." 
Solving Traffic Congestion in Florida: I-595 Corridor Improvement Project

We advised on a deal structure to help deliver a highway 25 years before Florida would have had money to pay for it using conventional delivery methods.

Creating Healthcare Choices for Small Companies

Our precedent-setting work with an insurance agency nearly two decades ago provided a prototype for the healthcare exchanges reformers advocate today.

Making the Most of An Interstate Down Main Street
We helped a village near Chicago secure federal funds to promote inclusion of an environmental cap in an expansion project of a highway that runs through the middle of their town.   
Buying a Hospital at a Bankruptcy Bargain Price
With our help, a major healthcare provider expanded its market and served a local community by purchasing a hospital from a bankrupt public agency. 
Helping a Non-Profit Push a Cancer Drug to Market

By helping a non-profit health system license its promising research we helped further the search for a cure for certain cancers.

Litigation Logistics Level the Playing Field
We brought big-firm style litigation infrastructure to support a small firm in a big breach of contract case.  
Making a Molehill Out of a Mountain
Nossaman disarmed a potentially large class action and secured a small confidential settlement on the eve of a motion to dismiss.  
Keeping a Business in California by Reducing Municipal Costs
Nossaman helped a manufacturing company lower its municipal utility rates by navigating the local government landscape. 
Winning Back a Stolen Company
Using sophisticated courtroom execution to champion the truth throughout a long jury trial, we ensured our clients were able to reclaim over $1.3 million and a company that had been stolen from them. 
Winning an Insurance Battle without Losing the War
We uncovered an insurer's deceit and secured a favorable settlement in time to prevent even bigger problems. 
Turning a Drug Patent into a Reliable Revenue Stream
A strategic licensing agreement for a drug that treats a rare childhood disease helped a non-profit research institute obtain a reliable revenue stream. 
Converting Incompetence to Cash
We made sure an insurance agent's error did not cost a terminally ill man his valuable life insurance policy. 
Pushing the Envelope of an Insurance Policy
By advancing case law regarding new technologies, we ensured Hyundai had the insurance coverage it needed to pursue litigation.  
Legitimizing Legitimate Discount Healthcare Plans
We helped develop a licensing system to differentiate genuine healthcare services from predatory scams. 
Navigating With a Half-Built Boat and a Bankrupt Boat Builder
We helped a public agency protect its partially built ferries even while the legislature shut it down and its contractor went bankrupt.  
Colorful Eminent Domain Case Sets Precedent, Clarifies Law
A Nossaman attorney secured a favorable settlement for an industrial property owner in the midst of a community redevelopment, and helped clarify the law in the process. 
Changing A Century of Eminent Domain Law Precedent
We took our argument over the nature of benefits in eminent domain all the way to the California Supreme Court and won. 
Increasing Mobility in Central Texas: SH 130, Segments 5&6

Nossaman helped TxDOT create the first toll concession agreement in Texas for a much needed 41-mile toll road.

Making Rules Everyone Can Play By

We helped keep hospitals and medical staffs across the country working cooperatively by negotiating reasonable rules.

Resolving Conflicting Regulatory Currents
Nossaman drew on Endangered Species Act and Water law expertise to preserve discharges of tertiary treated flow critical to the survival of endangered fish. 
A Dynamic Win Against Securities Fraud Charges
California trial experience helped win a complete defense verdict and attorneys' fees for a technology client on securities fraud claims of more than $12 million.  


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