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A Brave New World For Condemning Agencies: Coping with the Anderson Initiative and its Radical Redrawing of California Eminent Domain Law


The law offices of Nossaman Guthner Knox & Elliott LLP are conducting a series of small, complimentary seminars to inform public agency attorneys, engineers, planners and right-of-way personnel about the details of the Anderson Initiative, which very recently qualified for California’s November ballot.  The proposed constitutional amendment could end the use of eminent domain for redevelopment purposes and could drastically impact nearly every other eminent domain case, including many already on file.

The seminars will be approximately an hour in length and will give attendees a chance to ask questions specific to their needs.  The seminar will focus on:

·         A detailed analysis of the Anderson Initiative.

·         What the Anderson Initiative means to current acquisition projects.

·         Tactics to avoid disruption and delays in current and future projects.

·         New procedures aimed at minimizing acquisition costs in the post-Anderson world.

Seminar dates, times and locations are flexible.  Please contact Brian Klaslo at (213) 312-8315 or to arrange a seminar.

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