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Title Date
Final Rule Amends FHWA, FTA and FRA Regulations to NEPA and Section 4(f)   11/20/2018
Proposed CEQA Guideline for Highway Projects Promises Flexibility In the Measurement of Traffic Impacts, But Delivers Ambiguity   02/07/2018
Major Revisions to CEQA Guidelines Proposed - Measuring Transportation Impacts Under CEQA: The Paradigm Shift to Vehicle Miles Traveled Arrives   11/30/2017
California Supreme Court Holds that State Agencies May Not Escape CEQA Mitigation Requirements Based on Failure of the Legislature to Appropriate Mitigation Funds   08/05/2015
Ninth Circuit Holds Critical Habitat Designations Not Subject to Cost-Benefit Analysis   07/09/2015
California Supreme Court Holds Facial Challenge to Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Subject to Deferential Standard of Review   06/16/2015
How One Misstep Resulted in a $2.5 Million Lesson   06/08/2015
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Consider Expanding Incidental Take Authorization Under Migratory Bird Treaty Act   05/26/2015
Federal Court Strikes Down HCP: No Piggybacks Under Section 10   04/13/2015
When Uncertainty Surrounds California Solar Project, Court Defers to Agency Not Tortoise   04/06/2015
Cases Pending Before the California Supreme Court on Climate Change May Foreshadow Federal Law Challenges   04/06/2015
A Closer Look At T-Mobile V. Roswell   02/03/2015
U.S. Supreme Court Holds in Favor of Cell Tower Siting Applicants   01/16/2015
Equal Access To Justice Act: Why Prevailing On Only 1 Out Of 3 Claims In Oregon Forestry Case Can Still Be Quite Rewarding   01/05/2015
Notice Period Doesn't Cause 9th Circ. To Pause on ESA   12/12/2014
Ninth Circuit Lifts the Veil: Explains How to Comply With Endangered Species Act 60-Day Notice Requirement   11/25/2014
Opponents of Arena Project Foul Out   11/24/2014
Utah Court Bucks the Trend: Holds Congress Lacks Power to Regulate Intrastate Species on Private Land   11/10/2014
CEQA Reform in the Courts – Public Agency Can Recover Costs Despite Petitioner's Election   09/22/2014
Environmental Review Required for Subdivision Map Approvals   09/16/2014
Fifth Circuit Holds that the Army Corps of Engineers' Jurisdictional Determination Does Not Constitute a Reviewable "Final Agency Action"   08/13/2014
California Supreme Court Holds No CEQA Review Required for a Voter Initiative-Sponsored Ordinance   08/12/2014
How Untimely Service Can Be Deadly To Your Takings Claim   08/07/2014
California Appellate Court Requires Assessment of Healthcare Effects of New Development   07/14/2014
Supreme Court Strikes Part of EPA Rule Regulating Greenhouse Gases, Affirms Balance of Rule   06/23/2014
Calif. Projects Must Take Health Impacts Into Account   06/17/2014
The Grapes of Wrath Part 2 - A Return to Horne   06/16/2014
'Urban Decay' Still Plagues Calif. Big-Box Retail Plans   04/22/2014
City Fails to Adequately Mitigate "Urban Decay" and Energy Impacts of Big Box Retail Project   04/04/2014
Rails-to-Trails Decision: Supreme Court Holds that Government Does Not Retain Reversionary Interest   03/12/2014
9th Circ. Reminds BOEM About The Importance Of Evidence   03/11/2014
Ninth Circuit Denies Rehearing of Clean Air Act Suit and War of Words Ensues   02/07/2014
Ninth Circuit Finds Environmental Document for Chukchi Sea Lease Sale Violates NEPA   02/03/2014
California High Court Clarifies Scope of Mitigation Fee Act   10/30/2013
California Supreme Court Holds Mitigation Fee Act Applies to Inclusionary Housing   10/18/2013
Judge Or Jury? A Critical Eminent Domain Question Answered   08/16/2013
In Eminent Domain Proceedings, the Likelihood and Constitutionality of a Dedication is a Jury Determination   08/13/2013
The Grapes Of Wrath Crack High Court Precedent   06/18/2013
The Grapes of Wrath: U.S. Supreme Court Holds that Takings Claim Can be Raised as an Affirmative Defense to Enforcement Action Against Raisin Handlers   06/12/2013
Condemn Now, CEQA-Compliance Later? Maybe   04/29/2013
Condemn Now, CEQA-Compliance Later? OK. Maybe…   04/19/2013
Options, Agreements, and Prior Appraisals: Admissibility Issues in Eminent Domain Trials   12/17/2012
Court Decision on Loss of Goodwill Results in Sour Grapes for Business Owners   11/29/2012
Options, Agreements, and Prior Appraisals: Admissibility Issues in Eminent Domain Trials   08/16/2012
Ninth Circuit Affirms Steelhead Listing Decision that Excludes Resident Rainbow Trout   08/26/2010
Ninth Circuit Permits Environmental Justice Lawsuit to Proceed In Light of EPA's Repeated Noncompliance   09/30/2009
Corps and EPA Issue Long-Awaited Rapanos Guidance Document   12/17/2008
Ninth Circuit Ratchets Up Consultation Obligations For Federal Agencies   08/01/2008
Federal District Court Rejects Challenge by Automakers to California's Effort to Regulate Greenhouse Gases from Automobiles   12/14/2007


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