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Title Date
"How Trouble with the MBC/Psychology Board Finds You!"   12/10/2007
"The Medical Board Enforcement Process"   12/02/2007
"Managing Disruptive Physicians"   07/10/2007
"Emerging Issues in Handling Cases Before the Medical Board of California"   04/13/2007
"Medical Board of California Enforcement Process"   12/02/2006
"Clinical Dilemmas from the View Points of a Clinician and a Defense Attorney"   12/01/2006
"Representation of Physicians Before the Medical Board of California"   09/13/2006
"Physicians' Right and Responsibilities Under California Law"   09/08/2006
"Help for Disruptive Physicians"   03/02/2006
A Proactive Response To Allegations Of Misconduct Can Minimize Adverse Consequences For Physicians   05/25/2005
Heightened Enforcement of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Laws Requires Increased Provider Diligence   03/01/2005
"How to Manage the Unmanageable Physician - Views on Dealing with Disruptive Physicians and Behavioral Contracts from both the Medical Staff and Physician Perspectives"   06/11/2004
"How to Handle a Government Investigation"   03/04/2004
"Trouble with the Government: Defending a Client in an Investigation or Accusation Proceeding"   01/16/2003
"Cost Recovery in Administrative Hearings After the Zuckerman Case"   11/15/2002
"Hospital Privileges Under Attack? Fight Back - Carefully"   12/22/1997
"Medical Staff Peer Review Inquisitions or Quality Control?"   03/01/1995
"The Hunted Physician"   11/01/1994
"Actions and Agencies Subject to Writ"   05/01/1987


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