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Title Date
"Groundwater Adjudications and Alternatives to Comprehensive Adjudications"   06/07/2018
Sustainable Groundwater Management Act   05/14/2015
Chromium 6: From the Code to the Courts… and Back Again   04/03/2015
WaterRules - California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act provides a comprehensive set of tools for local agencies to implement groundwater management plans   02/20/2015
Historic Calif. Groundwater Bills are Dry on Specifics   09/17/2014
Legislature Passes Historic Groundwater Management Act   09/08/2014
"Chromium 6 Standard: Too Low, Too High or Just Right"?   06/12/2014
Hexavalent Chromium: Is the Maximum Contaminant Level a Done Deal?   04/16/2014
When a "Date Certain" for a Chromium 6 MCL isn't Exactly Certain   01/30/2014
Drinking Water Standards: How Fast is Fast Enough to Finalize the Chromium-6 MCL?   11/13/2013
"Groundwater Contamination Litigation: Proving and Defending Against Liability"   10/10/2013
"Perchlorate and the Colorado River"   01/24/2013
Commission Meets to Discuss Draft Report on Governor's Reorganization Plan This Friday   05/09/2012
"Groundwater Contamination"   09/23/2011
Will Court Ruling Increase Government Superfund Liability?   07/08/2011
The Federal Government's Liability in Cost Recovery Actions   04/01/2011
Federal Government Liable Under CERCLA As Both An Arranger and Operator For Leased Property   03/24/2011
No Crystal Ball for Predicting Water Supplies   10/27/2010
Urban Water Management Plan Upheld - Court Defers to Water Agency's Expertise   10/14/2010
The Little Hoover Commission Releases Report on Statewide Water Management   08/31/2010
Drought Water Transfers Still Require Environmental Review   03/25/2010
"The Clean Water Act: EPA's Water Transfer Rule and Recent Congressional Developments"   12/03/2009
"External Utility Stewardship: Conjunctive Use"   11/10/2009
CERCLA Liability Extends to Owners and Operators of Sewer Facilities   10/21/2009
EPA May Consider Costs and Benefits When Setting Standards Under Section 316 of the Clean Water Act   05/11/2009
Court of Appeal Provides Guidance to Water Suppliers Tasked with Preparing Water Supply Assessments   12/01/2008
Court Holds that Physical Takings Standard Applies to Mandatory Diversion of Water for Species Protection   10/01/2008
CALFED: State Supreme Court Upholds Water Plan's EIR   06/10/2008
"Current Urban Water Use Issues"   06/05/2008
"Prescriptive Water Rights Confirmed"   05/23/2008
Prescriptive Water Rights Confirmed   05/19/2008
"2008 Land Use Legal Update: Changing California's Landscape"   05/14/2008
"Water Supply: Turning Case Law into a CEQA Analysis"   05/12/2008
Attorney Fees Recoverable From State Water Board   05/05/2008
Water Supply Assessments Not Subject to Direct Judicial Challenge   04/21/2008
Water Supply EIR Withstands Challenge, Clarifying Duties of Water Suppliers and Planners Under CEQA   12/13/2007
"Watermasters"   11/02/2007
Court Finds County Liable For Failing To Direct A Community Water System To Notify Its Customers Of Contamination   10/02/2007
Appellate Court Issues Victory For Water Suppliers   09/06/2007
"Litigation and Emerging Contaminants"   06/26/2007
Supreme Court Affirms That Parties That Clean Up Contamination Can Recover Costs From Polluters   06/11/2007
Supreme Court To Hear Important CERCLA Cost Recovery Case   04/13/2007
Court Rules That Water Right Restrictions To Protect Fish Habitat Did Not Constitute A Taking   04/05/2007
California Supreme Court Strikes Down EIR Relying On Future Water Supplies   02/02/2007
California Supreme Court Strikes Down EIR Relying On Future Water Supplies   02/02/2007
State Water Board Fee Schedule Formula Unconstitutional   01/18/2007
Transfer Of Water Violates Clean Water Act   12/18/2006
"Watermasters and the Management of Adjudicated Groundwater Basins"   10/27/2006
Court Issues Decision Addressing The State Board’s Jurisdiction Over Groundwater   06/05/2006
EPA Proposes Rule Clarifying NPDES Permits Are Not Required for Water Transfers   06/02/2006
EPA Proposes Rule Clarifying That NPDES Permits Are Not Required for Water Transfers   06/02/2006
New Court Decisions Affect Water Industry   05/18/2006
Congress Considers Tax-Exempt Bonds for Water and Sewage Facilities   03/28/2006
"Water Supply and Development: SB 610 and SB 221"   03/16/2006
"Hot Topics In Land Use: New Developments in Water Supply, Water Quality Permitting and Regulations, Air Quality Regulations and the Endangered Species Act"   03/16/2006
California Supreme Court Grants Review of CALFED Decision   01/27/2006
Ninth Circuit Concludes That Adjacency Alone Confers Jurisdiction Under the Clean Water Act   12/09/2005
Attorney General Concludes That California Water Districts May Contract With Developers For The Construction And Reimbursement Of Oversized Water Facilities   10/21/2005
EPA Announces NPDES Permits Not Required for Water Transfers   08/16/2005
"Legislation Introduced to Amend Key Provisions of the Clean Water Act"   08/01/2005
"Legislation Introduced to Amend Key Provisions of the Clean Water Act"   08/01/2005
Legislation Seeks to Cut "Navigable" From Clean Water Act   05/03/2005
"Urban Water Management Plans - What Can Go Wrong? Some Case Studies"   01/24/2005
Notice of Intent To Sue Alleges That Simple Water Transfers Require NPDES Permits   11/17/2004
"Supreme Court Rules that Water Pumps Not Generating Pollutants are Point Sources Under the Clean Water Act"   07/01/2004
"Supreme Court Rules that Water Pumps Not Generating Pollutants are Point Sources under the Clean Water Act"   07/01/2004
Supreme Court Rules That Water Pumps Not Generating Pollutants Are Point Sources Under The Clean Water Act   04/02/2004
"Groundwater Management and Conjunctive Use"   11/01/1999


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