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Title Date
"Risk Sharing and Transfer Using Alternative Project Delivery Methods and Contracting"   08/17/2018
Infrastructure Partner Nancy Smith Pens Article For GEOSTRATA   08/24/2016
"Conflicts of Interest: Rules to Know"   07/22/2013
"Risk Assessment and Management: Developing Contract Terms"   02/25/2013
"Demystifying Best Value in Project Procurement"   01/25/2012
California Public Agency Design-Build Authority   05/05/2011
"California Public Contracting Laws: Design-Build Authority for Transportation Projects"   03/25/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships for California Transportation Projects"   03/15/2011
"Using PPPs for High-Speed Rail Programs: Legal Issues"   10/14/2010
"Public-Private Partnerships Update"   01/11/2010
"Risk Mitigation in PPPs"   10/22/2009
"Project Delivery Systems: PPP Update"   07/20/2009
"California PPP Authority"   07/07/2009
Road Rules   06/22/2009
"Design-Build for Public Entities"   05/29/2009
"Road Rules"   04/30/2009
"50-State Survey of Transportation Agency Design-Build Authority"   04/08/2009
"Evaluating Risk Transference in the Current Marketplace"   04/03/2009
California Passes New Design-Build Law for Highway Projects   04/01/2009
"Statutory and Regulatory Requirements"   03/29/2009
"State Legislation Authorizing Public Private Partnerships ("PPP") for Transit Projects"   03/24/2009
"Overview of SBX2 4"   03/06/2009
"Minnesota I-35 W St. Anthony Falls Bridge"   01/13/2009
"DOT Urban Partnership Initiative: Congestion Management, Pricing Zones and Other Solutions"   07/08/2008
"Local and National Statutory Perspective"   06/12/2008
"Risks of Environmental Litigation and Design-Build"   04/18/2008
"Smoothing the Path for Public-Private Partnerships: FHWA Revisions to Design-Build Rule"   12/31/2007
FHWA Issues Final Rule Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships   08/16/2007
"Realistic Risk Allocation and Management on Major Transportation Projects: A Frank Debate"   04/18/2007
"Risk Allocation / Surety / Insurance Issues"   01/23/2007
"Alternative Project Delivery, Procurement, and Contracting Methods for Highway"   01/01/2007
"Design-Build Contracts Under California Public Contracting Laws"   11/01/2006
"PPPs: Legislative Issues"   10/30/2006
"Design-Build Contracting and Legal Concerns for the Design Professional"   09/13/2006
"FHWA Sends Mixed Signals on Innovative Contracting"   08/09/2006
FHWA Changes to Design-Build Rule Fall Short of PPP Needs   07/10/2006
Good News and Bad News: Proposed Amendments to FHWA Design-Build and PPP Rule   05/30/2006
"Balancing Act: A Point/Counterpoint Debate on Risk Management in the Transportation Sector" and "Design-Build with a Three Party Agreement"   04/05/2006
New Development in Federal-Aid A/E Procurement Requirements   02/09/2006
"NCHRP Report 561: Best-Value Procurement Methods for Highway Construction Projects"   01/01/2006
"Focus Up Front: Design-Build Planning"   10/06/2005
"Lessons Learned: What Owners Should (and Shouldn't) do to Transfer Design Risk to Design-Builders"   10/01/2005
"SAFETEA-LU: Innovative Finance"   08/16/2005
"SAFETEA—LU" Promotes Private Investment in Transportation   08/01/2005
"California Law: Alternative Project Delivery"   06/09/2005
"Public-Private Partnerships"   05/27/2005
"Quality Assurance Through Procurement Methodology"   05/11/2005
"Utility, Right-of-Way and Environmental Risk for Design-Build Transportation Projects"   05/11/2005
"Impact of Licensing Rules on Legal Structure of D-B Contractors"   04/11/2005
"Rules Applicable to Federal-Aid Contracts for Toll Systems and Other ITS Services"   04/11/2005
"Assessing Risk and Determining Price Reasonableness for PPVs"   12/08/2004
FHWA Initiates SEP-15 To Promote Public-Private Partnerships and Other Innovations in Project Development and Finance   10/18/2004
"Overview of Pending and Current Legislation: Legal Issues"   06/23/2004
"Design-Build Stipends and Payment for Work Product"   04/20/2004
"DBOM Update: Independent Evaluation of Alternative Approaches Relating to Operations and Maintenance Component of DBOM Contract for the SMP Green Line"   01/01/2004
"FHWA Relaxes NEPA Standards on RFPs for Public-Private Partnerships"   08/01/2003
"Federal Design-Build Regs Limit Innovative Contracting"   01/01/2003
"Design-Build for Highways, Bridges, Rail, Mass Transit and Airports"   01/01/2002
"A Critique of FHWA's Proposed Draft Design-Build Regulations"   11/01/2001
"Getting It Right: How to Structure Complex Projects to Allocate Risks and Minimize Disputes"   10/11/2001
"By Design"   07/01/1999


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