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Title Date
Supreme Court Agrees to Address Uncertainty About Trademark Licenses in Bankruptcy Cases   01/07/2019
"Managing Legal Issues with Bankrupt Tenants"   11/08/2017
Bankruptcy Court Decides That The Bankruptcy Code Preempts California State Pension Laws   02/09/2015
"Understanding the Unique Challenges of Chapter 9 Cases"   10/01/2014
Successor Banks of FDIC assets Not so Jolly after Jolley - A New Duty to Investigate?   05/06/2013
"When City Hall Moves to the Bankruptcy Courthouse (Chapter 9 and AB 506)"   09/14/2012
Narrowing Appeal Rights When District Court Issues an Order Sitting as a Bankruptcy Court - Klestadt & Winters v. Cangelosi, (9th Cir. March 6, 2012)   03/23/2012
Bankruptcy Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional   07/06/2011
Bankruptcy Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional   06/29/2011
Revisions to Local Bankruptcy Rules ("LBRs") of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California   01/19/2011
The New Buzz! Sale of Electricity May Get Priority Status in Bankruptcy   09/24/2010
The New Buzz! Sale of Electricity May Get Priority Status in Bankruptcy   09/20/2010
Bankruptcy Claims Trading: What Is It? How Can a Trader Maximize Returns?   07/21/2010
Bankruptcy Claims Trading: What is it? How do I maximize my returns?   03/25/2010
Reclaiming Goods from Customers Filing for Bankruptcy Protection – It's Possible!   04/28/2009
Salvaging Third Party Insurance Claims Mired in Bankruptcy   12/18/2008
Code Red   10/21/2008
Generating Value From Hospital Sales   09/03/2008
Commercial Tenants in Bankruptcy: Don't Forget to Dust and Mop Before Vacating   04/25/2008
Bankruptcy: Best Practices for Creditors Coping with Recent Bankruptcy Surge   02/26/2008
"Bankruptcy Law and Practice"   06/09/2004


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