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Title Date
Fourth District Holds That Local Agency CDP Court Challenge Was Mooted by Administrative Appeal to Coastal Commission    02/26/2019
A Closer Look At T-Mobile V. Roswell   02/03/2015
U.S. Supreme Court Holds in Favor of Cell Tower Siting Applicants   01/16/2015
California Supreme Court Holds No CEQA Review Required for a Voter Initiative-Sponsored Ordinance   08/12/2014
California Coastal Law Conference 2013 -- An Interactive Discussion on the Evolving Coastal Environment   10/08/2013
"Environmental and Land Use Legal Update: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?"   05/19/2010
"Is ESHA a Death Knell? Using the Law to Make Your Case for Approval"   04/30/2010
"A Tale of Two Projects: Lessons Learned from Recent Commission Approvals"   04/29/2010
"Deploying 4G Networks - Jurisdictional Challenges"   03/24/2010
CLE International's 2nd Annual California Coastal Law Conference   03/30/2009
Mitigation Fees May Balloon After California Appeals Court Decision   06/12/2008
"Bolsa Chica Land Trust v. Superior Court"   12/04/2007
"Enforcement Actions: What You Need to Know"   12/04/2007
"Unlocking Some of CEQA's Black Boxes"   06/27/2006
"Subdivision Map Act and CEQA Compliance: Mechanisms for Success Under the Subdivision Map Act and How to Streamline the CEQA Process and Minimize Litigation Risks"   02/23/2006
"Avoiding Entitlement Risk and Expediting Land Use Approvals: Mechanisms for Success Under the Planning and Zoning Law, Subdivision Map Act and Development Agreement Statute"   01/19/2006
"When Are You Done With CEQA And When Can The Lead Agency Require Additional CEQA Compliance?: Subsequent And Supplemental EIRs And Addenda"   10/07/2005
"The Administrative Record: What Consultants Need to Know"   10/07/2005
"The CEQA Administrative Record, What Consultants and Public Agencies Need to Know"   09/08/2005
"Land Use and Development on Indian Tribal Lands Program"   11/16/2004
"Real Estate Development in the Canyon Areas"   10/28/2003
"Prosecuting and Defending Endangered Species Act Litigation"   06/23/2003
"Ethics: Considerations in Endangered Species Compliance"   11/14/2002
"Ethical Considerations in Endangered Species Compliance"   06/03/2002


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