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Title Date
"Public Private Partnerships - Allocation of Risk"   11/09/2016
"P3 Preparedness: Are You P3 Project-Ready?"   10/23/2015
"Finance – the Cost Obstacle to P3s"   09/16/2015
"Public-Private Partnerships"   09/10/2015
"Introduction to P3 Bootcamp"   07/20/2015
"Panel Discussion: Legislation – Lawmakers Lay the P3 Foundations"   06/09/2015
"Comparing P3 Models: Which Is Best for Taxpayers?"   11/17/2014
"The Value Proposition of P3s: The State DOT Perspective"   07/28/2014
"Panel Discussion: TIFIA and a New Transportation Bill: Funding Needs for the P3 Industry"   06/17/2014
Perspective: Refining RRIF to Include Commuter Rail   01/15/2014
"Who Takes the Toll Risk: Availability Payment Transactions vs. Revenue Bond Financing"   11/14/2013
Survey Of The 2012 US P3 Transport Market: No Longer An Outlier   04/01/2013
US P3 Procurement Gets It Just Right   02/13/2013
"Pushing P3 Projects Ahead: Federal and State Departments of Transportation Discuss What Opportunities Are Available in the West"   05/22/2012
USDOT Announces Changes to TIFIA Selection Process   12/11/2009
"Public Private Partnerships: The Next Generation"   11/06/2009
"The Future of Infrastructure Finance"   08/31/2009
"Impact of Public Private Partnership on Toll Operations"   06/23/2009
"ARRA or PPP or both?"   05/27/2009
"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Implementing its Highway and Rail Related Provisions"   05/15/2009
Update - USDOT Withdraws Proposed Changes to the TIFIA Program   02/27/2009
"Summary of Title XII Transportation Provisions - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009"   02/26/2009
Implementing Highway and Rail Related Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act   02/26/2009
USDOT Proposes Major Changes to TIFIA Program   02/03/2009
"The P3 Paradigm"   02/02/2009
"National Infrastructure Reinvestment Corporation: A Proposed Refinement of the "Bank" Concept to Optimize Economic Benefits and Leverage Federal Investment"   12/31/2008
USDOT Proposes Expedited TIFIA Loan Process; Solicits Comments   09/26/2008
"California - An Emerging Market for P3s?"   06/20/2008
"More projects, more refinement: Recent PPP developments in the US transportation sector"   05/31/2008
"New Opportunities in Transportation Infrastructure"   05/16/2008
"What Needs to Be Done If Toll Roads Should Be Part of California's Future?"   05/02/2008
"Transit Funding – Risks & Opportunities"   03/20/2008
Nossaman Contributes to National Debate on Funding Transportation Infrastructure   02/15/2008
"Effectively Integrating Public Funds into Transportation PPP Projects"   05/11/2007
"Private Activity Bonds: The Latest Addition to the PPP Toolbox"   04/20/2007
"Private Activity Bonds for Transportation Facilities"   10/05/2006
TxDOT and FHWA Agree to Experimental Program for Expediting TIFIA Credit Assistance to PPP Toll Road Projects   07/18/2006
"US transport reauthorisation bill permits up to US$15 billion of tax exempt bonds for PPPs"   02/01/2006
US DOT Issues Proposed Guidelines for Requesting Transportation Private Activity Bond Allocations   01/09/2006
California Authority Issues Nation's First "Local" GARVEE Bond   08/25/2005
Transit Agency Uses CMAQ Funds to Secure Low-Cost Financing for Light Rail Project   09/29/2004


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