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Title Date
Continuing Education of the Bar's 2019 California Administrative Mandamus   05/19/2019
"Manafort's Breach Of Plea Deal Has Been Misunderstood"   03/11/2019
Current Issues in Federal Class Actions   02/01/2019
On Your Mark, Get Set, Review! Roundup of 2019 California Sexual Harassment Prevention Related Legislation   10/16/2018
"Lessons from Heinz: The Harsh Reality of Rescission of an Insurance Contract"   09/01/2018
"The Crime of the 21st Century: Elder Financial Abuse (Part 1 of 2)"   02/01/2018
"The Conspiracy And FBAR Charges Against Manafort, Gates"   11/17/2017
"Questionable IRS Penalties for the Late Reporting of Offshore Trust Transactions"   10/27/2017
The Ninth Circuit Bars Wrongful Act Coverage Against TCPA Claims Despite Strong Dissenting Opinion that Majority Misconstrued the TCPA   08/28/2017
Local Ballot Measures: Continuing Legal and Political Points of Division   07/18/2017
New California Regulations Further Limit Employers' Ability to Use Criminal History in Making Employment Decisions    06/16/2017
Rest Assured – California Supreme Court Clarifies What One Day's Rest in Seven Means   06/01/2017
Did You Know...Federal District Court Dismisses Website Accessibility Claims Because Of Lack Of Due Process   04/05/2017
Financial Reform: Let's Not Toss Out What's Working   03/31/2017
"Corporate Fraud"   03/22/2017
California Supreme Court Rejects Claim by Second-Lowest Bidders on Public Works Contracts that Low Bidder Interfered with a Prospective Economic Advantage   03/10/2017
California Supreme Court Upholds Public Retirement Boards' Fiduciary Role When Adjudicating Disability Retirement Applications   03/03/2017
California Supreme Court Rules that Public Business Conducted on Personal Devices Result in Public Records   03/03/2017
Dumping Dodd-Frank Could Restore Executive Accountability   11/30/2016
"Corporate Fraud: Civil and Criminal Consequences of a Decade of Financial Collapses"   03/09/2016
Recent Decisions Applying the Covalt and Hartwell Test   02/05/2016
"Trends Impacting Real Estate Litigation Experts Over The Next Decade," Appraisal Institute 48th Annual Litigation Seminar   11/13/2015
Water Suppliers Will Go With 9th Circ. Flow on CWA Reading   10/14/2015
"Assembly Bill 624 and its Potential Impact on Real Estate Litigation"   07/14/2015
REBUTTAL: Reverse Bad Faith Does Not Exist   07/08/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part Three   06/24/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part Two   06/17/2015
Strategies For Businesses Protecting Electronic Data Within California: Part One   06/10/2015
"Working with Attorneys: What Appraisal Professionals Need to Know"   06/09/2015
When Public And Private Projects Collide   05/29/2015
Calif. Supreme Court Should Overturn Henkel In Fluor Ruling   05/19/2015
Technology Companies: When a Product Complaint Arises, Will Your Insurance Cover the Claims?   05/05/2015
To Understand King V. Burwell Look To Yates V. US   03/20/2015
Has the Supreme Court Given Advance Notice How It Will Decide King v. Burwell?   03/03/2015
"Corporate Fraud"   02/25/2015
Equal Access To Justice Act: Why Prevailing On Only 1 Out Of 3 Claims In Oregon Forestry Case Can Still Be Quite Rewarding   01/05/2015
San Diego MPO's Analysis Of RTP's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rejected   01/05/2015
Another Reason to Review Government Vendor Agreements: Government Agencies Can Be Held Liable for Patent Infringement Claims   12/08/2014
"Dodging Bullets at the O.K. Corral: How to Investigate and Resolve the Many Issues that Arise in a Questionable Jewelry Loss Without Resorting to Cowgirl Tactics or Litigation"   10/24/2014
Payment Apps May Trigger Bank Act   10/15/2014
When Does an Insurance Co. Waive Atty-Client Privilege?   09/17/2014
The End of the Hour   09/10/2014
Do Dodd-Frank's Stress Testing Results Hold Hidden Risks?   05/27/2014
Seventh Circuit Restricts the Reach of U.S. Antitrust Laws on Foreign Component Manufacturers   04/02/2014
"Corporate Fraud"   03/04/2014
Motorola Loses Antitrust Claims Based on Foreign Purchases   02/14/2014
Policyholders Fight to Preserve Precedent   01/13/2014
How Strong Is Your D&O Safety Net?   01/10/2014
When Antitrust Disputes Loom, Businesses Need to Make Savvy Arbitration Decisions   01/01/2014
Reid Ruling Ignores Calif. Precedent   12/20/2013
Complicating the Duties of In-House Counsel   12/13/2013
When Officers and Directors Face Government Suit   10/15/2013
Limited Defenses Available Against FDIC As Receiver   10/01/2013
Foreseeable Misuse Isn't A Plaintiff's Panacea   09/23/2013
Decision Stings Insureds, Though Impact Overstated   08/13/2013
"CPRA Disclosure Requirements: Alternative Investments (Real Estate Funds), Status of AB 382, and Current Decisions"   06/14/2013
When Can Insurance Companies Sue Their Coverage Lawyers?   05/24/2013
Legal Strategies To Win Your Fee Disputes in Court   05/15/2013
The California Business Judgment Rule: Does It Apply To Corporate Officers And What Are The Insurance Implications If It Does Not?   05/10/2013
International Legal Technology Association presents: Causes and Effects of Decisions Made Along the EDRM Path   05/08/2013
Successor Banks of FDIC assets Not so Jolly after Jolley - A New Duty to Investigate?   05/06/2013
Cross-Examining Economists and Financial Experts   04/29/2013
61st Annual Antitrust Law Spring Meeting:   04/24/2013
"Nossaman and ABTL Present FDIC's Historic $169,000,000 IndyMac Verdict"   04/17/2013
American Bar Association - Antitrust Law 2013 Spring Meeting   04/10/2013
U.S. Jury Finds Chinese Companies Liable for Price-Fixing, Fined $162 Million   03/26/2013
An Effective Antitrust Compliance Program Can Mean Significant Savings Down the Road   03/05/2013
Revolution in Disputes Between Hospitals and Their Physicians?   08/24/2012
Major victory for California policyholders in Continental Insurance ruling   08/13/2012
Practitioners – New Central District Court of California Local Rules Effective Tomorrow, June 1, 2012   05/31/2012
"Duty to Defend," a chapter from the book "Environmental Liability and Insurance Recovery"   05/01/2012
"Fiduciaries' Attorney Fees - What You Need to Know"   04/28/2012
"EPA Releases Final TCE Health Assessment"   03/01/2012
Employment Law   03/01/2012
Business Judgment Rule Offers No Protection to Corporate Officers   01/20/2012
Path Cleared for Class Tax Claims   08/08/2011
CA Supreme Court Clarifies Class Action Availability in Claims Against City for Refund of Tax Payments   08/04/2011
"In Defense of the Common Law Duty of Loyalty"   07/13/2011
'Knowingly' Vague: Intent In The FCPA   05/26/2011
U.S. Supreme Court Addresses Employer's Liability for Employment Discrimination Under The "Cat's Paw" Theory   05/25/2011
Arbitration's Rise and The Class Action's Fall: AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion   04/29/2011
'Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game': Use of Game Theory to Assess Litigant Behavior in Antitrust, Criminal and Settlement Contexts   03/31/2011
Class Action Arbitration for Employers and Employees - Quo Vadit?   03/01/2011
Looking Back at Backdating   02/17/2011
Ninth Circuit Reaffirms "Sliding Scale" Standard for Injunctions   02/17/2011
Layoffs and Collective Bargaining - Not Whether, But How Many, Who and When Must Be Bargained   02/08/2011
An Insurer's Duty to Defend: A Step in the Right Direction   01/04/2011
"Nossaman Hosted Three-hour CLE event in Partnership with BASF on Perry v. Schwarzenegger"   12/06/2010
Supreme Court Has Opportunity to Define State Powers Over Immigration Issues   10/04/2010
"Everything You Were Never Taught About Litigation Appraisal –A Hands On Approach"   07/22/2010
Supreme Court's Skilling Decision: How It Affects Lobbyists and Their Employers   07/16/2010
Umbrella Coverage Must Step In to Defend Immediately   05/26/2010
Genes are Unpatentable, New York Court Concludes   05/13/2010
What's less sexy than calendaring software? Malpractice claims   05/10/2010
"Election Litigation"   04/13/2010
San Francisco and Hetch-Hetchy - Reaching Beyond the Sun   01/01/2010
California's New-Home Tax Credit   01/01/2010
What Makes a Trademark Distinctive? 9th Circuit Clarifies   12/16/2009
"Catching a Waiver"   09/01/2009
Must Athlete Endorsers Answer to SAG?   08/01/2009
California Supreme Court Makes UCL Class Actions Easier   05/28/2009
Court Rules Releases Obtained in Settlements of Disputed Overtime Claims are Valid   03/10/2009
California Rules to Amend Inaccessible ESI   03/01/2009
"Absolute" Right of Directors to Inspect Corporate Documents Not So Absolute   02/10/2009
Salvaging Third Party Insurance Claims Mired in Bankruptcy   12/18/2008
Supreme Court Upholds Release Of Claims Language Commonly Used In Employment Terminations   11/18/2008
California Supreme Court Rejects Employer Effort To Limit Statutory Ban On Noncompetition Agreements   10/29/2008
Sliding Into Home   10/17/2008
General Disclaimer Does Not Defeat Differing Site Conditions Claim   10/01/2008
State Supreme Court: Subcontractors With Good Work May Still Have to Indemnify Contractors for Defense Costs   09/29/2008
Generating Value From Hospital Sales   09/03/2008
"Speeding Things Along"   06/02/2008
"Forum Column - Role Reversal"   05/02/2008
"Does Your Arbitration Clause Have Claws?"   04/02/2008
"New Developments in Employment Law: Are You Making the Right Moves in 2008?"   11/15/2007
What Internal Documents Are Protected From Discovery By The Attorney Client Privilege?   10/22/2007
"HR Challenge - Reduce Risk & Manage Electronic Data"   10/18/2007
"Navigating the FMLA and CFRA: A Practical Guide For Compliance"   10/17/2007
"Ethical Dilemmas Facing In-House Counsel in Light of Sarbanes-Oxley and Other Recent Developments"   09/20/2007
"Competitive Edge"   09/19/2007
California Supreme Court Places Further Restrictions on Employment Arbitration   09/14/2007
"Your Liability Policies – Air Bag or Hot Air?"   07/25/2007
"Online Accessibility for Visually Impaired Consumers"   01/08/2007
"New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on 'Electronically Stored Information'"   11/29/2006
"The Public Controversy over the Kennedy Memorabilia Project"   01/01/2006
"Confidentiality Under Fire: How In-House Counsel Can Survive the Onslaught Against The Attorney-Client Privilege and The Attorney Work Product Doctrine"   07/20/2005
"Current Perchlorate Litigation"   05/26/2005
Court Defines Discovery of Electronic Data   01/04/2005
Superior Court Judges in Los Angeles County Have Limited Access to Current California Statutes and Cases   11/15/2004
"EPA Broadens RDRA Definition of 'Hazardous Waste' to Include Mixtures and Deriviatives"   01/01/2004
"Prosecuting and Defending Endangered Species Act Litigation"   06/23/2003
"Affirmative Action Disparity Studies Upheld"   02/20/2003
"The Art of the Deal: Making a Case For Transactional Malpractice Just Got a Lot Easier"   12/12/2001
"Swing Sweat, Erasing Firm-Hopping Lawyers' Imputed Knowledge Leaves Clients Hanging in the Balance"   04/25/2001
"Surviving a Government Investigation. Know Your Rights!"   04/06/2001
"Discoverability of Pre-Litigation Expert Appraisal Reports: The Consistent and the Dead "   02/01/2000
"Criminal Charges: A Risk Manager's Road Map"   03/12/1999
"Trial Advocacy Program"   01/01/1996
"The Impact on Crime of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration in the District of Columbia"   04/01/1973


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