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Title Date
California Supreme Court Announces Date for Oral Argument in the First of Its Five Pending Vested Rights Cases   11/08/2018
"Insider Trading: Avoiding the Misuse of Material Non-Public Information"   10/31/2018
US Supreme Court Applies Long-Standing Contracts Clause Analysis To Uphold Statutory Change To Insurance Contracts   06/28/2018
California Court Of Appeal Rejects Constitutional Challenges To New Felony Forfeiture Statute   06/26/2018
"Catching Up on Insurance"   04/02/2018
California Court of Appeal Upholds Application of PEPRA to Judges Who Were Elected Before, But Assumed Office After, PEPRA Took Effect   03/27/2018
California Supreme Court Gears Up for Showdown Over the Scope of Vested Public Pension Rights   02/26/2018
Oregon Pension Task Force Releases Report On Unconventional Funding Sources   12/12/2017
Superior Court Upholds Retirement Board's Provision of Due Process Through Administrative Hearing Process   11/27/2017
California Supreme Court Upholds Public Retirement Boards' Fiduciary Role When Adjudicating Disability Retirement Applications   03/03/2017
California Supreme Court Rules that Public Business Conducted on Personal Devices Result in Public Records   03/03/2017
"War Stories and Practical Solutions Around Managing Risk"   02/24/2017
"Open Records Laws, ILPA Reporting Template and New Fee Disclosure Regulations"   02/22/2017
"All You (as In-House Attorney for a Public Retirement System) Ever Wanted to Know About Fiduciary Principles"   02/22/2017
"Conflicts of Interest"   02/21/2017
"Alternative Investments New Disclosure Legislation"   02/03/2017
First District Court of Appeal Speaks Again on Vested Rights as It Upholds the Constitutionality of PEPRA's Elimination of "Airtime" Service Credit Purchases   01/03/2017
Court of Appeal Rejects Another Post-PEPRA Challenge   12/21/2016
California Supreme Court Grants Review of MAPE Decision   11/23/2016
"Interplay Between CPRA, AB 2833 and ILPA Fee Reporting Template"   11/09/2016
"Public Private Partnerships - Allocation of Risk"   11/09/2016
"Disability Retirement and Reciprocity: What's Your System Paying? What Does Ours Owe?"   11/08/2016
"Legal Counsel Panel"   10/10/2016
Nossaman Public Pensions And Investments Attorneys Ashley Dunning and Michael Toumanoff Author Law360 Article   10/03/2016
Nossaman Attorneys Yuliya Oryol and Douglas Schwartz Author The NAPPA Report Article   10/03/2016
"Fiduciary Fundamentals for Public Pension Fund Trustees"   09/28/2016
Nossaman Public Pensions and Investments Attorneys Author Law360 Article   09/15/2016
First District Court of Appeal Weighs in on the Law of Vested Rights in California   08/29/2016
California's Legislature Puts Additional Disclosure Pressure on Fund Managers with the Passage of AB 2833   08/26/2016
"It Ain't Easy Being You: Managing the Attorney-Client Relationship at a Public Pension Fund"   06/23/2016
"Fiduciary Principles to Guide In-House Counsel Who Advise Public Retirement Systems"   06/17/2016
No Surprises in Recent Vested Rights Decision: Fry v. City of Los Angeles   04/05/2016
California Supreme Court Holds that Inadvertent Disclosure In Response to a Public Records Act Request Does Not Waive The Exemption for Withholding Privileged Documents   03/29/2016
"Disability Retirement Processing"   03/16/2016
"Pension Reform in California: What's Next?"   03/06/2016
"Fiduciary Responsibility in Selecting and Managing Relationships with Service Providers"   02/17/2016
"Caifornia Public Records Act - the Basics," Conference of California Public Utility Counsel Annual Meeting   10/18/2015
"The Trouble with Tibble: The Uncertain Scope of Trustees' Ongoing Duty to Monitor Investments"   10/01/2015
Ethics for Public Officials: Principles of Pension Management for Trustees   08/26/2015
"Ethics for Public Officials: Rules of the Road That County Retirement System Trustees, Staff and their Advisors Need to Know"   05/12/2015
Court of Appeal Strikes Down 2011 S.F. Charter Requirement that SFERS Be "Fully Funded" Before Vested Supplemental COLAs May be Granted   03/30/2015
"Oversight Challenges Posed By Alternative Investments"   03/25/2015
"Fiduciary Considerations When Investing MCERA Assets"   03/25/2015
"Evolving Fiduciary Obligations of Pension Plans"   02/10/2015
"Exit Strategies Across Asset Classes"   02/10/2015
Bankruptcy Court Decides That The Bankruptcy Code Preempts California State Pension Laws   02/09/2015
"Increased Scrutiny of PE Firms: What Does this Mean for Potential Engagement?"   02/09/2015
"SEC Investigations and Prosecutions re Pay-to-Play, Campaign Contributions and Public Retirement Systems"   02/06/2015
Nossaman Comment on Recent Court of Appeal Decision re Constitutionality of PEPRA   02/02/2015
"The Ins and Outs of Investment Management Agreements"   01/30/2015
"SEC Investigations and Prosecutions re Pay-to-Play, Campaign Contributions and Public Retirement Systems"   01/23/2015
Overview of SEC's Rules on "Pay to Play" and Campaign Contributions Impacting Public Retirement Systems   01/01/2015
"Real Estate Investments"   10/01/2014
AB1234 Ethics Training For Public Fund Trustees   08/06/2014
Funding Policies: Navigating an ARC-less Sea   06/25/2014
"Hot Topics: Alternative Investments"   05/07/2014
"Most Favored Nation Provisions in Invest Agreements Drafting and Operational Issues"   09/13/2013
Legal Ethics for Public Pension Attorneys   06/27/2013
The New GASB Rules Affecting Public Retirement Systems   06/27/2013
"CPRA Disclosure Requirements: Alternative Investments (Real Estate Funds), Status of AB 382, and Current Decisions"   06/14/2013
Delays in Implementation of the JOBS Act   06/04/2013
"California Pension Reform and Other Pension Developments," Fire Districts' Association of California Annual Conference   04/04/2013
Ethics for Public Officials   03/27/2013
Separate Account Real Estate Investments: What Do I Need to Know and What is My Role?   03/06/2013
Board Duties and Limitations Regarding Funding Issues and Benefit Cuts   02/06/2013
Fiduciary Implications of Indemnification and Limitations of Liability Provisions in Vendor Contracts   02/06/2013
"California Pension Reform and Other Pension Developments"   11/08/2012
Whom Does Your Outside Counsel Work For? The Need for Independent Legal Review for Investments   08/17/2012
"Investment Vehicles, Exit Strategies & Trends"   06/08/2012
Ethics for Public Officials   03/28/2012
Acting on the Basis of Actuarial Assumption Recommendations   01/27/2012
New GASB 25 and 27 Provisions   09/16/2011
Ethics Training   05/10/2011
Entrepreneurs and Investors Get Legislative Support   04/25/2011
Conflict of Interest Rules for Public Retirement System Trustees and Staff   12/01/2010
Actuarial Assumptions and Employer Contribution Holidays   06/24/2010
Vested Rights and Benefit Changes   06/23/2010
"Work/Life Balance"   06/14/2010
Diligent Enough? Investment Decisions Require Ongoing Due Diligence   05/14/2010
"Absolute" Right of Directors to Inspect Corporate Documents Not So Absolute   02/10/2009
Will it Survive?   10/20/2008


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