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"Ethics for Public Officials: Rules of the Road That County Retirement System Trustees, Staff and their Advisors Need to Know" Presentations  05/12/2015
Court of Appeal Strikes Down 2011 S.F. Charter Requirement that SFERS Be "Fully Funded" Before Vested Supplemental COLAs May be Granted E-Alerts  03/30/2015
"Oversight Challenges Posed By Alternative Investments" Presentations  03/25/2015
"Fiduciary Considerations When Investing MCERA Assets" Presentations  03/25/2015
"Evolving Fiduciary Obligations of Pension Plans" Presentations  02/10/2015
"Exit Strategies Across Asset Classes" Presentations  02/10/2015
Bankruptcy Court Decides That The Bankruptcy Code Preempts California State Pension Laws E-Alerts  02/09/2015
"Increased Scrutiny of PE Firms: What Does this Mean for Potential Engagement?" Presentations  02/09/2015
"SEC Investigations and Prosecutions re Pay-to-Play, Campaign Contributions and Public Retirement Systems" Presentations  02/06/2015
Nossaman Comment on Recent Court of Appeal Decision re Constitutionality of PEPRA E-Alerts  02/02/2015
"The Ins and Outs of Investment Management Agreements" Presentations  01/30/2015
"SEC Investigations and Prosecutions re Pay-to-Play, Campaign Contributions and Public Retirement Systems" Presentations  01/23/2015
Overview of SEC's Rules on "Pay to Play" and Campaign Contributions Impacting Public Retirement Systems Articles  01/01/2015
"Governance at MCERA" Presentations  10/14/2014
"Real Estate Investments" Presentations  10/01/2014
"Hot Topics: Alternative Investments" Presentations  05/07/2014
"Two Cases Regarding the Pensionable Treatment of Nonstandard Public Safety Officers' Hours" Presentations  02/19/2014
"Fiduciary Duty of Impartiality Among Those Whom the Board of Retirement Serves" Presentations  02/18/2014
"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: PEPRA Legislation, Implementation, and Litigation" Presentations  11/15/2013
"Who's the Client?: The Relationship between Chief Counsel, The Retirement System and the Retirement Board" Presentations  09/13/2013
"Most Favored Nation Provisions in Invest Agreements Drafting and Operational Issues" Presentations  09/13/2013
"CPRA Disclosure Requirements: Alternative Investments (Real Estate Funds), Status of AB 382, and Current Decisions" Presentations  06/14/2013
Delays in Implementation of the JOBS Act E-Alerts  06/04/2013
"Fiduciary Focus: What is Ahead in the Area of Fiduciary Responsibility and Business Integrity" Presentations  04/05/2013
"California Pension Reform and Other Pension Developments," Fire Districts' Association of California Annual Conference Presentations  04/04/2013
Separate Account Real Estate Investments: What Do I Need to Know and What is My Role? Articles  03/06/2013
"Implementing AB 340 and AB 197: What's Working, What Needs More Work" Presentations  03/01/2013
"Ethics for Public Officials" Presentations  01/01/2013
"California Pension Reform and Other Pension Developments" Presentations  11/08/2012
"AB 340 - What Sacramento Did TO/FOR You: A technical overview of the major changes imposed on 1937' Act Systems with the passage of AB 340" Presentations  11/02/2012
"Multi Jurisdictional Legal Practice" Presentations  09/14/2012
Whom Does Your Outside Counsel Work For? The Need for Independent Legal Review for Investments Articles  08/17/2012
"Investment Vehicles, Exit Strategies & Trends" Presentations  06/08/2012
"Ethics Issues: Role of In-House Counsel in Administrative Adjudications; and Use of Social Media" Presentations  06/01/2012
"The Impact of Changing Actuarial Assumptions" Presentations  06/01/2012
Entrepreneurs and Investors Get Legislative Support Articles  04/25/2011
Are Public Pensions Being Sent to Davey Jones' Locker?" Presentations  03/04/2011
"A Practical Look at How Public Pension Plans Govern Themselves" Presentations  02/04/2011
Conflict of Interest Rules for Public Retirement System Trustees and Staff Articles  12/01/2010
"Work/Life Balance" Presentations  06/14/2010
"The U.S. Supreme Court Weighs in on Theft of Honest Government Services Law: What Can Public Retirement System Counsel Learn?" Presentations  06/04/2010
"Navigating the Open Meeting and Public Records Laws that Govern Public Retirement Systems" Presentations  06/04/2010
Diligent Enough? Investment Decisions Require Ongoing Due Diligence Articles  05/14/2010
"California Supreme Court Weighs In on State Conflict of Interest Rules for Public Officials: Lexin v. Superior Court" Presentations  04/02/2010
"Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs' Ass'n v. Board of Retirement and its Aftermath" Presentations  04/02/2010
"California Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court Weigh in on Conflict of Interest Rules for State and Federal Public Officials" Presentations  03/05/2010
"Vested Pension Rights Under California Law: Litigation (and Anticipated Litigation/Legislation) Pushes the Limits" Presentations  03/05/2010
"Signs of Stability in 2010? The Shifting Sands of Pay-to-Play, Placement Agent, Campaign Contribution and Conflict of Interest Rules" Presentations  11/09/2009
"Absolute" Right of Directors to Inspect Corporate Documents Not So Absolute E-Alerts  02/10/2009
Will it Survive? Articles  10/20/2008

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