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On Your Mark, Get Set, Review! Roundup of 2019 California Sexual Harassment Prevention Related Legislation   10/16/2018
"As IRS Eases Reporting, States Target Dark Money Reforms"   08/17/2018
Good News for Public Retirement Plans: No More UBIT, but Funds Can Push It   12/19/2017
California Supreme Court Confirms: Pony Up the Documentary Transfer Tax   06/30/2017
A Divided Ninth Circuit Extends Dodd-Frank's Anti-Retaliation Protection for Whistleblowers   03/16/2017
Tax Filing Gets Easier for Small Nonprofits   02/09/2017
Swart's Athwart California's Taxation of Out-of-State Corporations   01/18/2017
The FTC's Crackdown on Social Media #Ads   11/03/2016
The Food & Beverage Industry in Los Angeles: A Roundtable Discussion   07/18/2016
New Limit & Requirement on 501(c)(4) "Social Welfare" Organizations   03/14/2016
ASC Peer Review: The Clock Starts Running January 1, 2016   12/08/2015
"Complex Tax Challenges – Shareholder's Basis in S Corporation Stock and Debt: What You Need to Know in 2015 LIVE Webcast"   09/16/2015
A Rare Taxpayer Win In California Step Transaction Case   05/04/2015
Sold Only an Interest in Your Property? Get Ready To Pay More Tax   10/10/2014
West Coast Ambulatory Surgery Center Seminar: Preparing Your ASC For Sale   10/02/2014
Stay Ahead of the Curve When Choosing Desired Tax Treatment   04/15/2014
Calif. Taxpayers: You Can['t] Check Out Any Time You Like   12/04/2013
The IRS Says Yes, We're Married...Now What?   09/17/2013
The Supreme Court Said We're Married … Now What?   08/08/2013
"CPRA Disclosure Requirements: Alternative Investments (Real Estate Funds), Status of AB 382, and Current Decisions"   06/14/2013
Delays in Implementation of the JOBS Act   06/04/2013
Limited Liability Companies Forced into Compliance   08/30/2012
Time to Face Up to the New Investment Income Tax   07/16/2012
"Planning For Your Liquidity Event"   06/04/2012
More Acquisitions and Consolidations among Medical Groups   05/30/2012
"Section 469 -- Passive Activity Loss and Credit Rules 25 Years Later - Trends and Recent Developments"   05/11/2012
"Determining 'Material Participation' By a Trust Under the New Medicare Contribution Tax"   05/07/2012
"Fiduciaries' Attorney Fees - What You Need to Know"   04/28/2012
The JOBS Act — Creating New Ways to Access Capital and Making the Old Ways Easier   04/20/2012
"Planning for Higher Income, Estate, and Medicare Taxes After the 2012 Elections"   03/20/2012
Health Benefits: W-2 Reporting for Same-Sex Couples and Other Employees   02/16/2012
W-2 Reporting for Health Benefits (For Same-Sex Couples and Other Employees)   02/09/2012
Entrepreneurs and Investors Get Legislative Support   04/25/2011
Entrepreneurs and Investors Get Legislative Support for California Corporations that Stress Social Measures over Maximizing Profits   04/15/2011
"Work/Life Balance"   06/14/2010
Diligent Enough? Investment Decisions Require Ongoing Due Diligence   05/14/2010
Any company, regardless of the nature of its business, may unknowingly be involved in exports from the United States requiring licenses. "Deemed Exports – What you should know."   03/22/2010
U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies Diversity Jurisdiction for Corporations   03/03/2010
What Makes a Trademark Distinctive? 9th Circuit Clarifies   12/16/2009
Duty to Corporate Creditors Now Limited   11/23/2009
California Appellate Court Limits The Scope Of A Director's Fiduciary Duties Owed To An Insolvent Corporation's Creditor   11/12/2009
FTC to Enforce Identity Theft Red Flags Rules Widely: Are You Compliant?   09/29/2009
COBRA Premium Subsidy Requires Immediate Employer Action   03/17/2009
"Absolute" Right of Directors to Inspect Corporate Documents Not So Absolute   02/10/2009
California Supreme Court Rejects Employer Effort To Limit Statutory Ban On Noncompetition Agreements   10/29/2008
Will it Survive?   10/20/2008
Ninth Circuit: Contract Clauses Shortening the Statute of Limitations Must Be Explicit   10/01/2008
Effect of Warranty Survival Clauses in Written Agreements   09/26/2008
A Burgundy Gray Area   08/26/2008
New Law May Make Wineries Off-Limits To Minors   05/02/2008
Gimme 5: What Every Lawyer Should Know About Tax Law   05/01/2008
Prosecuting Celebrity Stalkers   05/01/2008
"Does Your Arbitration Clause Have Claws?"   04/02/2008
"Ethical Issues In-House Lawyers: Traps for the Unwary"   09/26/2007
"Ethical Dilemmas Facing In-House Counsel in Light of Sarbanes-Oxley and Other Recent Developments"   09/20/2007
"Backdating Is Not Always Fraudulent: How to Distinguish Between Lawful and Fraudulent Ratification"   09/30/2006
"Sarbanes Oxley & the Dangers of the Industry Practice Rule"   06/19/2006
California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 ("OPPA")   08/10/2004
Tax Accounting of Development Costs for Internet Web Sites   04/01/2000
Treasure Issues Proposed 'S' Corporation Regulations   07/15/1998
Everything You Wanted to Know About Subchapter 'S' Subsidiaries   01/20/1998
Will 'Ghost' Subsidiaries Come to California?   07/15/1997


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