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Did You Know…SCOTUS Ruling on Personnel Decision based upon Perceived Political Affiliation Impacts Public Employers   10/28/2016
No Surprises in Recent Vested Rights Decision: Fry v. City of Los Angeles   04/05/2016
California Supreme Court Holds that Inadvertent Disclosure In Response to a Public Records Act Request Does Not Waive The Exemption for Withholding Privileged Documents   03/29/2016
The Water Board Will Consider Changes to Its Emergency Drought Regulation for 2016   01/22/2016
Court of Appeal Says Communications on Personal Communicating Devices are Exempt from Disclosure under Public Records Act   03/31/2014
What's New for 2014 – FPPC Revises Treatment of Travel Payments to Public Agencies   01/13/2014
Developing Effective Strategies - Protecting Requestor and Public Sector Interests and Reducing Disputes   05/08/2013
"California Pension Reform and Other Pension Developments"   11/08/2012
"Public Records Act Requests and Pending Litigation"   10/04/2012
The Real "Suspense" Over the Brown Act Suspension   08/29/2012
"Managing Outside Counsel Within Budget"   04/19/2012
"Innovative Finance Strategies for Highways, Rail, Transit, Aviation, and Water Infrastructure"   02/27/2012
Fair Political Practices Commission Adopts Disclosure Forms to Report New Filing Positions   02/23/2012
Path Cleared for Class Tax Claims   08/08/2011
"Ethics Session: Subjects to be Addressed in Agency Ethics Codes and Social Media Issues for Attorneys"   07/20/2011
"50 Years of TRB Workshops - The Legacy of Citizens to Preserve Overton Park v. Volpe"   07/17/2011
"Private Sector Perspectives on Risk Management"   03/15/2011
California False Claims Ruling: Contractor Invoices Include Implied Certification of Contract Compliance   03/16/2010
To Fee or Not to Fee? San Diego's Processing Charge an Illegal Tax   09/14/2009
Court of Appeal Clarifies Narrow Scope of Regulatory Takings Claims   01/23/2009
California Court of Appeal Opens the Door to Regulatory Takings Claims   10/08/2008
CPUC Sustains Fines for Ex Parte Meetings Relating to Adjudication but Admits Need for Due Process in Such Cases   06/19/2008
Court of Appeal Reaffirms Hypothetical Damages Not Grounds for Just Compensation   03/10/2008
Date Of Value Rule Not As Bright Line As Intended   01/14/2008
Appeals Court Weighs in on Timing and Form of Relocation Claims   11/28/2007
Court of Appeal Decision Helps Close Loophole in Eminent Domain Law   10/31/2007
"Water Supplies, Urban Water Management Plans and CEQA"   09/20/2007
California Court of Appeal Approves of New Method to Value Business Goodwill in Eminent Domain Cases   08/09/2007
California Supreme Court Seeks to Clarify Roles of Judge and Jury in Eminent Domain Cases   07/31/2007
Court of Appeal Upholds Eminent Domain Law's Special Legal-Issues Motion Procedure   06/19/2007
Supreme Court: Public Official May Not Rely On Government Attorney’s Advice As to Conflict of Interest Rules   02/22/2007
California Court Expands and Clarifies Rule That Mechanic's Liens Cannot Be Placed Upon Public Property That Is Subject to Private Development   10/12/2006
Eminent Domain Reform Has Arrived In California   10/04/2006
"The Anderson Initiative: Will California's Eminent Domain Law Be Radically Changed?"   09/29/2006
"Succession Planning and the Grooming and Cross-Training of Deputies"   09/15/2006
California Supreme Court Rejects Inverse Condemnation Claims Based on Obstruction of View   08/22/2006
Supreme Court Clarifies Proposition 218 Rules   07/26/2006
California Supreme Court Holds Competing Proposals Submitted To A Public Agency Do Not Become Public Records Until The Completion Of Negotiations   06/26/2006
"Action, Reaction, Overreaction? - The Kelo Fallout and The Legislative Responses"   04/27/2006
Federal Voting Rights Issues Impact Initiative, Referendum and Recall Elections in Twenty-One California Counties   04/13/2006
Congress Considers Tax-Exempt Bonds for Water and Sewage Facilities   03/28/2006
"Managing Leaves of Absence: The Difficult Issues"   01/24/2006
States May Be Liable For Damages For Violations Of Title II Of Americans With Disabilities Act   01/17/2006
"Selected Issues in Employment Law: Employee Performance and Exempt vs. Non-Exempt"   06/27/2005
"California Law: Alternative Project Delivery"   06/09/2005
"Understanding The Ralph M. Brown Act"   05/03/2005
Public Access to Meetings of Public Bodies and Writings of Public Agencies and Officials is Now a Constitutional Right   11/05/2004
"Valuation Issues in Eminent Domain"   10/28/2004
Public Agency Staff May Be Individually Liable for Selective and Overzealous Enforcement   08/27/2004
"Separation Anxiety - What In House Counsel Needs to Know When the Employee Leaves to Join or Become a Competitor"   08/18/2004
"Lessons to be Learned from the Tropicana Shopping Center, San Jose Parking and Other Recent Redevelopment Cases"   08/11/2004
Precedent-Setting Decision Greatly Restricts Economic and Recreational Activities Within Critical Habitat   08/06/2004
Court Holds that California Constitution Prohibits Super Majority Vote for Approval of or Increase in City General Tax   07/21/2004
Agency Designated to Administer a Joint Powers Agreement Determines Scope of JPA’s Land Use Powers   06/24/2004
"Challenges To The Right To Take: Theories and Practice"   06/14/2004
Propositions 13 and 218: Charge Levied on Groundwater Pumping is Not a Tax, Assessment or Fee Incident to Property Ownership   05/24/2004
"Professionalism in the Workplace: Sexual Harassment Prevention"   05/12/2004
Court Thwarts Attempt by Voter Initiative to Impose Restrictions on Airport Development Activities   12/05/2003
Brown Act Enforcement Gets Sharper Teeth   11/13/2003
"Affirmative Action Disparity Studies Upheld"   02/20/2003


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