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"How State Ethics Reforms Won Big in 2018"   12/20/2018
U.S. EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Propose Revamp of "Waters of the United States"   12/18/2018
Congress Quietly Expands Anti-Kickback Crimes   12/17/2018
"High Court's Frog Decision May Limit ESA Determinations"   12/07/2018
Final Rule Amends FHWA, FTA and FRA Regulations to NEPA and Section 4(f)   11/20/2018
California Supreme Court Announces Date for Oral Argument in the First of Its Five Pending Vested Rights Cases   11/08/2018
Department of the Interior Closes Comment Period on NRDAR Regulations   11/01/2018
"Insider Trading: Avoiding the Misuse of Material Non-Public Information"   10/31/2018
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis: Court Finds Expert State Agency Data Not Good Enough   10/25/2018
On Your Mark, Get Set, Review! Roundup of 2019 California Sexual Harassment Prevention Related Legislation   10/16/2018
"Revisiting Standard Lease Provisions"   10/01/2018
Governor Brown Signs Legislation on Wildfire Prevention and Recovery   09/24/2018
"As sea levels rise, so do local government's costs to address the issue"   09/13/2018
"Update on Water Quality Regulations & Litigation"   09/13/2018
"Lessons from Heinz: The Harsh Reality of Rescission of an Insurance Contract"   09/01/2018
Interior Issues Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on NRDAR Regulations   08/29/2018
"Risk Sharing and Transfer Using Alternative Project Delivery Methods and Contracting"   08/17/2018
"As IRS Eases Reporting, States Target Dark Money Reforms"   08/17/2018
The End of "Dark Money" in Federal Races?   08/08/2018
Clean Politics Act of 2018 - Bill Would Cut Fundraising by Lobbyists and Reveal More Lobbying Activity   07/30/2018
Agencies and Lawmakers Seek ESA Reform   07/23/2018
As IRS Eases Reporting Burden, States Including Montana & Maine Focus on "Dark Money" Reforms   07/19/2018
"Under the Influence"   07/06/2018
"A Pendulum Seldom Stops in the Middle: Shifting Views on ‘Take' of Raptors and Other Migratory Birds"   07/01/2018
US Supreme Court Applies Long-Standing Contracts Clause Analysis To Uphold Statutory Change To Insurance Contracts   06/28/2018
California Court Of Appeal Rejects Constitutional Challenges To New Felony Forfeiture Statute   06/26/2018
"Groundwater Adjudications and Alternatives to Comprehensive Adjudications"   06/07/2018
"P3 Delivers APM at LAWA"   06/01/2018
An Epic Win For Employers: SCOTUS Upholds The Enforceability Of Class Action Waivers In Arbitration Agreements   05/24/2018
California Legislature Passes Landmark Water Use Efficiency Legislation   05/23/2018
California Supreme Court Turns Independent Contractor Law On Its Head Making It As Easy As "ABC"   05/22/2018
Numerous Parties File Amicus Briefs in Dusky Gopher Frog Case   05/14/2018
GDPR COMPLIANCE DEADLINE IS MAY 25, 2018: Privacy Regulation is a Moving Target   05/14/2018
More on the Duty to Defend   05/01/2018
Changes on the Horizon for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Regulations On Take of Threatened Species   04/09/2018
The Duty to Defend in California   04/03/2018
"Catching Up on Insurance"   04/02/2018
"New State Regulations To Watch in 2019"   03/28/2018
California Court of Appeal Upholds Application of PEPRA to Judges Who Were Elected Before, But Assumed Office After, PEPRA Took Effect   03/27/2018
"Limited Partner Advisory Committees: Mitigating Manager Conflicts"   03/20/2018
"Calif. Duty To Defend Is In Jeopardy"   03/15/2018
Do You Need to Include Local Lobbying on Your Upcoming Federal Lobbying Disclosure?   03/09/2018
Get Ready to Pay More for Recording a Document in California   03/07/2018
"How the Latest Developments Out of Washington Impact You"   02/27/2018
California Supreme Court Gears Up for Showdown Over the Scope of Vested Public Pension Rights   02/26/2018
Next Stop for Infrastructure Policy: Congress   02/20/2018
Proposed CEQA Guideline for Highway Projects Promises Flexibility In the Measurement of Traffic Impacts, But Delivers Ambiguity   02/07/2018
"The Crime of the 21st Century: Elder Financial Abuse (Part 1 of 2)"   02/01/2018
Helping Employers Wade Through the Weeds of California's Marijuana Legalization Law   01/16/2018
STB Preempts a City's Effort to Force a Railroad to Reinstall a Grade Crossing   01/08/2018
Is Your Company Website Sufficiently Accessible to the Disabled?   01/04/2018


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