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Court of Appeal Rejects Another Post-PEPRA Challenge   12/21/2016
California's Campaign Finance Agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission, Announces 2017/2018 Gift and Contribution Limits   12/13/2016
UPDATE!  Status of DOL's Overtime Rule   12/12/2016
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Changes to Mitigation Policy   12/08/2016
The Importance of Insuring Against Cyberattacks   12/01/2016
Dumping Dodd-Frank Could Restore Executive Accountability   11/30/2016
November 22, 2016: STOP! The DOL'S Overtime Rule Has Been Put On Hold - At Least For Now   11/23/2016
California Supreme Court Grants Review of MAPE Decision   11/23/2016
"The Legal Aspects of Easements"   11/09/2016
"Interplay Between CPRA, AB 2833 and ILPA Fee Reporting Template"   11/09/2016
"Public Private Partnerships - Allocation of Risk"   11/09/2016
"Disability Retirement and Reciprocity: What's Your System Paying? What Does Ours Owe?"   11/08/2016
The FTC's Crackdown on Social Media #Ads   11/03/2016
Beazley Report Details Increase in Ransomware Attacks   11/02/2016
Did You Know…SCOTUS Ruling on Personnel Decision based upon Perceived Political Affiliation Impacts Public Employers   10/28/2016
Ninth Circuit Upholds Listing Decision Based on End of Century Climate Change Predictions   10/27/2016
California Adopts New Requirements with Respect to Disability Access for Commercial Leases   10/21/2016
"The Intersection of Environmental Due Diligence, Condemnation and Valuation"   10/21/2016
Did You Know...Heads Up! San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance… Supplementing California Paid Family Leave, Effective January 1, 2017   10/20/2016
"Legal Counsel Panel"   10/10/2016
Nossaman Public Pensions And Investments Attorneys Ashley Dunning and Michael Toumanoff Author Law360 Article   10/03/2016
Nossaman Attorneys Yuliya Oryol and Douglas Schwartz Author The NAPPA Report Article   10/03/2016
What's Next After First District Court of Appeals' Vested Rights Decision in MAPE v. MarinCERA?   10/01/2016
"Fiduciary Fundamentals for Public Pension Fund Trustees"   09/28/2016
"The Role of Desalination in a Balanced Water Supply Portfolio"   09/16/2016
Nossaman Public Pensions and Investments Attorneys Author Law360 Article   09/15/2016
"Water Rights in California"   09/13/2016
Spotlight on Lobbyist Employers: New California Reporting Requirements Begin October 2016   09/12/2016
"Legal Aspects of Easements"   09/08/2016
"Legal Issues Involving Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions by Institutional Investors"   09/01/2016
Judge, not Jury, Must Consider the Constitutionality of a Dedication Requirement and Whether it Qualifies as a "Project Effect"   08/29/2016
First District Court of Appeal Weighs in on the Law of Vested Rights in California   08/29/2016
California's Legislature Puts Additional Disclosure Pressure on Fund Managers with the Passage of AB 2833   08/26/2016
"Integration of Storm Water Into Water Supply Planning"   08/25/2016
Nossaman Eminent Domain and Valuation Partners Brad Kuhn and Rick Rayl Author Law360 Article   08/24/2016
Infrastructure Partner Nancy Smith Pens Article For GEOSTRATA   08/24/2016
Court Rejects NEPA, Section 4(f) Challenges to Arizona South Mountain Freeway Project   08/23/2016
"Debunking the Delisting Myths: What's Working and What Isn't"   08/01/2016
California Supreme Court Upholds Right of Entry Statutes, but "Reforms" them to Comply with Constitution   08/01/2016
Did You Know... Local California Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Law Updates are In Effect as of July 1   07/29/2016
Did You Know...The Qyburnian Resurrection of the Jiffy June Standard: The New Battle of Cash-in-Lieu and the Reasonable Rate of Pay   07/27/2016
"Diversity and Discrimination: What's Up in Civil Rights Enforcement?"   07/20/2016
"Ethics Chaos: Three Ethics Traps, Controversies, and Perils and How to Avoid Them"   07/20/2016
"Recovering Fair Market Value from 'Utilities' Seeking Longitudinal Occupation of Limited Access Facilities"   07/19/2016
Meet Health Law Alumni: Morgan Muir   07/18/2016
The Food & Beverage Industry in Los Angeles: A Roundtable Discussion   07/18/2016
Fifth Circuit Upholds USFWS Designation of "Uninhabitable" Critical Habitat for Endangered Dusky Gopher Frog   07/08/2016
"What You Need to Know About Rights of Entry"   07/08/2016
Did You Know...The Federal Minimum Salary Threshold for Exempt Status Trumps California Law   06/29/2016
State Water Board Issues New Proposed Permitting Procedures for Dredge and Fill to Waters of the State   06/28/2016
"It Ain't Easy Being You: Managing the Attorney-Client Relationship at a Public Pension Fund"   06/23/2016
"Fiduciary Principles to Guide In-House Counsel Who Advise Public Retirement Systems"   06/17/2016
Court Enjoins Wolf Releases in New Mexico   06/14/2016
"Wind Industry Whooping Crane HCP"   06/14/2016
Ninth Circuit Holds National Indian Gaming Commission Not Required to Conduct NEPA Review Before Approving Casino Gaming Ordinance   06/13/2016
Supreme Court Holds that Jurisdictional Determinations are Subject to Review under the Administrative Procedure Act   05/31/2016
"Developments in the Regulation of Avian Impacts"   05/25/2016
Did You Know … Employers May Provide Limited Incentives to Encourage Participation in Workplace Wellness Programs under EEOC's Final Rules   05/24/2016
"No Recovery In Calif. For Views Blocked By Public Projects"   05/02/2016
Guidance on the Use of Best Available Science under the US Endangered Species Act   04/29/2016
"Ethics Issues Grounded in the Uniform Act and Other Tales"   04/29/2016
Homeowners Cannot Recover for Blocked Views of Hollywood Sign   04/28/2016
Court of Appeal Sustains CPUC's Discretion to Fill Gaps in Statutory Scheme for Intervenor Compensation but Requires CPUC to Limit Compensation to Fees and Costs Relevant to Intervenor's Contribution   04/27/2016
Fourth Circuit Finds Coverage for Information Breach Under CGL Policy   04/13/2016
"Insurance for Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Industry: Do You Have What You Need? (and what to do if you don't)"   04/09/2016
"The Increasing Importance of Physician Well-Being Committees"   04/08/2016
No Surprises in Recent Vested Rights Decision: Fry v. City of Los Angeles   04/05/2016
Impact of New FEHA Regulations on Your Employment Policies and Procedures - Take Action Now   03/29/2016
California Supreme Court Holds that Inadvertent Disclosure In Response to a Public Records Act Request Does Not Waive The Exemption for Withholding Privileged Documents   03/29/2016
"Disability Retirement Processing"   03/16/2016
New Limit & Requirement on 501(c)(4) "Social Welfare" Organizations   03/14/2016
"Corporate Fraud: Civil and Criminal Consequences of a Decade of Financial Collapses"   03/09/2016
"Social Infrastructure and Innovative P3s"   03/08/2016
"Pension Reform in California: What's Next?"   03/06/2016
"Summary of Changes: MBC's Manual of Model Disciplinary Orders and Disciplinary Guidelines"   03/04/2016
"MBC's Uniform Standards for Substance-Abusing Licensees"   03/04/2016
Newhall Case Applies Proposition 26 to Wholesale Water Rates   03/03/2016
"Privacy for the Medical Practice in the Digital Age"   03/01/2016
"Legal Guidance for Social Media"   02/25/2016
Re-Evaluating Calif.'s Emergency Drought Regulation   02/19/2016
"Ask the Experts"   02/18/2016
"Fiduciary Responsibility in Selecting and Managing Relationships with Service Providers"   02/17/2016
"The Growth and Management of the Municipal and Civic Pipeline"   02/17/2016
Recent Decisions Applying the Covalt and Hartwell Test   02/05/2016
"Wind Project Siting 201 Webinar"   02/04/2016
"Capturing Innovation"   02/01/2016
The Door Is Open To Disparaging Trademarks   01/29/2016
"Rules of the Road for Compliance with the Brown Act and Robert's Rules of Order"   01/29/2016
"Wetland and Waters Regulations: Strategies for Compliance"   01/28/2016
The Water Board Will Consider Changes to Its Emergency Drought Regulation for 2016   01/22/2016
We Have Been Hacked! what Do We Do?! A Primer for the Construction Industry   01/21/2016
The Clean Water Rule (WOTUS) Update   01/19/2016
Ground Birds and the Endangered Species Act: The Rising Trends in Conservation Efforts and How the Greater Sage Grouse's Story Compares to Other Recent Upland Game Bird Listing Decisions   01/19/2016
Are Groundwater Pumping Fees or Charges Subject to Proposition 218? California Supreme Court to Resolve Conflicting Precedent   01/14/2016
"New California Law Regulating Home Care Aid Providers"   01/08/2016
Branding Checklist: Boom Or Bust 2016   01/06/2016
Surface Transportation Board Rulemaking to Modify Requirements for Offers of Financial Assistance   01/05/2016
Environmental Provisions of the FAST Act   01/04/2016
"A New Approach by the FWS Over the MBTA and Eagles"   01/01/2016


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