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It's the End of Redevelopment as We Know It   12/30/2011
Supreme Court Upholds Elimination of Redevelopment in California   12/29/2011
New Law Requires Healthcare Employers to Adopt Measures for Safe Handling of Patients   12/22/2011
E-Brief: Amendments to San Francisco's Health Care Security Ordinance Go Into Effect January 1, 2012   12/21/2011
FCPA Violations: Another Worry When Importing and Exporting   12/20/2011
Court of Appeal Upholds Regulatory Takings Decision Under Penn Central Test   12/16/2011
Fair Political Practices Commission Completes Gift Regulations Overhaul   12/15/2011
"Best Practices: FCPA Challenges for Korean Companies Doing Business in US - Dos & Don'ts"   12/02/2011
U.S. Customs: Bad Things that Can Happen to Importers   12/01/2011
Breaking Down Barriers to Creating Safety Net Accountable Care Organizations: State Statutory and Regulatory Issues   12/01/2011
"'Super PACs' and the Changing Environment"   11/30/2011
"Management Tools for Litigation Support, Running Your Department Like a Business"   11/30/2011
"Overview of the Economic and Policy Landscape for Transportation Project Financing"   11/14/2011
Supreme Court Hears Arguments on the Future of Redevelopment   11/11/2011
"Expert Engagement Contract Overview Strategies for Larger Acquisition Valuation Assignments"   11/10/2011
"State Public Policy Law Compliance"   11/06/2011
"Design-Build Procurement Workshop"   11/04/2011
"Performance Based Infrastructure and the Design-Build Process: The Long Beach Courthouse Project"   11/01/2011
"Would NRD Practice Benefit From More Standardization?"   10/26/2011
"The Death (and Rebirth?) of Redevelopment"   10/25/2011
"Successful Teaming: Turning Sticks & Stones into Bricks & Mortar"   10/21/2011
FPPC Approves Text Message Contributions, Triggering Compliance Concerns   10/20/2011
"Hearing on National Infrastructure Bank: More Bureaucracy & More Red Tape"   10/12/2011
"Redefinition of Federal Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: What Are 'Wetlands' Now?"   10/05/2011
Illegal Importation, a Costly Mistake   09/30/2011
Enforcement of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties – Know the Products You Import   09/29/2011
Overview of Disability Retirement   09/27/2011
Voluntary Remediation Bars CERCLA Contribution Claim – Will The Supreme Court Delineate What Remedies Are Available to Recover Costs, and to Whom?   09/23/2011
"Groundwater Contamination"   09/23/2011
Must Insurers Pay in Full After the Insured Wins the Coverage Fight?   09/21/2011
New GASB 25 and 27 Provisions   09/16/2011
California Legislature Authorizes Take of Fully Protected Species   09/15/2011
Redevelopment Remains in Limbo   08/18/2011
Redevelopment Remains in Limbo Following Supreme Court Order and Partial Stay   08/16/2011
"TJC MS.01.01.01 Medical Staff Bylaws Requirements"   08/10/2011
Usury: The Devil is in the Details   08/09/2011
What to Do When Customs Asks Questions   08/08/2011
Path Cleared for Class Tax Claims   08/08/2011
CA Supreme Court Clarifies Class Action Availability in Claims Against City for Refund of Tax Payments   08/04/2011
Women's Electoral Rights Must be a Priority in the Middle East   08/01/2011
Breaking Down Barriers to Creating Safety Net Accountable Care Organizations: Federal Statutory and Regulatory Issues   08/01/2011
"Emerging Employment Issues"   07/28/2011
A Critical Assessment of the Use of Surrogate Species in Conservation Planning in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California (U.S.A.)   07/25/2011
"Understanding Health Plan Regulation in the 2011 California Marketplace"   07/25/2011
Accident or Not? Insurance Coverage for Unintended Consequences   07/21/2011
"Ethics Session: Subjects to be Addressed in Agency Ethics Codes and Social Media Issues for Attorneys"   07/20/2011
Summer of CEQA – Six Recent CEQA Cases Uphold Agency Discretion, Including the Selection of Threshold of Significance for and Analysis of Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Impacts   07/19/2011
"50 Years of TRB Workshops - The Legacy of Citizens to Preserve Overton Park v. Volpe"   07/17/2011
"In Defense of the Common Law Duty of Loyalty"   07/13/2011
Congressman Mica Introduces New Surface Transportation Proposal   07/11/2011
Will Court Ruling Increase Government Superfund Liability?   07/08/2011
Bankruptcy Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional   07/06/2011
Court Employs South Texas Savoir Faire to Deny Preliminary Injunction and Allow Highway Interchange   07/01/2011
Draft EPA/COE Guidance Published on Definition of "Waters of the United States"   07/01/2011
Bankruptcy Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional   06/29/2011
Defending Against a Customs and Export Control Penalty Action   06/20/2011
Practical Strategies for Defending a Customs Penalty Action   06/16/2011
Whose Business Goodwill Is It?   06/16/2011
"Understanding Operating Expense Gross-Ups as They Apply to Commercial Leases"   06/14/2011
Whose Business Goodwill Is It?   06/10/2011
"2011 Environmental Legal Update: What's New and What It Means to You"   06/09/2011
When Does an Access Impairment Result in a Compensable Taking?   06/03/2011
Campaign Finance Laws and Gender Disparity in Elections   06/02/2011
Reversal of Unlawful Detainer Judgment Puts Evicting Landlord At Risk for Damages Action   06/02/2011
'Knowingly' Vague: Intent In The FCPA   05/26/2011
U.S. Supreme Court Addresses Employer's Liability for Employment Discrimination Under The "Cat's Paw" Theory   05/25/2011
EPA Seeks To Overturn Supreme Court Decisions Limiting Water Act Jurisdiction   05/20/2011
E-Brief: The DOL – At It Again   05/17/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships"   05/17/2011
Draft Clean Water Act Guidance Significantly Increases Agency Jurisdiction   05/10/2011
Ethics Training   05/10/2011
California Public Agency Design-Build Authority   05/05/2011
"Libraries and Knowledge Management: Everything Old Is New Again"   05/01/2011
Arbitration's Rise and The Class Action's Fall: AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion   04/29/2011
NAFTA Certificates of Origin: Be Careful   04/28/2011
Entrepreneurs and Investors Get Legislative Support   04/25/2011
"Joint Venture Public and Private Partnerships"   04/20/2011
Precondemnation Damages: Putting Public Projects First   04/19/2011
"The Delicate Art of Promoting Recycled Water"   04/18/2011
"Segregating Campaign and Official Activity; Avoiding Common Errors on Annual Financial Disclosure Statements"   04/18/2011
Entrepreneurs and Investors Get Legislative Support for California Corporations that Stress Social Measures over Maximizing Profits   04/15/2011
Court Finds Agency's Acquisition Program Does Not Give Rise to Precondemnation Damages   04/14/2011
"Legislative Update"   04/14/2011
The Federal Government's Liability in Cost Recovery Actions   04/01/2011
'Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game': Use of Game Theory to Assess Litigant Behavior in Antitrust, Criminal and Settlement Contexts   03/31/2011
CEQA Baseline Confusion Threatens Projects Throughout California   03/29/2011
"Lessons Learned Forum"   03/28/2011
"California Public Contracting Laws: Design-Build Authority for Transportation Projects"   03/25/2011
Federal Government Liable Under CERCLA As Both An Arranger and Operator For Leased Property   03/24/2011
"US Ports and Airports – How Do P3 Investors Fit into the Equation"   03/24/2011
Draft Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance Released   03/18/2011
Redevelopment Agencies Live to See Another...Day?   03/17/2011
Arbitration Agreement May Not Waive Employee's Right to Administrative Hearing on Wage Claim   03/16/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships for California Transportation Projects"   03/15/2011
"Private Sector Perspectives on Risk Management"   03/15/2011
Class Action Arbitration for Employers and Employees - Quo Vadit?   03/01/2011
New Surface Transportation Legislation Likely to Encounter Many Roadblocks in the Coming Months   03/01/2011
"Stay Ahead: 2011 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/24/2011
"Stay Ahead: 2011 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/23/2011
"Federal Funding: The Case for an Expanded TIFIA Program"   02/22/2011
EPA Announces Plan to Set New Drinking Water Standards – Water Agencies and Parties to Superfund Cleanups Beware   02/18/2011
When a Stipulated Judgment Goes Awry   02/17/2011
Looking Back at Backdating   02/17/2011
2010 Transportation Infrastructure Year in Review   02/17/2011
Ninth Circuit Reaffirms "Sliding Scale" Standard for Injunctions   02/17/2011
"Stay Ahead: 2011 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/17/2011
"Storm Water Regulation"   02/17/2011
California's Legislative Leaders Announce a Clean Energy Jobs Initiative to Boost Renewable Energy Development, Manufacturing, Job Training, and Procurement   02/16/2011
Court Dismisses Appeal Arising From Stipulated Eminent Domain Judgment   02/16/2011
"Stay Ahead: 2011 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/16/2011
New Orange County, CA Lobbyist Registration Ordinance   02/10/2011
"U.S. Immigration Policy in the 21st Century: The Landscape Today and Beyond"   02/10/2011
Layoffs and Collective Bargaining - Not Whether, But How Many, Who and When Must Be Bargained   02/08/2011
Layoffs and Collective Bargaining - Not Whether, But How Many, Who and When Must Be Bargained   02/03/2011
Decades-Old Rule in Environmental Law Overturned   02/01/2011
"Why TIFIA Matters for Transportation"   02/01/2011
Customs Law "Assists" - A Trap for the Unwary   02/01/2011
2010 Eminent Domain: Year in Review   01/24/2011
In the Midst of California's Budget Crisis, Redevelopment Agencies Are Fighting For Their Lives   01/24/2011
"The Future of Transportation Funding - The Continuing Dialogue"   01/21/2011
"Recent NEPA Developments"   01/21/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships for California Transportation"   01/20/2011
"Financing Tools Available Through Partnerships"   01/20/2011
Revisions to Local Bankruptcy Rules ("LBRs") of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California   01/19/2011
Ninth Circuit Abandons "Federal Defendant" Rule Precluding Non-Federal Parties from Intervening as of Right in National Environmental Policy Act Cases   01/18/2011
PPACA Compliance Reminder Series – Beware of IRS Nondiscrimination Rules and Other Tax Changes   01/13/2011
2010 Eminent Domain Year in Review   01/12/2011
9th Circuit Reverses Course on Rent Control   01/10/2011
An Insurer's Duty to Defend: A Step in the Right Direction   01/04/2011
CEQ Issues Final Guidance on Categorical Exclusions   01/01/2011


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