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Sea Level Rise and Coastal Boundary Lines – Consequences of Climate Change   12/17/2009
What Makes a Trademark Distinctive? 9th Circuit Clarifies   12/16/2009
Erosion Control, or Coney Island South?   12/15/2009
Flexible Staffing Models and Contractor Optimization   12/15/2009
"Availability Payments: An Alternative PPP Payment Mechanism"   12/15/2009
USDOT Announces Changes to TIFIA Selection Process   12/11/2009
Suit Aims to Link Distant Pesticide Use with Polar Bears – Potentially Setting Precedent for Additional Climate Change Lawsuits   12/08/2009
"Overview of Regulatory Requirements: Ventura MS4 Stormwater Permit"   12/08/2009
Family Medical Leave Act Amended to Expand Family Military Leave   12/03/2009
"The Clean Water Act: EPA's Water Transfer Rule and Recent Congressional Developments"   12/03/2009
FTC Red Flags Rule Postponed Again; Limited by Congress and the Courts   11/24/2009
CA Court of Appeal: Unfair Insurance Practices Act Violation May Support Unfair Competition Law Claim   11/24/2009
Duty to Corporate Creditors Now Limited   11/23/2009
Be Prepared To Comply With the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act – Effective Saturday   11/19/2009
The Benefits of Sabbaticals for Lawyers   11/18/2009
"Eminent Domain: Where Are We, and Where Have We Been?"   11/18/2009
"Fall 2009 Clean Water Conference"   11/16/2009
California Appellate Court Limits The Scope Of A Director's Fiduciary Duties Owed To An Insolvent Corporation's Creditor   11/12/2009
"External Utility Stewardship: Conjunctive Use"   11/10/2009
"California's Infrastructure – Financing and Procuring Construction Projects; Design-Build and Public-Private Partnerships; More Treatment Plants Needed for Water Supply"   11/09/2009
Spin on Water Efficiency Standards   11/06/2009
"Is Water A Waste? Cooperative Compliance and Stakeholder Driven Water Quality Programs"   11/06/2009
"Public Private Partnerships: The Next Generation"   11/06/2009
"ESA/CEQA and the Development of Renewable Energy"   11/06/2009
9th Circuit Spin on California Water Efficiency Standards   11/03/2009
"Is Water A Waste? Cooperative and Stakeholder Driven Water Quality Compliance Programs"   11/03/2009
"Novel Risk Allocations for POMT"   11/01/2009
"Successfully Managing the Troubled Project"   11/01/2009
"Risk Mitigation in PPPs"   10/22/2009
CERCLA Liability Extends to Owners and Operators of Sewer Facilities   10/21/2009
"Hot Legal Topics From the Perspective of an Agency Attorney and a Landowner Attorney"   10/20/2009
Adding Some Bite to the Bark   10/15/2009
Regulatory Takings: the Ninth Circuit Adds Some Bite to the Bark   10/12/2009
"Touch Coverage"   10/09/2009
"Alternative Financing for Transportation Projects: P3s and Other Innovative Financing Solutions"   10/07/2009
"The Legal and Policy Implications for Local ‘End Users' Developers"   10/06/2009
FTC to Enforce Identity Theft Red Flags Rule: Healthcare Providers Must Comply   10/01/2009
"Managing Employee Medical Leaves of Absence"   10/01/2009
Ninth Circuit Permits Environmental Justice Lawsuit to Proceed In Light of EPA's Repeated Noncompliance   09/30/2009
FTC to Enforce Identity Theft Red Flags Rules Widely: Are You Compliant?   09/29/2009
"What Are P3s? – P3 Contractual Issues"   09/29/2009
"P3 Implementation, Best Practices, Lessons Learned"   09/29/2009
"Public-Private Partnerships: Now More Than Ever"   09/24/2009
IRS Guidance Eases Modification of Securitized Mortgages   09/23/2009
"Can Our Budget Politics Work?"   09/16/2009
Do You Feel (Federally) Stimulated: Are Stimulus Dollars Really Having an Impact on California's Infrastructure?   09/15/2009
"Impact of New Political Developments"   09/15/2009
To Fee or Not to Fee? San Diego's Processing Charge an Illegal Tax   09/14/2009
Amphibious and Ambiguous   09/10/2009
Federal Court Dismisses Premature Challenge to Bay Delta Conservation Plan   09/10/2009
"Precondemnation Best Practices: Strategies and Steps to Avoid Unnecessary Costs and Delays"   09/09/2009
"Catching a Waiver"   09/01/2009
"What Happens When a Locally-Issued Permit is Appealed for Review by the Coastal Commission"   09/01/2009
"The Future of Infrastructure Finance"   08/31/2009
California Tiger Salamander: Updates under Federal and California Endangered Species Acts   08/17/2009
Supreme Court Decision Limits Insurers' Defense Duties In Intentional Tort Cases   08/06/2009
CTC Issues Draft Guidelines for California P3 Program   08/05/2009
California Appeals Court: Strict State Labor Laws Do Not Apply to Public Sector Employers   08/04/2009
Limitation of Liability Clause Violates Anti-lndemnity Statute   08/01/2009
Must Athlete Endorsers Answer to SAG?   08/01/2009
"Parties, Interest and Premises"   07/30/2009
"Professional Responsibilities and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Duties and Challenges"   07/22/2009
"Project Delivery Systems: PPP Update"   07/20/2009
"Defensive Plays"   07/14/2009
"California PPP Authority"   07/07/2009
Forbearance Agreements Must Meet the Statute of Frauds   07/06/2009
Muddying the Clean Water Act   07/02/2009
EIS for Florida Replacement Airport Upheld, No Supplement Needed for Ivory-Billed Woodpecker   07/01/2009
Leaving Las Vegas: FAA FONSI and Conformity Exemption Upheld for Modification of Flight Plan   07/01/2009
"Alternative Dispute Resolution at the CPUC: Challenges and Opportunities"   07/01/2009
Government Accountability Office Releases Report Regarding Section 7 Consultation and Monitoring   06/30/2009
The Role of the Customs Broker in Import Transactions   06/29/2009
Court Holds Entitlement to Claim Lost Business Goodwill Depends on Causation, Not the Existence of a Written Lease   06/26/2009
"Managing HR in Extraordinarily Difficult Times"   06/25/2009
"Impact of Public Private Partnership on Toll Operations"   06/23/2009
Road Rules   06/22/2009
"California – The Market Opens for Business"   06/19/2009
Senate Committee Approves Significant Expansion of the Clean Water Act   06/18/2009
"The Future of US Transportation Financing"   06/18/2009
"Successful Public-Private Partnerships Projects"   06/17/2009
"Recipe for Success: Recent Developments in the US"   06/05/2009
"The New FMLA Regulations, What About California?"   06/03/2009
"Strategic Legal Initiatives Forum"   05/30/2009
"Design-Build for Public Entities"   05/29/2009
"Design-Build for Public Entities"   05/29/2009
California Supreme Court Makes UCL Class Actions Easier   05/28/2009
"ARRA or PPP or both?"   05/27/2009
Loosening COBRA's Financial Squeeze   05/21/2009
"Environmental Law Update: Where Are We Now, Where Are We Going, and What Should You Do When We Get There?"   05/21/2009
"2009 Employment Law Update"   05/19/2009
"Science and the ESA"   05/18/2009
"Contrasting the Resolution of Environmental Issues in the Delta and the Colorado River"   05/18/2009
"The ESA and Alternative Energy"   05/18/2009
"Consultation - Practical Tips"   05/18/2009
"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Implementing its Highway and Rail Related Provisions"   05/15/2009
"Property Acquisition, Appraisal, and Relocation in an Upside Down Market"   05/12/2009
"Valuation Issues in an Upside Down Market: The Legal Framework"   05/12/2009
EPA May Consider Costs and Benefits When Setting Standards Under Section 316 of the Clean Water Act   05/11/2009
"What Happens to Insurance Coverage In Case of Bankruptcy?"   05/07/2009
"What Happens to Insurance Coverage in Case of Bankruptcy?"   05/07/2009
Obama Administration Revokes Rule Changes to Endangered Species Consultation Regulations   05/05/2009
"Buildings by Design"   05/04/2009
Controlled Release   05/01/2009
"Saving Space: The O'Melveny & Myers LLP Library makes the most of a new, smaller space"   05/01/2009
Local Regulation of Airport Expansion Preempted by FAA   04/30/2009
"Road Rules"   04/30/2009
"Lessons Learned: Florida I-595 Project"   04/30/2009
HITECH's Impact on Business Associate Agreements
A Short Checklist of Basic Considerations
Executive Order Encourages Project Labor Agreements on Federal Projects   04/29/2009
Infra PR: California passes new transport PPP law   04/28/2009
Reclaiming Goods from Customers Filing for Bankruptcy Protection – It's Possible!   04/28/2009
California Passes First Significant Transportation PPP Law in 20 Years   04/27/2009
"AB 32 & SB 375 Implementation - Issues for Project Proponents"   04/25/2009
Hammering Out Liability   04/23/2009
California Legislation Expands Design Build Authority for Public Facilities   04/23/2009
California Design-Build Authority Expanded for Courts, State Office and Correction Facilities, Redevelopment Agency Projects   04/22/2009
"PPP Model Legislation and Arizona's HB 2396"   04/22/2009
In Lieu Affordable Housing Fee Was Not Reasonably Justified Based On Existing Law   04/21/2009
A Stark Contrast   04/20/2009
"Tolling agreements signed for Texas roads"   04/16/2009
USDOT Signs First Tolling Agreements Under Express Lanes Demonstration Program   04/15/2009
"Florida's Highway Partnership Plan Can Serve as a Roadmap"   04/10/2009
"Completed and Accepted" Doctrine Extended to Offer Further Protection to Contractors   04/09/2009
"50-State Survey of Transportation Agency Design-Build Authority"   04/08/2009
Closing the Litigation Floodgates   04/07/2009
"Evaluating Risk Transference in the Current Marketplace"   04/03/2009
"Performance Security and Bonding Issues for Alternative Delivery Projects"   04/02/2009
California Passes New Design-Build Law for Highway Projects   04/01/2009
OIG Announces Dramatic Change in Stark Law Self-Disclosure Options   04/01/2009
"Current Issues in Design-Build Transportation Contracts"   04/01/2009
Using Alternative Technical Concepts to Improve Design-Build and PPP Procurements   03/31/2009
"Getting Your CDP and Keeping It"   03/30/2009
CLE International's 2nd Annual California Coastal Law Conference   03/30/2009
"Statutory and Regulatory Requirements"   03/29/2009
Court Limits Public Agencies' Liability for Flooding   03/27/2009
Efforts to Use Endangered Species Act to Curb Climate   03/26/2009
"State Legislation Authorizing Public Private Partnerships ("PPP") for Transit Projects"   03/24/2009
"Valuation Issues in a Depressed Market: How Market Conditions Impact Eminent Domain Practitioners"   03/24/2009
Public-Private Partnerships Model Legislation   03/20/2009
National Marine Fisheries Service Issues Unprecedented Biological Opinion for Puget Sound Region Flood Insurance Program   03/19/2009
"HITECH Act" Extends HIPAA's Reach, Expands Its Requirements, Sharpens Its Teeth   03/19/2009
"COBRA: Premium Subsidies and New Enrollment Opportunities"   03/19/2009
Inside the Minds: Strategies for Resolving Environmental Land Use Disputes   03/18/2009
Can Insurance Ease the Headache of Employee Claims?   03/18/2009
COBRA Premium Subsidy Requires Immediate Employer Action   03/17/2009
"Stay Ahead: Can Insurance Ease the Headache of Employee Claims?"   03/17/2009
New Public Disclosure of Bundled Contributions   03/16/2009
Policyholders Score Major Environmental Coverage Victory From California Supreme Court   03/16/2009
"Water Quality Standards: A Common Sense Approach to Water Quality Regulation"   03/14/2009
"SB 375: A Builder/Developer Perspective"   03/12/2009
"Perils in Prejudgment Possession"   03/11/2009
Court Rules Releases Obtained in Settlements of Disputed Overtime Claims are Valid   03/10/2009
Forbearance Agreements Must Be In Writing and Signed By Forbearing Party   03/09/2009
Prospects for Transportation PPPs: Good Signs Amidst a Troubled Economy   03/06/2009
"Overview of SBX2 4"   03/06/2009
"A Primer of the NEPA Statute: What You Need to Know"   03/05/2009
"NEPA and CEQA Programmatic Approaches to Solving California's Water Supply Challenges"   03/05/2009
"Climate Change Part I: Emerging Legal Issues"   03/05/2009
FHWA's New Fair Market Value Rule Explained   03/04/2009
"Everything You Were Never Taught About Litigation Appraisal – A Hands On Approach"   03/04/2009
California Rules to Amend Inaccessible ESI   03/01/2009
Update - USDOT Withdraws Proposed Changes to the TIFIA Program   02/27/2009
"Storm Water Permits Update"   02/27/2009
"Summary of Title XII Transportation Provisions - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009"   02/26/2009
"Paying Our Way: A New Framework for Transportation Finance"   02/26/2009
Financing Commission Urges Sweeping Reform of Transportation Funding   02/26/2009
Implementing Highway and Rail Related Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act   02/26/2009
"National Environmental Policy Act: A Primer"   02/23/2009
"NEPA and CEQA Programmatic Approaches to Solving California's Water Supply Challenges"   02/23/2009
"Climate Change Part I: Emerging Legal Issues"   02/23/2009
Overly Broad Resolution of Necessity = Victory for Property Owner?   02/19/2009
Yes He Did − President Obama Signs Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into Law   02/19/2009
Patient Safety Organizations - About To "Go Live"   02/18/2009
"Mental Health Parity Laws"   02/18/2009
"Water Quality Standards Take Center Stage"   02/13/2009
2008 Insurance Year in Review   02/12/2009
"Absolute" Right of Directors to Inspect Corporate Documents Not So Absolute   02/10/2009
"Public Owner Construction Management: Differences in Management and Risk Allocation Approaches Between Design-Bid-Build and Long-Term Concession Projects"   02/10/2009
Keeping Things Honest   02/09/2009
Health Care Service Plan Not Liable for Practitioner's Malpractice   02/04/2009
USDOT Proposes Major Changes to TIFIA Program   02/03/2009
New Greenhouse Gas Lawsuit Seeks Broad Changes to Federal Programs Under Endangered Species Act   02/02/2009
"The P3 Paradigm"   02/02/2009
"Ohio Declines to Extend the Spearin Doctrine"   02/01/2009
Nossaman Healthcare Practice New Year Newsletter   01/30/2009
2008 Eminent Domain Year in Review   01/29/2009
"SB 375: A Builder/Developer Perspective"   01/27/2009
Court of Appeal Clarifies Narrow Scope of Regulatory Takings Claims   01/23/2009
"Fundamentals and Characteristics of Viable Public-Private Partnerships"   01/22/2009
"A Legal Perspective of Public-Private Partnerships: Statutory Framework and New Concession Contracts"   01/22/2009
A Subsequent Owner Is Liable for Prior Owner's Violations of Rent Control Ordinance   01/21/2009
"Oceans 21" – A New Way to Regulate Air Emissions and Land Use?   01/21/2009
"Stay Ahead: 2009 Emerging Employment Issues"   01/20/2009
What Every Employer Needs to Know About the New FMLA Regulations   01/14/2009
"State and National Environmental Laws Affecting Land Use"   01/14/2009
"Minnesota I-35 W St. Anthony Falls Bridge"   01/13/2009
"Stormwater Permits Update"   01/13/2009
"Implementation of the Texas Concessions Initiatives"   01/13/2009
"Funding and Financing Transportation Infrastructure: The Future Role"   01/12/2009
"Report from the Surface Transportation Infrastructure Finance Commission"   01/11/2009
Donations to the Presidential Inaugural Committee   01/06/2009
California Court of Appeal Condemns Insurer's "Deliberate Strategy of Obstruction and Delay"   01/05/2009
Goodwill Hunting   01/02/2009
"Bracing for the Impact of Bankruptcy on Administrative Disciplinary Hearings"   01/01/2009
"Public Private Partnerships"   01/01/2009
"Library Space: Planning for the Future, PLL Change as Opportunity Webinar"   01/01/2009
"Presentation Skills: Effectively Communicating witht the 'C' Level People in Your Organization"   01/01/2009
"Federal Consistency - The Nuts and Bolts"   01/01/2009


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