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"Smoothing the Path for Public-Private Partnerships: FHWA Revisions to Design-Build Rule"   12/31/2007
"The View - Traffic Travails"   12/24/2007
Fish and Wildlife Service Issues New Final Rules Designating Critical Habitat for Coastal California Gnatcatcher and San Diego Fairy Shrimp   12/19/2007
"Impaired Waters & Permitting; Implications of Pinto Creek Decision"   12/15/2007
Federal District Court Rejects Challenge by Automakers to California's Effort to Regulate Greenhouse Gases from Automobiles   12/14/2007
Water Supply EIR Withstands Challenge, Clarifying Duties of Water Suppliers and Planners Under CEQA   12/13/2007
"Selected Current Legal and Practical Issues in Dealing with Disruptive and Impaired Physicians"   12/11/2007
"How Trouble with the MBC/Psychology Board Finds You!"   12/10/2007
"Enforcement Actions: What You Need to Know"   12/04/2007
"Bolsa Chica Land Trust v. Superior Court"   12/04/2007
"Contractual Risk"   12/03/2007
"Navigating the Coastal Development Process"   12/03/2007
"The Medical Board Enforcement Process"   12/02/2007
"Congressional Ethics Reform"   12/01/2007
"Congressional Ethics Reform"   12/01/2007
Appeals Court Weighs in on Timing and Form of Relocation Claims   11/28/2007
"Use of New Technology – For Courtroom, Mediation, and Deposition"   11/28/2007
Ninth Circuit Finds Federal Agencies Must Evaluate Impacts Of Their Actions On Climate Change   11/20/2007
Supreme Court Gives Employers New Method to Reimburse Employees   11/20/2007
CMS Delays Stark "Stand in the Shoes" Provisions for Academic Medical Centers and Non-Profits   11/20/2007
"Traffic Travails"   11/16/2007
"Nutrient Numeric Endpoint Development"   11/15/2007
"New Developments in Employment Law: Are You Making the Right Moves in 2008?"   11/15/2007
"Stand in the Shoes" Rule Delayed for One Year   11/13/2007
"Welcome to the World of Record Management and ESI"   11/13/2007
"California Supreme Court Employment Law Decisions 2008"   11/08/2007
"MS4 Storm Water Permits Update"   11/05/2007
"How Transportation Will Meet the Air Quality & Climate Change Challenges"   11/05/2007
"Role of Bylaws"   11/03/2007
"US PPPs: What Flavor Do You Want?"   11/02/2007
"Castaic Lake Water Agency v. Whittaker Corporation, the $100 million Contamination Settlement"   11/02/2007
"Watermasters"   11/02/2007
"TRIPLL, AMPLL and Beyond: My Experience as an Attendee and Council Member"   11/01/2007
"Global Warming and Land Use Issues: Avoiding Lawsuits While Preparing for the Future"   11/01/2007
"Independant Contractors"   11/01/2007
"Family Leave Values in the Work Place"   11/01/2007
Court of Appeal Decision Helps Close Loophole in Eminent Domain Law   10/31/2007
"The Disruptive Physician...or Misdirected Energy"   10/29/2007
"Renewing California's Infrastructure: Finding a Way Forward, Enabling Legislation in California"   10/26/2007
"Financing Tribal Energy Projects"   10/23/2007
What Internal Documents Are Protected From Discovery By The Attorney Client Privilege?   10/22/2007
"HR Challenge - Reduce Risk & Manage Electronic Data"   10/18/2007
"Navigating the FMLA and CFRA: A Practical Guide For Compliance"   10/17/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships – A Strategy to Rebuild California"   10/17/2007
Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Proposed Rule to Revise Invalidated Critical Habitat for Peninsular Bighorn Sheep   10/16/2007
Pay for Call? The OIG Speaks   10/11/2007
Court Finds County Liable For Failing To Direct A Community Water System To Notify Its Customers Of Contamination   10/02/2007
"Public Policy Shields Engineer and Contractor from Tort Liability for Pipeline Failure"   10/01/2007
"Owner, Design Professional, and Construction Manager Conduct Giving Rise to Civil False Claims Act Liability"   10/01/2007
"Bridging Documents: How Do They Alter Liability of Design-Build Participants?" and "Owner's Integration of a Specialty Contractor/Supplier in a Design-Build Project"   10/01/2007
"Ethics and Anti-Trust"   10/01/2007
Feds Do Stark, Again: "Phase III"   09/26/2007
Court of Appeal Decides That Some Insurers Need Not Fund Settlements - "Judgment" Required   09/26/2007
"Ethical Issues In-House Lawyers: Traps for the Unwary"   09/26/2007
"Climate Change and the Impact on Land Development"   09/20/2007
"Ethical Dilemmas Facing In-House Counsel in Light of Sarbanes-Oxley and Other Recent Developments"   09/20/2007
"Water Supplies, Urban Water Management Plans and CEQA"   09/20/2007
"Competitive Edge"   09/19/2007
"PPPs: Decisions on Ownership and Project Delivery"   09/18/2007
Court Holds That Developers Building Affordable and/or Senior Citizen Housing May Be Awarded Density Bonuses dIncentives in Excess of the Statutory Minimum   09/17/2007
California Supreme Court Places Further Restrictions on Employment Arbitration   09/14/2007
"How PPPs Can Create Project Efficiencies"   09/12/2007
"Dealing with Difficult Physician Performance Behavior Issues"   09/10/2007
Appellate Court Issues Victory For Water Suppliers   09/06/2007
"District Court Holds that the Service must Address Global Climate Change"   09/01/2007
"District Court Upholds No Surprises and Permit Revocation Rules"   09/01/2007
Court Upholds Key Endangered Species Act Regulations that Promote Habitat Conservation Planning   08/30/2007
"Overview of Options for Innovative Project Delivery"   08/27/2007
"The Mitigation Rule: What You Need to Know"   08/24/2007
"The View - Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   08/20/2007
"The View - Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   08/20/2007
Court of Appeal Clarifies "Rough Proportionality" Test for Dedications and Impact Fees Imposed on Developers   08/20/2007
In the Post-Kelo Eminent Domain War, Public Agencies Win Battle Concerning Valuation of Property Subject to Potential Dedication Requirement   08/17/2007
"Directors & Officers and Employed Lawyers Liability Insurance: Your 2007 Guide to More Comprehensive Coverage"   08/17/2007
FHWA Issues Final Rule Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships   08/16/2007
FEHC's Regulations for Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Education Have Finally Been Approved   08/15/2007
Countersuits May Be Lined with Silver   08/15/2007
California Court of Appeal Approves of New Method to Value Business Goodwill in Eminent Domain Cases   08/09/2007
"Case Law and Legislative Update, Subdivision Map Act and Special Land Use Issues"   08/07/2007
New Law Affects Foreign Investment in US "Critical Infrastructure"   08/01/2007
"Timeshares and the Public Trust"   08/01/2007
California Supreme Court Seeks to Clarify Roles of Judge and Jury in Eminent Domain Cases   07/31/2007
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Greatly Expands Potential Medicare Reimbursement Appeals   07/31/2007
"Your Liability Policies – Air Bag or Hot Air?"   07/25/2007
"Activists Propose Drastic Expansion of Species Act to Regulate Air Emissions"   07/13/2007
"Managing Disruptive Physicians"   07/10/2007
"Ethics of the Deal"   07/09/2007
"Ruling Puts Contamination Law Back on Track"   07/05/2007
"Design-Build Contracts and Risk Management"   07/01/2007
"Federal and State Election Laws and Interaction with Lobbying Activities"   07/01/2007
"House and Senate Ethics Reform"   07/01/2007
"Federal Ethics and Gift Rules"   07/01/2007
"Overview of States With Significant Transportation Public-Private Partnership Authority"   06/30/2007
Preventing the Cascade: Defending Healthcare Professionals Against Allegations Of Professional Misconduct   06/28/2007
"Comprehensive Development Agreements in Texas"   06/27/2007
"Litigation and Emerging Contaminants"   06/26/2007
"The ESA 'Conservation' Standard: The Impact of Recent Decisions on Habitat Conservation Plans and Section 7 Consultations"   06/25/2007
"The Supreme Court's Defenders of Wildlife Decision"   06/25/2007
"ESA and CEQA Developments"   06/25/2007
"Real Estate Development From Beginning to End: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Water Quality, Wetlands and Endangered Species Regulations"   06/22/2007
U.S. Supreme Court Decides Time Limit For Filing Claim Of Discriminatory Salary Pattern   06/21/2007
Court of Appeal Upholds Eminent Domain Law's Special Legal-Issues Motion Procedure   06/19/2007
"General Construction Permit Update"   06/19/2007
"Climate Change and the Practice of Environmental Law"   06/15/2007
Supreme Court Affirms That Parties That Clean Up Contamination Can Recover Costs From Polluters   06/11/2007
"Developments in Employment Law"   06/08/2007
"Climate Change Litigation"   06/08/2007
Corps and EPA Issue, Seek Comment On, Post-Rapanos Guidance   06/06/2007
"Managing the Minefield - Employee Discipline and Termination"   06/06/2007
"Use of New Technology"   06/05/2007
"Sexual Harassment Training"   06/05/2007
"How to Defease a Loan on Schedule and Avoid Future Liability"   06/04/2007
"Hot Topics in Water Quality"   06/02/2007
"The Ninth Circuit Fills Two Gaps in ESA and Critical Habitat Jurisprudence"   06/01/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships: Recent Developments in the US Transportation Sector"   06/01/2007
"The View From South Davis"   06/01/2007
"The Ninth Circuit Fills Two Gaps in ESA and Critical Habitat Jurisprudence"   06/01/2007
"Groundwater Contamination: The Perchlorate Wars"   06/01/2007
Federal District Court Decides That Fish And Wildlife Service Violated Endangered Species Act By Failing To Address Climate Change During Section 7 Consultation   05/30/2007
"Find it Free & Fast on the Net: Finding Free Legal Research Sites & Free Case Law"   05/17/2007
"Legal Update: Privacy in the Workplace"   05/17/2007
"Design-Build for Wastewater Projects: Legal Requirements and Limitations"   05/15/2007
"Effectively Integrating Public Funds into Transportation PPP Projects"   05/11/2007
"Electronically Stored Information: How To Avoid the Risk"   05/10/2007
"Telecommuting"   05/10/2007
"On-Reservation Environmental Issues"   05/10/2007
"Opportunities in Emerging Toll Road PPP Initiatives"   05/10/2007
"Risk Allocation and Bankability"   05/09/2007
"The Role & Benefits of Performance Specifications"   05/09/2007
Medical Staff Disciplinary Proceedings Protected by Court of Appeal Rejection of Trial Court Efforts to "Micromanage"   05/04/2007
Castaic Lake Water Agency and Newhall County Water District Approve Bermite Settlement   05/03/2007
"Legislative Report"   05/01/2007
"Regulatory Update"   05/01/2007
"Comparison of Federal and State Laws and Joint Commission Standards Applying to Medical Staffs"   05/01/2007
"Pitfalls and Must-Haves When Hiring Independent Contractors"   05/01/2007
"Pitfalls and Must-Haves When Hiring Independent Contractors"   05/01/2007
Wachovia Bank Case May Limit States' Role in Subprime Lending Fallout for National Banks   04/30/2007
"Why Do Performance Evaulations?"   04/30/2007
Pollution Loss Allocation and Other Insurance Coverage Issues Before CA Supreme Court   04/26/2007
Supreme Court Affirms Authority Under Proposition 35 For Public Agencies to Contract With Private Entities for Design and Engineering Services   04/26/2007
"Big Brother is Watching ... and Being Watched -- Evidence Obtained Through Employee Surveillance"   04/25/2007
"Current Issues Relating to Regulations Defining Screening and Treatment Mandates"   04/25/2007
"Ports, Tunnels and Hurricanes – Managing Risk on the Port of Miami Tunnel Project"   04/20/2007
"Private Activity Bonds: The Latest Addition to the PPP Toolbox"   04/20/2007
California Supreme Court Rules on Compensation for Missed Meal and Rest Breaks; Ruling Favors Employees   04/19/2007
"Clearing Up Confusion in the Marketplace: Difference Between Asset Leases vs. Development Concessions"   04/18/2007
"Draft State Construction Activity Permit and the new Municipal Permits"   04/18/2007
"Realistic Risk Allocation and Management on Major Transportation Projects: A Frank Debate"   04/18/2007
"Public-Private Partnership Forum"   04/18/2007
Supreme Court To Hear Important CERCLA Cost Recovery Case   04/13/2007
"Emerging Issues in Handling Cases Before the Medical Board of California"   04/13/2007
"Hot Issues in Administrative Law"   04/13/2007
EEOC Issues Guidance for Health Care Workers and the Americans with Disabilities Act   04/12/2007
Ninth Circuit Affirms Lower Court Decision to Invalidate Biological Opinion for Management of the Columbia River System   04/10/2007
Court Rules That Water Right Restrictions To Protect Fish Habitat Did Not Constitute A Taking   04/05/2007
"Researching Expert Witnesses: Be Not Afriad"   04/02/2007
"A New Vision for the 21st Century"   04/01/2007
"NEPA and Permit Streamlining: The Quest for the Holy Grail"   03/30/2007
"Residential Use on Tidelands"   03/26/2007
When Your Merger Generates a Lawsuit, the Path to Coverage May Be Straighter than You Think   03/22/2007
The Training Must Go On! Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Reminder & Update   03/21/2007
"Staying Ahead of the Curve: Updating the Project Schedule"   03/21/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships"   03/21/2007
Rules Changing for Clean Water Act Section 404 Nationwide Permits   03/15/2007
"Proposed MS4 Permit in Ventura County"   03/15/2007
State Water Resources Control Board Releases Draft General Construction Permit – Proposes Incorporation of Numeric Effluent Limits, Action Levels and Hydromodification Control Requirements   03/06/2007
"Planning for the Future: Land Use Legal Issues for 2007 and Beyond"   03/06/2007
Gordon Cologne Legislative Breakfast   03/06/2007
"Species Conservation on Tribal Lands"   03/01/2007
"Stipends & Payment for Work Product in Design-Build Procurements"   03/01/2007
"Business and Environmental Policy in the Federal Courts"   03/01/2007
"Annual Review of Hot Topics in Environmental and Energy Law"   03/01/2007
"PPPs: Legislative Issues"   02/26/2007
Ninth Circuit Requires Service to Quantify Take of Listed Species it Authorizes or Demonstrate Why Quantification is Impracticable   02/23/2007
Supreme Court: Public Official May Not Rely On Government Attorney’s Advice As to Conflict of Interest Rules   02/22/2007
New EMTALA Rules Affect Hospitals Without Emergency Rooms   02/21/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships Workshop"   02/21/2007
California Climate Change Statutes - Pervasive Impacts Imminent   02/20/2007
Species Conservation on Tribal Lands   02/19/2007
"Avoiding 'Health Factor' Discrimination"   02/16/2007
"Congressional Testimony: Public-Private Partnerships"   02/13/2007
California Supreme Court Strikes Down EIR Relying On Future Water Supplies   02/02/2007
California Supreme Court Strikes Down EIR Relying On Future Water Supplies   02/02/2007
"Protecting the Public Owner in Public-Private Initiatives"   01/23/2007
"Public-Private Partnerships: Public Sponsor Decisions on Ownership and Project Delivery"   01/23/2007
"Risk Allocation / Surety / Insurance Issues"   01/23/2007
FTA Adopts Final Policy Statement on Conversion of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes into High Occupancy Toll Lanes   01/19/2007
State Water Board Fee Schedule Formula Unconstitutional   01/18/2007
"Tolls, User Fees and Public-Private Partnerships: The Future of Transportation Finance"   01/17/2007
"Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Wage & Hour Law"   01/16/2007
Paid Sick Leave Required For Employees In San Francisco   01/12/2007
"Online Accessibility for Visually Impaired Consumers"   01/08/2007
"Due Diligence and the Deal"   01/08/2007
Recent Developments in Stormwater Regulation Pose a Threat to Development Industry   01/02/2007
"Beta Healthcare Model Medical Staff Bylaws"   01/01/2007
"Alternative Project Delivery, Procurement, and Contracting Methods for Highway"   01/01/2007


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