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"The Art of the Deal: Making a Case For Transactional Malpractice Just Got a Lot Easier"   12/12/2001
"T-REX rocks in Colorado"   12/01/2001
"Infrastructure Update: New Design-Build Legislation Targets School Construction"   11/26/2001
"A Critique of FHWA's Proposed Draft Design-Build Regulations"   11/01/2001
"Getting It Right: How to Structure Complex Projects to Allocate Risks and Minimize Disputes"   10/11/2001
"Utility Relocations in Design-Build Projects"   10/01/2001
"Habitat Conservation Plans: Frayed Safety Nets or Creative Conservation Partnerships?"   09/01/2001
"The City of Oakland Amends Its Payphone Permitting Ordinance"   08/25/2001
"Superfund Recycling Equity Act"   06/01/2001
"The Oakland Payphone Ordinance"   05/01/2001
"The Use of '63-20' Nonprofit Corporations in Infrastructure Facility Development"   05/01/2001
"Risk Allocation in Water/Wastewater Design-Build Projects"   05/01/2001
"Swing Sweat, Erasing Firm-Hopping Lawyers' Imputed Knowledge Leaves Clients Hanging in the Balance"   04/25/2001
"Surviving a Government Investigation. Know Your Rights!"   04/06/2001
"It's a Balancing Act"   04/01/2001
"Environmental Regulation as a Competitive Tool"   03/23/2001
"Infrastructure Update: Expanding Design-Build in California, New Design-Build Legislation Enacted"   03/01/2001
"The Invisible Web: Finding What the Search Engines Missed"   03/01/2001
"Design-Build Contracting with State and Local Agencies"   01/01/2001
"Surface Transportation: Tools in the Privatization Tool Box"   01/01/2001
"Acceleration Claims"   01/01/2001
"The 'Virtual Library:' Sources, Services and Trends"   01/01/2001


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