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Nossaman LLP

Environment and Land Use Professionals

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Weiland, Paul S. CHAIR / Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Barho, Rebecca Hays Partner Austin 512.813.7942 VCARD
Becker, Jacqui Of Counsel Seattle 206.395.7625 VCARD
Brandt-Erichsen, Svend Partner Seattle 206.395.7632 VCARD
Cheng, Crescent Associate Orange County 949.477.7653 VCARD
Clark, Stephanie N. Associate Orange County 949.477.7677 VCARD
Coffee, Mary Lynn K. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Erskine, John P. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Ferrasci-O'Malley, Brian Associate Seattle 206.395.7622 VCARD
Flynn III, John J. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Fudacz, Frederic A. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7823 VCARD
Gee, Byron P. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7843 VCARD
Gensch, Danielle Sveska Partner San Francisco 415.438.7239 VCARD
Harris, Richard C. Senior Policy Advisor Sacramento 916.930.7743 VCARD
Hon, Willis Associate San Francisco 415.438.7277 VCARD
Kaufmann, Steven H. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7875 VCARD
Klebaner, Liz Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7880 VCARD
Kuhn, Bradford B. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Kussy, Edward V.A. Partner Washington, DC 202.887.1464 VCARD
Larson, Linda R. Partner Seattle 206.395.7633 VCARD
McMillin, Diana Paralegal Orange County 949.477.7659 VCARD
Melious, Jean O. Of Counsel Seattle 360.714.1459 VCARD
Miller, David J. Associate Orange County 949.477.7638 VCARD
Neely, Bonnie Senior Policy Advisor Sacramento 916.930.7717 VCARD
Nellermoe, Leslie Partner Seattle 206.395.7620 VCARD
Neuman, Reed W. Partner Washington, DC 202.887.1480 VCARD
Oxwang, Kristen M. Paralegal Seattle 206.489.5926 VCARD
Pellman, Lloyd W. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7802 VCARD
Quarles, Steven P. Of Counsel Washington, DC 202.887.1411 VCARD
Roggenkamp, Ed Associate Washington, DC 202.887.1410 VCARD
Rubin, Benjamin Z. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Sanders, Gregory W. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Shaverdian, Artin N. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7811 VCARD
Smith, Alfred E. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7831 VCARD
Thornton, Robert D. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Wahlberg, Brooke M. Partner Austin 512.813.7941 VCARD
Wu, Katrina (Diaz) Associate Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD


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