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Nossaman LLP

Eminent Domain and Valuation Professionals

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Kuhn, Bradford B. CHAIR / Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Duran-Brown, Bernadette M. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Graeler, David Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7836 VCARD
Guess, Steven R. Staff Attorney Orange County 949.477.7649 VCARD
Hamouie, Maya Associate Los Angeles 213.612.7887 VCARD
Meeker, Jennifer L. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7863 VCARD
Mendenhall, Kristin Staff Attorney Los Angeles 213.612.7852 VCARD
Najor, Andrea A. Staff Attorney San Francisco 415.438.7214 VCARD
Nowlin McMillin, Diana Paralegal Orange County 949.477.7659 VCARD
Pellman, Lloyd W. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7802 VCARD
Pérez, Gabriela S. Associate Los Angeles 213.612.7840 VCARD
Rayl, Rick E. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Rubin, Benjamin Z. Partner Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD
Shaverdian, Artin N. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7811 VCARD
Wu, Katrina (Diaz) Associate Orange County 949.833.7800 VCARD


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