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Nossaman LLP

Corporate Professionals

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Grace, Ron S. CHAIR / Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7848 VCARD
Allison, Barney A. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7847 VCARD
Burkitt, Susan Kelly Of Counsel Los Angeles 213.612.7807 VCARD
Cho, Hana Associate Los Angeles 213.612.7889 VCARD
Costales, Marco D. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7878 VCARD
Davidson, Mari R. L. Partner San Francisco 415.438.7296 VCARD
Dover, Thomas Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7879 VCARD
Fishman, Edward J. Partner Washington, DC 202.887.1410 VCARD
Gonzaque-Taylor, Mina Paralegal Los Angeles 213.312.8362 VCARD
Jaffe, Jill N. Associate San Francisco 415.438.7275 VCARD
Jordan, Katherine Associate San Francisco 415.438.7223 VCARD
Kimport, David L. Partner San Francisco 415.438.7253 VCARD
Kojima, Yukiko Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7895 VCARD
Krause, Courtney K. Associate San Francisco 415.438.7211 VCARD
Lee, F. Gordon Of Counsel Washington, DC 202.887.1463 VCARD
Mosher, Robert D. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7832 VCARD
Oryol, Yuliya A. Partner San Francisco 415.398.3600 VCARD
Richard, Patrick J. Partner San Francisco 415.438.7278 VCARD
Schwartz, Douglas W. Partner Los Angeles 213.612.7854 VCARD
Sekaran, Raja Partner San Francisco 415.438.7205 VCARD
Spohn, Richard B. Of Counsel San Francisco 415.398.3600 VCARD
Tang, Anna Associate Los Angeles 213.612.7861 VCARD
Taufiq, Aalia Associate San Francisco 415.438.7254 VCARD
Taylor, Stanley S. Partner San Francisco 415.438.7224 VCARD


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