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"Update Regarding State Wetlands Regulation"   11/28/2017
"Managing Legal Issues with Bankrupt Tenants"   11/08/2017
"Different Sides/Different Perspectives – Review of Topical False Claims Act Healthcare Cases"   11/03/2017
"A Technical Dissection of the Water Rights Lawsuit"   08/18/2017
"Endangered Species Act Developments"   08/03/2017
"Environmental Fundamentals"   07/23/2017
"Mitigation policies and HCP handbook update"   06/28/2017
"When 21st Century Innovations Meet a 20th Century Legal Framework: Issue Spotting for the Healthcare Lawyer"   06/27/2017
"The Art of Easements: Crafting an Easement that is Just Right"   06/13/2017
"Legal Update: MBC Guidelines, Case Law, & Legislation"   05/24/2017
"ESA Policy and Practice"   05/11/2017
"Regulation-Proof Airport Investment: Leveraging the Federal Infrastructure Paradigm Change"   05/10/2017
"Settlement Techniques for Eminent Domain Litigation: Money Isn't Everything"   04/25/2017
"Public-Private Partnerships: The New Paradigm"   04/20/2017
"Corporate Fraud"   03/22/2017
"War Stories and Practical Solutions Around Managing Risk"   02/24/2017
"Open Records Laws, ILPA Reporting Template and New Fee Disclosure Regulations"   02/22/2017
"All You (as In-House Attorney for a Public Retirement System) Ever Wanted to Know About Fiduciary Principles"   02/22/2017
"Conflicts of Interest"   02/21/2017
"Alternative Investments New Disclosure Legislation"   02/03/2017
"Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) for Social Infrastructure"   01/30/2017
"Are Reasonable Attorney Fees a Constitutional Requirement?"   01/26/2017
"Design Build Finance Operate Maintain P3s - Basic Characteristics"   01/20/2017


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