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"Amending Federal State Agreements and Regulations"   12/01/2014
"Comparing P3 Models: Which Is Best for Taxpayers?"   11/17/2014
"Passenger Rail on Freight: Recent and Pending Cases Changing the Legal Landscape"   10/28/2014
"Dodging Bullets at the O.K. Corral: How to Investigate and Resolve the Many Issues that Arise in a Questionable Jewelry Loss Without Resorting to Cowgirl Tactics or Litigation"   10/24/2014
Best Practices in Corporate Political Activity   10/13/2014
West Coast Ambulatory Surgery Center Seminar: Preparing Your ASC For Sale   10/02/2014
The Proposed Wetlands Rule: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly   10/02/2014
"2014 State Government Affairs"   10/01/2014
"Real Estate Investments"   10/01/2014
California High Speed Rail Authority: Advancing Sustainable Design   09/30/2014
"The Hatch Act"   09/18/2014
Guidelines for State Government Affairs Personnel Interfacing with Public Officials   09/08/2014
The Staying Power of the Status Quo – The Challenge to Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession   09/06/2014
Guidelines for Interfacing with Federal Elected & Appointed Officials   08/22/2014
AB1234 Ethics Training For Public Fund Trustees   08/06/2014
"The Value Proposition of P3s: The State DOT Perspective"   07/28/2014
Travelers Webinar: Employment Discrimination & Retaliation: Insuring, Managing, and Preventing Claims   07/24/2014
Funding Policies: Navigating an ARC-less Sea   06/25/2014
"The Extending Reach of P3s Newest Adopters"   06/17/2014
"Panel Discussion: TIFIA and a New Transportation Bill: Funding Needs for the P3 Industry"   06/17/2014
"Chromium 6 Standard: Too Low, Too High or Just Right"?   06/12/2014
Clean Water Act Permits for Public Water System Discharges   05/29/2014
"P3s in California"   05/16/2014
Winning on Direct and Cross Examination   05/16/2014
When We Need It Now – Multi Parcel Acquisition Programs   05/15/2014
"The Role and Function of the Physicians' Well-Being Committee"   05/08/2014
Water Quality Challenges During a Time of Drought   05/08/2014
"Hot Topics: Alternative Investments"   05/07/2014
"The Transportation PPP Market & MAP-21"   05/07/2014
Alternative Delivery Panel   04/08/2014
"21st Century Infrastructure and PPP Innovation for a Resilient Economy"   04/03/2014
"Value for Money Analysis: Choosing the Best Project Delivery Method"   03/20/2014
"General Session - California High-Speed Rail"   03/20/2014
"Latina History Day Conference"   03/14/2014
"Off the Record" Roundtable: Corporate Trade Association Prior Approval   03/12/2014
"Corporate Fraud"   03/04/2014
"Political Intelligence - Get the Facts"   02/28/2014
A Comprehensive Look at Organizational Conflicts of Interest- Rules that the Lawyer Representing Governmental Agencies and Governmental Officials Should Know   02/25/2014
"Sorting Through the Muddle, The Health Benefit Exchange"   02/12/2014
"California's Net Energy Metering Program: Challenges and Opportunities"   01/23/2014
"The Contract Documents: Whose Project is it Anyway?"   01/23/2014
"The Contract Documents: Whose Project is it Anyway?"   01/23/2014
State PAC Compliance Issues   01/10/2014


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