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"Rethinking Infrastructure Delivery"   11/23/2012
"Federal Tolling Law Under MAP-21"   11/18/2012
"LEED Due Diligence - Risks and Rewards"   11/15/2012
"Post Election Outlook and the Transportation Agenda"   11/09/2012
"California Pension Reform and Other Pension Developments"   11/08/2012
"2012 Post-Election Webinars: What do the results of the elections mean to you?" - Morning Webinar   11/08/2012
"2012 Post-Election Webinars: What do the results of the elections mean to you?" - Afternoon Webinar   11/08/2012
"Alternatives for Development and Incorporation of TMDLs in NPDES Permits Proposed San Diego Creek Selenium TMDL"   11/05/2012
"Innovative Public Procurement in Virginia: The Current State of Design Build and P3"   11/02/2012
"Perils in Prejudgment Possession: From Impasse to Construction"   11/02/2012
"Government Subpoenas (and other Requests) and Health Privacy Considerations"   10/24/2012
"Roads, The Presidio Parkway Project"   10/18/2012
"The Future of Medical Staffs in the Era of Healthcare Reform"   10/12/2012
"STB's Shared Use Dispute Authority and Implications for Passenger and Freight Rail"   10/10/2012
"Key Issues at the Federal Level Affecting P3s"   10/10/2012
"Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation: The Law and Updates"   10/04/2012
"Public Records Act Requests and Pending Litigation"   10/04/2012
"California Public-Private Partnership Authority"   09/27/2012
"Got Work?"   09/25/2012
"When City Hall Moves to the Bankruptcy Courthouse (Chapter 9 and AB 506)"   09/14/2012
"Creative Solutions to Infrastructure Issues"   09/12/2012
"Law Librarian Coffee Talk"   09/01/2012
"How to Manage E-Discovery Without a Litigation Support Department"   08/30/2012
"California Environmental Quality Act"   08/02/2012
MAP-21 - Meaningful Reforms and Practical Implications   07/19/2012
"Limiting Remediation Liability and Shifting Costs to Others: Legal and Strategic Considerations"   07/16/2012
"The Legislative Landscape and Its Implications for the Transportation Sector"   06/14/2012
"Water and Climate Change in the Southwest"   06/13/2012
"Investment Vehicles, Exit Strategies & Trends"   06/08/2012
"Planning For Your Liquidity Event"   06/04/2012
"Sealing the Deal in Uncertain Times"   05/24/2012
"Pushing P3 Projects Ahead: Federal and State Departments of Transportation Discuss What Opportunities Are Available in the West"   05/22/2012
"Regulatory and Legislative Developments Affecting the Railroad Industry"   05/22/2012
"Running a Culturally, Ethically, and Financially Competent Campaign"   05/20/2012
"Going Forward Without a CRA"   05/20/2012
"Political Strategy Forum: Legal Rules and Strategies"   05/16/2012
"Section 469 -- Passive Activity Loss and Credit Rules 25 Years Later - Trends and Recent Developments"   05/11/2012
"Today's Rail Transportation Environment"   05/08/2012
"Determining 'Material Participation' By a Trust Under the New Medicare Contribution Tax"   05/07/2012
"Do's & Don'ts for Elected Officials"   05/05/2012
"Decommissioning a Dam: Case Study"   05/04/2012
"Stay Ahead: Nossaman 2012 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar - Part 2"   05/03/2012
"Fiduciaries' Attorney Fees - What You Need to Know"   04/28/2012
"Exhibits That Work: Technology v. Traditional"   04/27/2012
"P3 201: Moving Beyond the Basics of Public-Private Partnerships"   04/27/2012
"Lessons Learned Forum"   04/27/2012
"Stay Ahead: Nossaman 2012 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar - Part 1"   04/26/2012
"Multi-Parcel Acquisitions & Case Studies"   04/24/2012
"Litigating Fair Labor Standards Act"   04/19/2012
"Managing Outside Counsel Within Budget"   04/19/2012
Political Activity Legal Issues   04/19/2012
"Not Just Another End of Redevelopment Story"   04/18/2012
"Equity Investment in California Transportation: Legal Foundation and Limitations"   04/05/2012
Ethics for Public Officials   03/28/2012
"Public Private Partnerships: Making P3 Transportation Projects Work in Southern California"   03/21/2012
"Everything You Need to Know About Appraisals for Litigation"   03/21/2012
"Planning for Higher Income, Estate, and Medicare Taxes After the 2012 Elections"   03/20/2012
"Pending Regulatory and Legislative Matters Affecting the Transportation Sector"   03/15/2012
"Projects Showcase - Where Will the Next Deals Originate From?"   03/13/2012
"Innovative Finance Strategies for Highways, Rail, Transit, Aviation, and Water Infrastructure"   02/27/2012
"HR Essentials: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls"   02/03/2012
Acting on the Basis of Actuarial Assumption Recommendations   01/27/2012
"Demystifying Best Value in Project Procurement"   01/25/2012
"Exploring the Roots of Section 4(f) of Department of Transportation Act and Citizens to Preserve Overton Park v Volpe: Discussion by Those Who Made it Happen"   01/24/2012
"Latest Developments in Public-Private Partnerships"   01/23/2012
"NEPA Overview - Regulations and Cases"   01/23/2012
"Federal Environmental Streamlining - NEPA, CEQA and the Economy"   01/23/2012
"Supreme Court Upholds Elimination of Redevelopment in California - Now What?"   01/11/2012
"Legal Counsel's Overview of the Role and Function of the Physician Well-Being Committees of Hospital Medical Staffs"   01/07/2012
"Supreme Court Upholds Elimination of Redevelopment in California - Now What?"   01/04/2012


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