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"Best Practices: FCPA Challenges for Korean Companies Doing Business in US - Dos & Don'ts"   12/02/2011
"'Super PACs' and the Changing Environment"   11/30/2011
"Management Tools for Litigation Support, Running Your Department Like a Business"   11/30/2011
"Overview of the Economic and Policy Landscape for Transportation Project Financing"   11/14/2011
"Expert Engagement Contract Overview Strategies for Larger Acquisition Valuation Assignments"   11/10/2011
"State Public Policy Law Compliance"   11/06/2011
"Design-Build Procurement Workshop"   11/04/2011
"Performance Based Infrastructure and the Design-Build Process: The Long Beach Courthouse Project"   11/01/2011
"Would NRD Practice Benefit From More Standardization?"   10/26/2011
"The Death (and Rebirth?) of Redevelopment"   10/25/2011
"Successful Teaming: Turning Sticks & Stones into Bricks & Mortar"   10/21/2011
"Hearing on National Infrastructure Bank: More Bureaucracy & More Red Tape"   10/12/2011
"Redefinition of Federal Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: What Are 'Wetlands' Now?"   10/05/2011
Overview of Disability Retirement   09/27/2011
"Groundwater Contamination"   09/23/2011
New GASB 25 and 27 Provisions   09/16/2011
"TJC MS.01.01.01 Medical Staff Bylaws Requirements"   08/10/2011
"Emerging Employment Issues"   07/28/2011
"Understanding Health Plan Regulation in the 2011 California Marketplace"   07/25/2011
"Ethics Session: Subjects to be Addressed in Agency Ethics Codes and Social Media Issues for Attorneys"   07/20/2011
"50 Years of TRB Workshops - The Legacy of Citizens to Preserve Overton Park v. Volpe"   07/17/2011
"2011 Environmental Legal Update: What's New and What It Means to You"   06/09/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships"   05/17/2011
Ethics Training   05/10/2011
"Joint Venture Public and Private Partnerships"   04/20/2011
"Segregating Campaign and Official Activity; Avoiding Common Errors on Annual Financial Disclosure Statements"   04/18/2011
"Legislative Update"   04/14/2011
"Lessons Learned Forum"   03/28/2011
"US Ports and Airports – How Do P3 Investors Fit into the Equation"   03/24/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships for California Transportation Projects"   03/15/2011
"Private Sector Perspectives on Risk Management"   03/15/2011
"Stay Ahead: 2011 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/24/2011
"Stay Ahead: 2011 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/23/2011
"Federal Funding: The Case for an Expanded TIFIA Program"   02/22/2011
"Stay Ahead: 2011 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/17/2011
"Storm Water Regulation"   02/17/2011
"Stay Ahead: 2011 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/16/2011
"U.S. Immigration Policy in the 21st Century: The Landscape Today and Beyond"   02/10/2011
"The Future of Transportation Funding - The Continuing Dialogue"   01/21/2011
"Recent NEPA Developments"   01/21/2011
"Public-Private Partnerships for California Transportation"   01/20/2011
"Financing Tools Available Through Partnerships"   01/20/2011


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