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"Nossaman Hosted Three-hour CLE event in Partnership with BASF on Perry v. Schwarzenegger"   12/06/2010
"The Effective Witness, Best Practices"   11/17/2010
"Dealing with the Disruptive Physician"   11/16/2010
"101 Ways to Get Your Agency in Hot Water: Trip-Ups and Traps That Can Snag Right-of-Way Agents, Appraisers, and Lawyers, Costing their Agency Clients Time and Money – and How to Avoid Them"   11/09/2010
"Public-Private Partnerships Forum – PPP Law, Structures and Contracting"   11/04/2010
"Plan it. Protect it. Prevent it. Tips to Avoid Getting Ensnared in the Web of Increased Enforcement"   10/29/2010
"Regulatory Takings and the Effects of Guggenheim"   10/28/2010
"The Interrelationship Between Goodwill, Relocation, and Reestablishment"   10/26/2010
"Applying Innovative Financing Tools to New Highway Construction: A Tale of Two States"   10/18/2010
"The Future of Transportation Financing"   10/18/2010
"Using PPPs for High-Speed Rail Programs: Legal Issues"   10/14/2010
"Enhancing the Ability of the States to Finance Transportation Projects of National and Regional Significance: the Evolving Role of the Federal Government"   09/30/2010
"Everything You Were Never Taught About Litigation Appraisal –A Hands On Approach"   07/22/2010
"Risk Management Considerations for Long Term PPPs"   07/14/2010
Actuarial Assumptions and Employer Contribution Holidays   06/24/2010
Vested Rights and Benefit Changes   06/23/2010
"How the Push Toward Renewable Energy Sources Will Impact Eminent Domain"   06/22/2010
"What Happens to Insurance Coverage in Case of Bankruptcy?"   06/22/2010
"Work/Life Balance"   06/14/2010
"North Orange County MS4 Permit"   06/04/2010
"Selecting P3s for Procurement: Evolving from Episodic to Programmatic - US Public Sector Decision-Making"   05/20/2010
"Environmental and Land Use Legal Update: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?"   05/19/2010
"California in Crisis: How did we get here, and where are we going?"   05/13/2010
"Renewable Energy – The Shift of Power"   05/11/2010
Eminent Domain Meets Renewable Energy - When Grandma's House Gets in the Way of Windmills   05/11/2010
"Leveraging Private Capital for California's Infrastructure Needs"   05/02/2010
"Citizens United Briefing"   05/01/2010
"Is ESHA a Death Knell? Using the Law to Make Your Case for Approval"   04/30/2010
"A Tale of Two Projects: Lessons Learned from Recent Commission Approvals"   04/29/2010
"Innovative Financing for Design-Build Transportation Projects - Non-Toll Financing Alternatives"   04/22/2010
"Overview of the Texas Department of Transportation Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership Program"   04/22/2010
"Election Litigation"   04/13/2010
"Deploying 4G Networks - Jurisdictional Challenges"   03/24/2010
"California Infrastructure: Leveraging Today's Economic and Legislative Tools to Become Shovel Ready"   03/23/2010
"Citizens United v. FEC"   02/24/2010
"LID For A Rainy Day: Consequences of LID Stormwater Permit Requirements"   02/18/2010
"Perils in Prejudgment Possession: What the Changes in Prejudgment Possession Rules Mean for Project Planners and Managers, Acquisition Agents, and Appraisers"   02/11/2010
"Stay Ahead - 2010 Emerging Employment Issues Seminar"   02/10/2010
"Perils in Prejudgment Possession: What the Changes in Prejudgment Possession Rules Mean for Project Planners and Managers, Acquisition Agents, and Appraisers"   02/10/2010
"Compliance with Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA)"   01/15/2010
"What Happens to Insurance Coverage in Case of Bankruptcy?"   01/14/2010
"Public-Private Partnerships Update"   01/11/2010
"P3 Successes and Lessons Learned"   01/10/2010
"Ethics for Transportation Professionals"   01/01/2010
"American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: What Have We Learned?"   01/01/2010


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