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"Guidelines for Interfacing with Federal Elected & Appointed Officials"   12/18/2008
"Habitat Conservation Planning for Infrastructure Projects"   12/11/2008
"Coachella Valley MSHCP and Other Land Use Regulations Affecting Development in the Desert"   12/03/2008
"Guidelines for Interfacing with Elected & Appointed Officials"   12/03/2008
"A Comprehensive Introduction to California State Senate Bill 375 - The Future of Land Use Planning in California"   12/01/2008
"Availability Payments: An Alternative PPP Payment Mechanism"   11/21/2008
"Delta in Crisis"   11/20/2008
"Analyzing Climate Change Under CEQA: Introduction and Agenda"   11/14/2008
"Owner Led P3 Model"   11/12/2008
"DBIA Contracts Documents Update," and "Coyote Ridge Corrections Expansion-Anatomy of a Successful Design-Build Project"   11/01/2008
"What's New in Eminent Domain, and Why The First 30 Days Is More Likely Than Ever To Make Or Break Your Case"   10/28/2008
"From the Trenches (and Creeks, Streams, Rivers, Lakes…): Surface Water Quality Update"   10/22/2008
"Autism: Issues of Coverage and Delivery of Care"   10/21/2008
"Autism: Issues of Coverage and Delivery of Care"   10/21/2008
"Contract Risk: Making the Deal or Splitting Hairs"   10/20/2008
"Panel: Port Authorities Perspectives Part II"   10/20/2008
"Be Proactive: Avoid Falling Prey to Wage & Hour Lawsuits: Worktime"   10/08/2008
"What's New in Employee Arbitration"   10/08/2008
"Recent Developments in Arbitration of Employment Disputes"   10/07/2008
"SB 375"   10/02/2008
"Compensable Working Time – Ever Changing!"   09/18/2008
"Design-Build in California: Where We Stand"   09/16/2008
"PPP Deal Killers"   09/15/2008
"The ESA Recovery Standard and the Impact on California's Water Supply"   09/12/2008
"Public-Private Partnerships: New Initiatives for Addressing Mobility"   08/11/2008
"Property Acquisition in the Shadow of Proposition 99"   08/07/2008
"Local and National Statutory Perspective"   07/31/2008
"Workplace Addicted: The Perils and Pitfalls of E-mail"   07/23/2008
"A Dialogue about Public-Private Partnerships: Can We Bridge the Divide?"   07/18/2008
"New Guidelines and Directives for Interfacing with Federal, State and Local Elected Officials"   07/15/2008
"Implementation of the Texas Concessions Initiatives"   07/09/2008
"Public Contracts and Procurement Regulations in California"   07/09/2008
"DOT Urban Partnership Initiative: Congestion Management, Pricing Zones and Other Solutions"   07/08/2008
"2008 Employment Law Update"   07/08/2008
"Minnesota DOT Design-Build Program and I-35W Replacement Bridge"   07/07/2008
"Funding and Financing Transportation Infrastructure: The Future Role"   07/07/2008
"Peer Review Hearing Officer Training Program"   07/01/2008
"Water For a Thirsty Federal Brother? Sharing the Canteen in the East"   07/01/2008
"California - An Emerging Market for P3s?"   06/20/2008
"California's Water Woes: The Bay-Delta and Climate Change"   06/17/2008
"Transportation Public/Private Partnerships - What Works, What Doesn't"   06/17/2008
"Navigating the Coastal Development Process"   06/16/2008
"Local and National Statutory Perspective"   06/12/2008
"Current Urban Water Use Issues"   06/05/2008
"Bearing the Bad News: Handling Layoffs and Reductions in Force"   06/03/2008
"Bearing the Bad News: Handling Layoffs and Reductions in Force"   06/03/2008
"An Introduction to the CSA and CESA"   06/02/2008
"Obtaining Take Authorization in an Era of Climate Change"   06/02/2008
"Regional HCPs"   06/02/2008
"Recent Developments in ESA and CESA"   06/02/2008
"Water Wars"   06/02/2008
"New Opportunities in Transportation Infrastructure"   05/16/2008
"Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Regulations and Expanded Leave Benefits for Military Families"   05/15/2008
"Crossing New Thresholds: Innovative Pricing Strategies for Transportation"   05/15/2008
"The Evolution of Managed Lanes"   05/15/2008
"2008 Land Use Legal Update: Changing California's Landscape"   05/14/2008
"Risk Allocation & Bankability for Transportation Infrastructure Projects"   05/14/2008
"Water Supply: Turning Case Law into a CEQA Analysis"   05/12/2008
"Advanced CEQA Workshop"   05/12/2008
"Eminent Domain 101: Where Are We and What Does the Future Hold?"   05/08/2008
"Public-Private Partnerships: Managing Risks, Unlocking Rewards"   05/02/2008
"What Needs to Be Done If Toll Roads Should Be Part of California's Future?"   05/02/2008
"Congressional Ethics Reform"   05/01/2008
"Context for Project Finance" and "Procurement and Risk Allocation Issues"   04/29/2008
"Find it Free & Fast on the Net: Finding Free Legal Research Sites & Free Case Law"   04/28/2008
"MS 1.20"   04/23/2008
"Vision: Funding As It Could Be"   04/20/2008
"Beauty Contests, RFPs, and Your Best Friend's Cousin: How NOT to Choose a Lawyer (or a Prom Date)"   04/18/2008
"Risks of Environmental Litigation and Design-Build"   04/18/2008
"Differing Site Conditions and Design-Build Transportation Projects"   04/17/2008
"Planning for Strategic Change in Project Delivery Strategy"   04/17/2008
"What's New in Managed Health Care? Discount Plans? Not Really: A Quarter Century of Statutory Divination, or, the Birth of a Reg"   04/11/2008
"Fundamentals of Real Estate Acquisitions: From Contract to Closing"   04/11/2008
"Green Building 101"   04/06/2008
"Does Your Arbitration Clause Have Claws?"   04/02/2008
"A Legacy of Recycled Water Legislation"   03/26/2008
"What to Do When Attacked By a Nutrient TMDL: A Regulatory Survival Guide"   03/25/2008
"Law and Policy: Emerging Nutrient Control Measures and Their Impact on Water Reuse"   03/25/2008
"Basic Elements of a Successful P3"   03/21/2008
"Transit Funding – Risks & Opportunities"   03/20/2008
"Primer of the NEPA Statute"   03/17/2008
"Case Law Update: Recent Developments in the Court"   03/17/2008
"The Intersection of AB 32, CEQA, Land Use Planning and Industrial Land Use"   03/11/2008
"Quality as a Financial Imperative: How Can Improving Quality Also Improve Your Bottom Line?"   03/07/2008
"Case Law Update: Recent Developments in the Court"   03/06/2008
"National Environmental Policy Act: A Primer"   03/06/2008
"2008 Employment Law Update"   03/05/2008
"Political Risk Factors"   03/03/2008
"The Role of Insurance Policies and Insurance Coverage in a Successful Brownfields Development"   02/20/2008
"Regulatory Round-up"   01/28/2008
"Case Law Update"   01/22/2008
"Back to Basics: Exempt or Nonexepmt"   01/15/2008
"Ethics of the Deal: Negotiating Public-Private Partnerships"   01/14/2008
"A Perspective from the National Commission on Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing, Roundtable Discussion and Feedback Forum"   01/13/2008
"Effective Due Diligence: Evaluation of Risk Allocation in Construction Projects"   01/05/2008


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