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"Critical Habitat"   12/13/2006
"Economics of Power Generation"   12/11/2006
"Recycled Water: Are We Making Progress?"   12/07/2006
"Early Lessons Learned from Implementation of the Western Riverside Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan"   12/06/2006
"An Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships in California"   12/05/2006
"Medical Board of California Enforcement Process"   12/02/2006
"Clinical Dilemmas from the View Points of a Clinician and a Defense Attorney"   12/01/2006
"New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on 'Electronically Stored Information'"   11/29/2006
"ESA Implications for Regulated Industries"   11/16/2006
"What You Need To Know In 2007"   11/08/2006
"Employment Law: Hot Topics"   11/01/2006
"PPPs: Legislative Issues"   10/30/2006
"State DOT Considerations in Concession Decisions"   10/29/2006
"Employment Law Update - Wage & Hour, Outsourcing/Joint Employer Issues & More"   10/27/2006
"Watermasters and the Management of Adjudicated Groundwater Basins"   10/27/2006
"FHWA's Role in Public-Private Partnerships"   10/27/2006
"Groundwater Banking"   10/26/2006
"Proposition 90: A Practitioner's Perspective"   10/20/2006
"Proposition 90: Implications for Land Use and Environmental Law"   10/20/2006
"Public-Private Partnerships: Legal Issues"   10/09/2006
"Current Trends in Infrastructure: The Public Private Partnership"   10/06/2006
"Private Activity Bonds for Transportation Facilities"   10/05/2006
"The Endangered Species Act and Property Rights – Will We See Peace in Our Time?"   10/02/2006
"Economic Assessment of Design-Build Projects"   10/01/2006
"The Anderson Initiative: Will California's Eminent Domain Law Be Radically Changed?"   09/29/2006
"Prevailing Wage Requirements – Basics and Beyond"   09/28/2006
"Managing A Complex CEQA Project"   09/21/2006
"Policy and Politics, Issues Before the Legislature & the Voters"   09/21/2006
"What Strategy Will You Use If Your Company Makes a Claim and Your Insurance Company Tells You "You're Not Covered"?"   09/20/2006
"Succession Planning and the Grooming and Cross-Training of Deputies"   09/15/2006
"Zoning and Land Use in California"   09/15/2006
"A Hard Rain’s Gonna (Maybe) Fall: How the Anderson Initiative (Prop. 90) Could Radically Change Public Acquisitions"   09/13/2006
"Design-Build Contracting and Legal Concerns for the Design Professional"   09/13/2006
"Representation of Physicians Before the Medical Board of California"   09/13/2006
"Physicians' Right and Responsibilities Under California Law"   09/08/2006
"How Recent Case Law and Legislative Developments in Eminent Domain Will Impact You"   09/07/2006
"Public-Private Partnerships: Public Sponsor Decisions on Ownership and Project Delivery"   08/30/2006
"New Corridors Workshop"   08/14/2006
"Hot Topics In Environmental Law"   08/01/2006
"Legally Defensible Environmental Review Under CEQA"   07/31/2006
"Outsourcing: Avoiding The Pitfalls So An Asset Does Not Become A Liability"   07/27/2006
"Protecting the Public Owner in Public-Private Initiatives"   07/26/2006
"Navigating Day-To-Day Employment Issues"   07/12/2006
"Private Valuation, Public Validation: Emerging Public Policy Issues in Surface Transportation PPPs"   07/01/2006
"Unlocking Some of CEQA's Black Boxes"   06/27/2006
"Legally Defensible Environmental Review Under CEQA"   06/22/2006
Moderator, "'Multi-talented, Multi-tasking – Honoring USF Women Lawyers in Corporations' Challenges Facing Corporate Counsel: Perspectives from USF Women Lawyers"   06/21/2006
"Market Overview: How the US P3 Toll Road Market Developing and Thoughts on Issues Facing the Market"   06/06/2006
"What Others Can Learn From the Work of Texas DOT and Its P3 Programme"   06/01/2006
"Recent Developments in Medical Staff Bylaws; Peer Review - What's Protected and What's Not"   06/01/2006
"Navigating the Legal Maze - The Disruptive Physician"   05/18/2006
"The Shifting Spectrum of the Workplace – Violence in the CID Workplace"   05/11/2006
"Navigating the Davis Stirling Act"   05/11/2006
"Documenting Water Supplies for Large Developments: From Basics to Emerging Issues"   04/28/2006
"Action, Reaction, Overreaction? - The Kelo Fallout and The Legislative Responses"   04/27/2006
"If I Were King - The Changes I Would Make in Administrative Law"   04/26/2006
"Coachella Valley MSHCP: How Could It Affect You And Your Development Plans"   04/18/2006
"Exempt or NonExempt: That Is the Question"   04/13/2006
"Achieving Innovation Through the SEP-14/SEP-15 Process"   04/07/2006
"Groundwater Contamination, Water Supply, and CERCLA"   04/06/2006
"Public-Private Partnerships Procurement Structures and Issues"   04/05/2006
"Balancing Act: A Point/Counterpoint Debate on Risk Management in the Transportation Sector" and "Design-Build with a Three Party Agreement"   04/05/2006
"2006 Employment Law Update"   04/04/2006
"What the Public Sector Needs from PPPs"   03/24/2006
"Advanced Zoning and Land Use in California Seminar"   03/23/2006
"Regulation of Activities Affecting Endangered Species, Wetlands, and Water Quality"   03/23/2006
"Practical Tips for Infrastructure"   03/17/2006
"Water Supply and Development: SB 610 and SB 221"   03/16/2006
"Hot Topics In Land Use: New Developments in Water Supply, Water Quality Permitting and Regulations, Air Quality Regulations and the Endangered Species Act"   03/16/2006
"Recycling Water Recycling: How Does California Meet Its Goals of Recycling One Million Acre-Feet by 2010?"   03/08/2006
"Overview of Legislative and Legal Topics"   03/03/2006
"Help for Disruptive Physicians"   03/02/2006
"Subdivision Map Act and CEQA Compliance: Mechanisms for Success Under the Subdivision Map Act and How to Streamline the CEQA Process and Minimize Litigation Risks"   02/23/2006
"The Role of Capital Markets in Water Projects"   02/14/2006
"Practical Tips for Infrastructure"   02/12/2006
"Strategic Growth: Building Infrastructure Through PPPs"   02/02/2006
"An Update on Navigating the Disability Maze: Legal Developments in 2005"   01/30/2006
"California Wetlands and the ESA, Current Trends and Issues"   01/26/2006
"Advice to Owners and Proposers: How to Avoid Mistakes in the Request for Proposals Process"   01/25/2006
"Advanced Zoning and Land Use in California"   01/24/2006
"Managing Leaves of Absence: The Difficult Issues"   01/24/2006
"Capturing Equity Value Through PPP Procurements"   01/23/2006
"Recent Trends and Innovations"   01/23/2006
"Avoiding Entitlement Risk and Expediting Land Use Approvals: Mechanisms for Success Under the Planning and Zoning Law, Subdivision Map Act and Development Agreement Statute"   01/19/2006
"Intelligence v. Information: Revolutionizing Competitive Intelligence"   01/01/2006


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