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"Overcoming Legal Obstacles to PPPs"   12/08/2004
"Assessing Risk and Determining Price Reasonableness for PPVs"   12/08/2004
"Critical Path Scheduling in Construction"   11/17/2004
"Land Use and Development on Indian Tribal Lands Program"   11/16/2004
"Strategies for Managing the Unmanageable Physician"   11/12/2004
"Legislative Update"   11/05/2004
"Allegations of Perchlorate Contamination of Southern California Groundwater by Colorado Replenishment? Fact or Fiction – and Implications for Conjunctive Use Programs?"   11/05/2004
"Now What? New Managed Care Constructs for Workers' Compensation"   11/04/2004
"California Entitlements: Summary From Due Diligence to Building Permit Issuance"   11/03/2004
"SB 1325"   11/01/2004
"South El Monte Operable Unit Litigation - The Attack on the Watermaster and the San Gabriel Judgment"   10/29/2004
"Natural Treatment For Runoff and Stormwater: General Principles and a Case Study   10/29/2004
"Valuation Issues in Eminent Domain"   10/28/2004
"Energy Development Opportunities for Tribes‑Business and Regulatory Challenges"   10/24/2004
"Physicians Impaired by Substance Abuse and the Law – Confidentiality of Treatment and the Medical Board of California"   10/22/2004
"Rail: The Cure for Congested Airports"   09/14/2004
"Physician Health and Well-Being Issues and Challenges"   08/27/2004
"Perchlorate: Cold War Rocket Fuel Launches Modern Day Water Wars"   08/19/2004
"Separation Anxiety - What In House Counsel Needs to Know When the Employee Leaves to Join or Become a Competitor"   08/18/2004
"Comprehensive Development Agreements: A Tool in the Toolbox for Delivering New Transportation and Technologies"   08/12/2004
"Lessons to be Learned from the Tropicana Shopping Center, San Jose Parking and Other Recent Redevelopment Cases"   08/11/2004
"Experts Need Your Expertise: Representing the Scientific Expert"   08/07/2004
"Privatization of Infrastructure and Governmental Services - The U.S. Model"   08/01/2004
"Advance Healthcare Directives"   08/01/2004
"Assembling a Plan of Finance: The Legal and Institutional Framework"   07/22/2004
"Design-Build Authority for Utility Projects in California"   07/14/2004
"Overview of Pending and Current Legislation: Legal Issues"   06/23/2004
"Challenges To The Right To Take: Theories and Practice"   06/14/2004
"How to Manage the Unmanageable Physician - Views on Dealing with Disruptive Physicians and Behavioral Contracts from both the Medical Staff and Physician Perspectives"   06/11/2004
"Bankruptcy Law and Practice"   06/09/2004
"Risk Allocation and Performance Outcomes in Highway Procurements: A Comparison of the UK and US Experience"   05/18/2004
"Risk Allocation and Performance Outcomes in Highway Procurements: A Comparison of the UK and US Experience"   05/18/2004
"Professionalism in the Workplace: Sexual Harassment Prevention"   05/12/2004
"Hard Work: Labor Relations in Contemporary Guatemala"   04/24/2004
"Annual Review of Hot Topics in Environmental and Energy Law"   04/24/2004
"Smooth Landings and Rough Roads: Allocating and Managing Risks on Major Transportation Projects"   04/22/2004
"Perchlorates: How Rocket Fuel has Launched the Next Generation of Litigation"   04/01/2004
"How to Handle a Government Investigation"   03/04/2004
"Truck Tollways"   01/13/2004
"Hospital Assistance with Malpractice Insurance Crisis"   01/01/2004
"Model Medical Staff Bylaws"   01/01/2004


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