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"AB 334: California's new law regulating water softeners"   12/08/2003
"Partnerships in Transportation Workshop"   12/08/2003
"Systematic Risk Allocation and Incentives/Disincentives to Manage Costs of Design-Build Projects"   11/13/2003
"Real Estate Development in the Canyon Areas"   10/28/2003
"Comprehensive Development Agreements: A New Approach to Developing Turnpike Projects and Corridor Facilities"   10/21/2003
"Land Acquisition Pitfalls – Due Diligence for Development"   09/25/2003
"Toll Revenue Project Financing: The Driver of Procurement and Contracting Strategies"   09/05/2003
"Design-Build Liability"   06/27/2003
"Development of Utilities on Indian Reservations"   06/25/2003
"Prosecuting and Defending Endangered Species Act Litigation"   06/23/2003
"Navigating the Entitlement Maze: From Due Diligence to Sticks in the Air, Twelve Key Steps"   06/19/2003
"Innovative Financing Techniques In High Speed Rail Projects and the Role of the Private Operator"   05/14/2003
"Effectively Transferring Design Responsibility (and Liability) to Design-Builders"   03/02/2003
"Trouble with the Government: Defending a Client in an Investigation or Accusation Proceeding"   01/16/2003
"Making Design-Build Legislation Pay Off for the Public"   01/01/2003


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