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Date Title Attorneys Blurb
  04/11/2008 Fundamentals of Real Estate Acquisitions: From Contract to Closing
Holiday Inn - Santa Ana, CA
Karla MacCary     
  09/25/2015 Fiduciaries' Forum
Le Méridien, San Francisco, CA
Ashley Dunning, Yuliya Oryol, David Kimport, John Kennedy, Danielle Gensch, Corey Boock, E. George Joseph, Karla MacCary     
  10/16/2018 Due Diligence in Public Real Estate Transactions
Karla MacCary, Elinor Eizdi     
  09/04/2019 Nossaman's 2019 Public Pensions and Investments Fiduciaries' Forum
Claremont Club & Spa | Berkeley, CA
Ashley Dunning, Yuliya Oryol, Peter Mixon, Douglas Schwartz, David Kimport, Karla MacCary, Thomas Dover, James Vorhis, Courtney Krause, Katherine Jordan  "Evolving Demands on Public Plan Fiduciaries"   


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