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Did You Know…Security Time Is Not Compensable Time   12/31/2014
Did You Know…Sony Faces Class Action Lawsuit by Former Employees Over Data Breach   12/19/2014
Another Reason to Review Government Vendor Agreements: Government Agencies Can Be Held Liable for Patent Infringement Claims   12/08/2014
Ninth Circuit Lifts the Veil: Explains How to Comply With Endangered Species Act 60-Day Notice Requirement   11/25/2014
Did You Know…Cybersecurity Made More Complicated by the NLRB   11/25/2014
Opponents of Arena Project Foul Out   11/24/2014
The Secret Is Out: The Documentary Transfer Tax Will Now Be Part of Public Record   11/13/2014
Utah Court Bucks the Trend: Holds Congress Lacks Power to Regulate Intrastate Species on Private Land   11/10/2014
Sold Only an Interest in Your Property? Get Ready To Pay More Tax   10/10/2014
CEQA Reform in the Courts – Public Agency Can Recover Costs Despite Petitioner's Election   09/22/2014
Environmental Review Required for Subdivision Map Approvals   09/16/2014
Did You Know…Bill Mandating Paid Sick Leave Signed By Governor   09/11/2014
Did You Know…California Supreme Court Rules – No Franchisor Vicarious Liability   09/11/2014
Legislature Passes Historic Groundwater Management Act   09/08/2014
FTA Publishes Guidance on Joint Development   09/04/2014
Did You Know...Ninth Circuit Holds That FedEx Drivers Are Employees — Not Independent Contractors   09/03/2014
More Reasons for Employers to "DISLIKE" Facebook   08/27/2014
Court Provides Guidelines on Valuing Natural Resources in Eminent Domain Proceedings   08/25/2014
Fifth Circuit Holds that the Army Corps of Engineers' Jurisdictional Determination Does Not Constitute a Reviewable "Final Agency Action"   08/13/2014
California Supreme Court Holds No CEQA Review Required for a Voter Initiative-Sponsored Ordinance   08/12/2014
Ideas Can Be Subject to Trade Secret Protection   07/22/2014
State and Local Communities Respond to Crude-by-Rail Safety Issue   07/22/2014
Did You Know…California Supreme Court Holds That a Challenge to Independent Contractor Status Is Class Certifiable   07/16/2014
The Patentability Exclusion for "Abstract Ideas" is Even More Abstract Post-Alice   07/15/2014
The Surprising Truth about Hobby Lobby's Effect in California   07/03/2014
Did You Know…California Supreme Court Holds Undocumented Workers Are Not Barred From All Relief   06/30/2014
Did You Know…California Supreme Court Approves Class-Action Waivers, But Disapproves PAGA Representative Claim Waivers   06/24/2014
Supreme Court Strikes Part of EPA Rule Regulating Greenhouse Gases, Affirms Balance of Rule   06/23/2014
Did You Know…Compelled Public Employee Testimony May Be Protected By the First Amendment   06/23/2014
Did You Know…California Supreme Court Issues Favorable Decision for Employers in Duran v. U.S. Bank   06/16/2014
New Non-profit Donor Disclosure Takes Effect July 1, 2014 for California Elections   06/12/2014
Fifth District Says Show Me the Health Impacts, Not Just the Numbers   05/30/2014
Industry Takes Steps to Address Safety of Crude Oil Shipments   05/30/2014
The Ever-Changing Landscape of Employment Law: 2014 and Beyond   05/19/2014
Proposed Critical Habitat Rules Expand Reach of Critical Habitat Protections Under the Endangered Species Act   05/13/2014
What Every California Commercial Building Owner Needs to Know About the Impact of Contract Dates on Reporting Requirements Under AB 1103   05/09/2014
DOT Issues Emergency Order on Bakken Crude Oil Shipments   05/08/2014
California Supreme Court to Determine Whether "Delay For Pay" Settlements in Patent Disputes Violate the Antitrust Provisions of The Cartwright Act   04/29/2014
Shippers and Railroads Express Differing Views Over Tank Car Requirements for Crude Oil by Rail at NTSB Forum   04/28/2014
En Banc Ninth Circuit Holds ESA Consultation Requirement Applies to Renewal of Long-Term Water Contracts   04/18/2014
Hexavalent Chromium: Is the Maximum Contaminant Level a Done Deal?   04/16/2014
$360 million Available in Grant Funding for   04/16/2014
EPA Asks STB to Resolve Preemption Question   04/10/2014
City Fails to Adequately Mitigate "Urban Decay" and Energy Impacts of Big Box Retail Project   04/04/2014
Seventh Circuit Restricts the Reach of U.S. Antitrust Laws on Foreign Component Manufacturers   04/02/2014
Court of Appeal Says Communications on Personal Communicating Devices are Exempt from Disclosure under Public Records Act   03/31/2014
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Issues Draft Rule To Regulate Duties And Responsibilities Of Municipal Advisors   03/31/2014
Did You Know…Depression Does Not Automatically Qualify An Employee For FMLA Leave   03/24/2014
Precondemnation "Right of Entry" Statutes Challenged as Unconstitutional Takings   03/21/2014
2013 Eminent Domain Year in Review & 2014 Forecast   03/20/2014
Ninth Circuit Says Film Actor Has Copyright In Performance   03/19/2014
Did You Know…Background Checks – Buyer [Employer] Beware!   03/18/2014
What Every California LLC Needs To Know About California's New Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act   03/17/2014
Did You Know…New Informal Guidance From EEOC & FTC On Background Checks   03/14/2014
Rails-to-Trails Decision: Supreme Court Holds that Government Does Not Retain Reversionary Interest   03/12/2014
Did You Know…San Francisco "Bans the Box": Are Your Job Applications Up to Snuff?   03/12/2014
Did You Know…Update On California Family Rights Act (CFRA) – Proposed Pending Amendments   03/10/2014
Did You Know…An $80,000 Facebook Post Costs $80,000   03/06/2014
The Fahlen Floodgates: Straight Talk about Two-Track Peer Review   02/25/2014
$5 Billion Honolulu Rail Transit Project Gets Green Light   02/18/2014
Motorola Loses Antitrust Claims Based on Foreign Purchases   02/14/2014
The Hearsay Rule Matters in California Public Utilities Commission Proceedings   02/10/2014
Ninth Circuit Denies Rehearing of Clean Air Act Suit and War of Words Ensues   02/07/2014
Securities and Exchange Commission's New Municipal Advisor Rules Clarify Requirements for Banks   02/05/2014
Ninth Circuit Finds Environmental Document for Chukchi Sea Lease Sale Violates NEPA   02/03/2014
When a "Date Certain" for a Chromium 6 MCL isn't Exactly Certain   01/30/2014
Government Need Not Satisfy Nexus and Proportionality Tests if Dedication Requirement Does Not Otherwise Constitute a Taking   01/29/2014
What's New for 2014 – FPPC Revises Treatment of Travel Payments to Public Agencies   01/13/2014


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