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Drinking Water Standards: How Fast is Fast Enough to Finalize the Chromium-6 MCL?   11/13/2013
The Demise of Deficiency Judgments in Residential Loans   11/07/2013
Did You Know…The Continuing Saga of Arbitration Agreements & Unconscionability   10/31/2013
Did You Know…Lady Gaga Settles Wage and Hour Claim   10/29/2013
California Supreme Court Holds Mitigation Fee Act Applies to Inclusionary Housing   10/18/2013
Did You Know… A New San Francisco Ordinance Imposes a Duty on Employers to Consider and Respond to Employee Requests for Flexible Work Arrangements   10/16/2013
Did You Know…California Raises Minimum Wage   10/16/2013
Did You Know…Public Employees' Facebook "Like" is the Internet Equivalent of a Political Yard Sign   10/10/2013
A Cautionary Tale on Alleging Precondemnation Damages Versus a De Facto Taking   09/04/2013
Federal Wildlife Agencies Issue Final Rule Adopting "Incremental" Approach to Economic Impact Analyses Conducted for Critical Habitat Designations under the Endangered Species Act   08/28/2013
Did You Know…Ninth Circuit Holds No Aggregation of PAGA Penalties to Establish Federal Diversity Jurisdiction   08/26/2013
In Eminent Domain Proceedings, the Likelihood and Constitutionality of a Dedication is a Jury Determination   08/13/2013
The Supreme Court Said We're Married … Now What?   08/08/2013
Sometimes a Taking is Not a "Taking"   08/02/2013
What Does DOMA and Prop 8 Mean to You: The Employer?   07/22/2013
Did You Know…U.S. Supreme Court Strengthens Class Action Waivers in AmEx Ruling   07/08/2013
Did You Know…U.S. Supreme Court Narrowly Defines "Supervisor" For Purposes of Title VII Employer Liability   07/08/2013
Did You Know…The Supreme Court's DOMA Ruling Opening Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Couples Requires Employers to Update Employee Benefits Policies   07/02/2013
Did You Know…Employee Privacy Rights May Be Trumped By Third Party Requests for Disclosure of Contact Information   06/17/2013
The Grapes of Wrath: U.S. Supreme Court Holds that Takings Claim Can be Raised as an Affirmative Defense to Enforcement Action Against Raisin Handlers   06/12/2013
California Supreme Court Delivers Key Peer Review Ruling   06/10/2013
Delays in Implementation of the JOBS Act   06/04/2013
Did You Know…Minimum Wage Hike Passes California Assembly   06/03/2013
Did You Know…Court of Appeal Applies Brinker To Reverse Denial of Class Certification   05/31/2013
Did You Know…"Primary Purpose" Is The Appropriate Test To Determine Exemption Status Of An Employee   05/31/2013
Temporary Regulatory Takings Do Exist in California!   05/16/2013
Did You Know…EEOC Clarified That "Disability" Within the Meaning of the ADA Now Includes Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, and Intellectual Disabilities   05/16/2013
Did You Know…Certain Businesses Are Now Required To Post Human Trafficking Notice   05/15/2013
Successor Banks of FDIC assets Not so Jolly after Jolley - A New Duty to Investigate?   05/06/2013
Did You Know…Additional Guidance Released by NLRB on Confidentiality and Employee-Related Investigations   05/01/2013
D.C. Circuit Holds EPA Can Invalidate a Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit After It Is Issued   04/25/2013
61st Annual Antitrust Law Spring Meeting:   04/24/2013
Condemn Now, CEQA-Compliance Later? OK. Maybe…   04/19/2013
Did You Know…A Sea Change in Class Action Certification   04/08/2013
Did You Know…New Pregnancy Regulations in Effect in California   03/27/2013
Did You Know…New Regulations Released Governing Disability Discrimination in California   03/27/2013
U.S. Jury Finds Chinese Companies Liable for Price-Fixing, Fined $162 Million   03/26/2013
Did You Know…U.S. Supreme Court Ends Plaintiff's CAFA Jurisdictional Gamesmanship   03/20/2013
Did You Know…New FMLA Regulations Are In Effect   03/15/2013
Did You Know…Department of Homeland Security Issues New I-9 Form – Now in Effect   03/14/2013
Social Networking Contacts Could Be Trade Secrets   03/11/2013
Trademark Management and the New Generic Top Level Domains   03/08/2013
Did You Know…Class Certification Denied in Wang v. Chinese Daily News   03/07/2013
An Effective Antitrust Compliance Program Can Mean Significant Savings Down the Road   03/05/2013
Fourth Circuit Strikes NMFS Biological Opinion regarding Pesticide Registrations   02/25/2013
California Public Utilities Commission Proceeding Updates Affecting the California Biogas Industry   02/19/2013
Did You Know...California Supreme Court Clarifies Standard for "Mixed Motive" Defense to Employment Discrimination Claims   02/19/2013
New Biogas Rules to be Considered at California Public Utilities Commission   01/18/2013
HIPAA Game-Changer: Are You Ready? OCR Releases Long-Awaited HIPAA/HITECH Rules   01/18/2013
Greenhouse Gas Allowance Auction Revenues Possibly On Track to be Returned to Utility Customers   01/15/2013
Companies & Committees Making Independent Expenditures in California Subject to Increased Disclosure & Penalties in 2013   01/15/2013
IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Affordable Care Act's "Play or Pay" Requirements – What Employers Need to Know   01/15/2013
2012 Eminent Domain Year in Review & 2013 Forecast   01/10/2013
A Victory for Water Users in Siskiyou County   01/10/2013
Supreme Court Reverses Ninth Circuit: Absent a "Discharge of a Pollutant" Receiving Water Exceedances are not a Violation of Clean Water Act   01/09/2013
Appellate Court Upholds Santa Maria Groundwater Judgment & Physical Solution   01/08/2013


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