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The Cross-Fire Continues Over the Judge's Role in Limiting Appraisal Opinions in Eminent Domain Cases   12/28/2012
Positive Train Control Still on the Front Burner   12/18/2012
Federal District Court Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging San Francisco Harmed Endangered Species at Sharp Park   12/10/2012
Double-Take: Two Recent CEQA Cases Illustrate the Perils of Deferred Mitigation   12/06/2012
Did You Know...Changes to California Pregnancy Disability Regulations To Take Effect by Year End   12/04/2012
Court Decision on Loss of Goodwill Results in Sour Grapes for Business Owners   11/29/2012
Governor Signs Legislation Amending Fish and Game Code in Response to Input from Strategic Vision Process   10/15/2012
Ninth Circuit Declines to Apply EIS Requirements to an EA   10/09/2012
When Adopting a Resolution of Necessity, Can Failing to Consider a Substitute Condemnation Constitute a Gross Abuse of Discretion?   09/24/2012
Did You Know…Class Action for Meal and Rest Break Violations Defeated – Legally Compliant Policies Are Key   09/10/2012
Limited Liability Companies Forced into Compliance   08/30/2012
The Real "Suspense" Over the Brown Act Suspension   08/29/2012
Did You Know…Blanket Confidentiality Requirements Regarding Employment-Related Investigations Violate Section 7 of the NLRA   08/27/2012
CEQA Reform – Legislature Balks In 2012: What is the Starting Point for Working Group Discussions and 2013 Legislation?   08/24/2012
Options, Agreements, and Prior Appraisals: Admissibility Issues in Eminent Domain Trials   08/16/2012
Back to the Future: The CEQA Future Baseline Question Is Back in Court as the Supreme Court Grants Review of Neighbors for Smart Rail   08/13/2012
MAP-21: Public Transportation Safety   08/09/2012
Governor Brown, Secretary Salazar Attempt to Keep Bay Delta Conservation Plan on Track   07/25/2012
Time to Face Up to the New Investment Income Tax   07/16/2012
MAP-21: Treatment of Public-Private Partnerships Under Surface Transportation Reauthorization   07/16/2012
MAP 21: Tolling Rights Expand Under Surface Transportation Reauthorization   07/11/2012
MAP-21 Creates Potential to Accelerate Project Delivery   07/09/2012
MAP-21: Surface Transportation Reauthorization Ushers in Significant Changes to TIFIA   07/06/2012
Chief Roberts Pulls Huge Rabbit From Hat: Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act   06/29/2012
Did You Know…New Bill Introduced in the House – Equal Employment Opportunity Restoration Act – Would Overturn Dukes Ruling   06/21/2012
Transformative or Not Transformative - That is the Question: Fair Use and Appropriation Art   06/13/2012
Did You Know…Wage and Hour Class Actions Can Be Converted into Individual Arbitrations Which Can Significantly Reduce an Employer's Exposure   06/01/2012
Practitioners – New Central District Court of California Local Rules Effective Tomorrow, June 1, 2012   05/31/2012
Did You Know…The NLRB Releases Third Report on Social Media Do's & Don'ts   05/31/2012
More Acquisitions and Consolidations among Medical Groups   05/30/2012
June Election Could Mean Extra Reports for California Major Donors   05/09/2012
Commission Meets to Discuss Draft Report on Governor's Reorganization Plan This Friday   05/09/2012
E-Brief: Prevailing Parties in Meal or Rest Break Actions Are Not Entitled to Attorney Fees   05/07/2012
Did You Know…EEOC Holds That Title VII Protects Transgender Employees   04/27/2012
Did You Know…Labor Commissioner Updates California Wage Theft Act FAQs and Template   04/24/2012
Did You Know…Government Code § 996.4 Trumps Labor Code § 2802   04/23/2012
The JOBS Act — Creating New Ways to Access Capital and Making the Old Ways Easier   04/20/2012
In a Major CEQA Decision, Court of Appeal Affirms Transit Agency's Use of Future Baseline to Evaluate Project Impacts on Traffic, Air Quality, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions   04/18/2012
The Long and Winding Road Finally Comes to an End: The California Supreme Court Clarifies Meal and Rest Period Obligations   04/16/2012
Administration's Budget Trailer Bill Would Eliminate Local Coastal Programs   04/09/2012
Did You Know…Coverage Under ADA Includes Relatively Common Mental Health Conditions   04/02/2012
The "Unpreservation" of the Base Year Value Transfer Under Threat of Eminent Domain   03/30/2012
High Court Blocks State Employee Suits for Damages Under FMLA Self-Care Provision   03/29/2012
Did You Know…You Cannot Ask Applicants or Employees For Their Facebook Password   03/28/2012
Supreme Court Overturns EPA: Clean Water Act Compliance Orders Can Be Challenged In Court   03/27/2012
Narrowing Appeal Rights When District Court Issues an Order Sitting as a Bankruptcy Court - Klestadt & Winters v. Cangelosi, (9th Cir. March 6, 2012)   03/23/2012
Did You Know…Restrictive Covenant Can Be Imposed Against Former Employees to Protect Trade Secrets   03/23/2012
Flood Insurance Program Subject to Revision in the Delta   03/12/2012
Did You Know…NLRB Regional Offices Won 87% of Unfair Labor Practice Cases in 2011   03/12/2012
Did You Know…Loose Lips Sink Ships   03/08/2012
Did You Know…Employees Must Preserve Documents When a Litigation Hold is in Effect   03/06/2012
Court Clarifies Rules Concerning Litigation Expenses in Eminent Domain   03/05/2012
Did You Know…Extended Recordkeeping Requirements Take Effect April 3rd   02/27/2012
Fair Political Practices Commission Adopts Disclosure Forms to Report New Filing Positions   02/23/2012
Did You Know…Employers Should Limit Health-Related Inquiries to Employee's Ability to Perform the Job   02/16/2012
Did You Know…Choice of Law Provisions Have Limited Value in Employment Cases   02/15/2012
W-2 Reporting for Health Benefits (For Same-Sex Couples and Other Employees)   02/09/2012
Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act of 2012: The STOCK Act   02/08/2012
How to Increase the Prospects of Coverage of SEC Settlements   02/03/2012
Did You Know…NLRB Released Reports on Cases Involving Social Media   02/01/2012
Healthcare Practice New Year Newsletter   01/31/2012
E-Brief: Did You Know...   01/23/2012
Business Judgment Rule Offers No Protection to Corporate Officers   01/20/2012
2011 Eminent Domain Year in Review   01/18/2012


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