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Ninth Circuit Reverses Course: Rent Control Ordinance Does Not Constitute Regulatory Taking   12/29/2010
EEOC Issues Final GINA Regulations   12/23/2010
A Step In The Right Direction: An Administrative Proceeding Where Witnesses Testify and Evidence is Taken is a "Suit" Under CGL Policies   12/13/2010
PPACA Compliance Reminder Series - Grandfathered Plan Rules Modified   12/09/2010
CEQ to Federal Agencies: Update Your Categorical Exclusions – But Does It Mean More Litigation?   12/06/2010
E-Brief: California Supreme Court Decides Employees Have 3 Years to Seek Penalties for Late-Paid Final Wages   12/01/2010
E-Brief: The Paycheck Fairness Act is Shut Down in the Senate   11/24/2010
EPA - Clean Water Act Can Be Used to Regulate Air Emissions   11/23/2010
E-Brief: The Meal and Rest Break Saga Continues - California Court of Appeal Holds Employers Are Only Required to Provide Meal & Rest Breaks   11/12/2010
PPACA Compliance Reminder Series - Grandfathered Plans and Adult Dependents   11/11/2010
E-Brief: The Supreme Court Declines Review of the Meaning of "Clothes"   11/08/2010
New Eminent Domain Case Clarifies "Good Faith" Test for Determining Litigation Expenses   11/02/2010
Recent Developments on the Constitutionality of Toll Discount Programs   10/25/2010
A Year in the Life of an Eminent Domain Blog   10/20/2010
Urban Water Management Plan Upheld - Court Defers to Water Agency's Expertise   10/14/2010
November Election Could Mean Extra Reports for California Major Donors   09/23/2010
E-Brief: Posting of Stationary Banner To Publicize a Labor Dispute is Not Unlawful Under Federal Labor Law   09/21/2010
The New Buzz! Sale of Electricity May Get Priority Status in Bankruptcy   09/20/2010
E-Brief: No Private Right to Sue for Unlawful Tip Pool   09/13/2010
E-Brief: Don't Forget the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit   09/07/2010
The Little Hoover Commission Releases Report on Statewide Water Management   08/31/2010
E-Brief: Electronic Signature and Storage of I-9 Forms Now Permitted   08/26/2010
Ninth Circuit Affirms Steelhead Listing Decision that Excludes Resident Rainbow Trout   08/26/2010
New Disclosure Requirements for Pension Plan Service Providers   08/16/2010
E-Brief: Reminder: COBRA Subsidy Ended May 31 - Make Sure Your Notices Are Correct   08/12/2010
Legislature Pulls Water Bond From Ballot   08/11/2010
E-Brief: Discriminatory "Stray Remarks" Can Lead To Employer Liability   08/09/2010
Insured Need Pay Only ONE Self Insured Retention Where Multiple Claims are Made in a Single Lawsuit   08/02/2010
Summer 2010 Review of Selected Insurance Case   07/22/2010
Supreme Court's Skilling Decision: How It Affects Lobbyists and Their Employers   07/16/2010
E-Brief: DOL Redefines "Clothes" Under the FLSA   07/16/2010
Public Employment Relations Board Has Initial Jurisdiction To Determine Public Employees' Right To Strike   07/13/2010
Precedent Setting Case: State DOTs Liable For Cleaning Up Contamination From Highway Stormwater Runoff   07/07/2010
E-Brief: DOL Clarifies the Definition of "Son or Daughter" under the FMLA   06/29/2010
9th Circuit Says Endangered Species Critical Habitat Not Limited to Where the Species Resides - Agency May Restrict Analysis of Economic Costs of Critical Habitat   06/28/2010
Supreme Court Issues Much Anticipated Takings Decision – But What Was It?   06/21/2010
Text Message Search Did Not Violate Employee's Privacy Rights   06/21/2010
Court of Appeal Holds that a Condemnee is Not Always Entitled to Fair Market Value – But is That Really What the Court Means?   06/18/2010
Insufficient "Blight" Finding Results in Court of Appeal's Invalidating Redevelopment Plan   06/17/2010
Umbrella Coverage Must Step In To Defend Immediately   05/18/2010
New Regulations Adopted to Implement California's AB 32 Impose Fees on Greenhouse Gas Emissions   05/17/2010
Buyer Beware: Improper Sale Documentation Results in Waiver of Inverse Condemnation Claim   05/14/2010
California Major Donors Face Strict Reporting Requirements Before the Election   05/06/2010
Employee's E-Mails to Attorney Are Private Says New Jersey Supreme Court   04/26/2010
E-Brief: Are Interns Employees? DLSE Provides Test   04/13/2010
To Defend or Not to Defend That Is the Question   04/12/2010
Ninth Circuit Finds Duty to Defend Patent Infringement Claims   04/06/2010
E-Brief: Mortgage Loan Officers are Non-exempt Employees According to U.S. Department of Labor   03/30/2010
Scope of Mechanic's Lien Not as Clear as One Might Assume   03/29/2010
Drought Water Transfers Still Require Environmental Review   03/25/2010
Bankruptcy Claims Trading: What is it? How do I maximize my returns?   03/25/2010
Any company, regardless of the nature of its business, may unknowingly be involved in exports from the United States requiring licenses. "Deemed Exports – What you should know."   03/22/2010
Ninth Circuit Invalidates Forest Service Evaluation of Grazing Impacts On Sage Grouse   03/17/2010
California False Claims Ruling: Contractor Invoices Include Implied Certification of Contract Compliance   03/16/2010
Regulatory Takings: The Ninth Circuit to Revisit its Guggenheim Opinion   03/16/2010
U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies Diversity Jurisdiction for Corporations   03/03/2010
EPA Asked to Regulate Black Carbon Emissions   02/26/2010
E-Brief: California Supreme Court - Kincare Law Not Applicable to Uncapped Sick Leave Policy   02/26/2010
Council on Environmental Quality Proposes Important New NEPA Guidance Regarding Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation of Environmental Impacts   02/22/2010
2009 Eminent Domain Year in Review   01/19/2010
Reconciling Covenants Not to Compete and Trade Secret Protection   01/07/2010
COBRA Premium Subsidy and Unemployment Benefits Extended   01/05/2010


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