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Transfer Of Water Violates Clean Water Act   12/18/2006
California Court Approves Flexible Approach to Regulating Storm Water Discharges Under Clean Water Act   12/07/2006
Property Insurance May Lapse During Building Renovations   12/04/2006
Federal Court Finds Environmental Assessor May Be Liable To Future Property Owners Who Rely On Its Phase I Assessment, Notwithstanding Assessor's Attempts To Limit Such Reliance   11/14/2006
Are You Ready for Mandated Hospital Fair Pricing Policies?   11/10/2006
D.C. Circuit Issues Split Decision In Clean Air Act Challenge to Regional Transportation Plan Conformity Regulations   11/09/2006
D.C. Circuit Issues Split Decision In Clean Air Act Challenge to Regional Transportation Plan Conformity Regulations   11/07/2006
State Begins to License Discount Fee Health Plans   10/19/2006
District Court Issues Decision Invalidating San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program Plan and Halting All Activities with the City of San Diego that Impact Vernal Pool Habitat   10/17/2006
California Court Expands and Clarifies Rule That Mechanic's Liens Cannot Be Placed Upon Public Property That Is Subject to Private Development   10/12/2006
Eminent Domain Reform Has Arrived In California   10/04/2006
Corps Issues Nationwide Permits Proposal   10/02/2006
FTA Proposes New Policies For Conversion Of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Into High Occupancy Toll Lanes   09/29/2006
Insurance Coverage: Noteworthy Recent Decisions   09/14/2006
USDOT Solicits Applications for Its New "Corridors of the Future Program"   09/08/2006
Supreme Court Of California Holds That An "At Will" Employment Contract Means Just What It Says   09/07/2006
California Supreme Court Rejects Inverse Condemnation Claims Based on Obstruction of View   08/22/2006
Ninth Circuit Issues Decision Clarifying the Scope of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction in the Wake of Rapanos v. United States   08/14/2006
CVAG Votes to Rescind Existing Coachella Valley MSHCP and Proceed with Revised Coachella Valley MSHCP   08/07/2006
Court Approves Consent Decree that Requires the Fish and Wildlife Service to Replace its Existing Rule Designating Critical Habitat for the Peninsular Bighorn Sheep   08/02/2006
A Quartet of Court Decisions Help Clarify Reasonable Accommodation Standards   07/27/2006
Supreme Court Clarifies Proposition 218 Rules   07/26/2006
State Water Resources Control Board Releases Storm Water Panel Recommendations Regarding Feasibility of Numeric Effluent Limits   07/18/2006
TxDOT and FHWA Agree to Experimental Program for Expediting TIFIA Credit Assistance to PPP Toll Road Projects   07/18/2006
A Brave New World For Condemning Agencies: Coping with the Anderson Initiative and its Radical Redrawing of California Eminent Domain Law   07/10/2006
FHWA Changes to Design-Build Rule Fall Short of PPP Needs   07/10/2006
California Supreme Court Holds Competing Proposals Submitted To A Public Agency Do Not Become Public Records Until The Completion Of Negotiations   06/26/2006
U.S. Supreme Court Broadens Employee Protection Against Retaliation   06/23/2006
Supreme Court Issues Decision Restricting Federal Jurisdiction Under The Clean Water Act But Leaves Many Questions Unanswered   06/20/2006
Ninth Circuit Rejects Center for Biological Diversity’s Interpretation of Fish and Wildlife Regulations Defining Incidental Take   06/06/2006
Court Issues Decision Addressing The State Board’s Jurisdiction Over Groundwater   06/05/2006
EPA Proposes Rule Clarifying NPDES Permits Are Not Required for Water Transfers   06/02/2006
U.S. Supreme Court Limits Public Employees' Speech Rights   06/02/2006
EPA Proposes Rule Clarifying That NPDES Permits Are Not Required for Water Transfers   06/02/2006
Good News and Bad News: Proposed Amendments to FHWA Design-Build and PPP Rule   05/30/2006
New Court Decisions Affect Water Industry   05/18/2006
FTA Solicits Comments and Expressions of Interest Regarding PPP Pilot Program Authorized by SAFETEA-LU   05/05/2006
Talk About Sex Does Not Necessarily Mean Sexual Harassment   04/27/2006
California Supreme Court Declines to Consider Challenge to Zero Trash TMDL for Los Angeles River   04/25/2006
Federal Voting Rights Issues Impact Initiative, Referendum and Recall Elections in Twenty-One California Counties   04/13/2006
Congress Considers Tax-Exempt Bonds for Water and Sewage Facilities   03/28/2006
New Employment Laws for 2006   03/20/2006
Bill Introduced to Bar Foreign Ownership, Management or Operation of Critical Infrastructure   03/10/2006
New Development in Federal-Aid A/E Procurement Requirements   02/09/2006
FHWA Creates Clearinghouse for Tolling Proposals   02/03/2006
Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Transportation Sales Tax Renewal   01/30/2006
Insurance Coverage: A Year in Review   01/30/2006
California Supreme Court Grants Review of CALFED Decision   01/27/2006
States May Be Liable For Damages For Violations Of Title II Of Americans With Disabilities Act   01/17/2006
Court Affirms Use Of Specific Provisions To Rebut Evidence Of Misrepresentation In The Inducement Of A Lease   01/17/2006
US DOT Issues Proposed Guidelines for Requesting Transportation Private Activity Bond Allocations   01/09/2006


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