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State Water Resources Control Board's Proposed Revisions to 303(d) List Could Lead to the Development of Additional TMDLs   12/21/2005
California Endangered Species Act Compels Consideration of Economic Objectives. Court of Appeal Upholds Validity of Pacific Lumber Company Habitat Conservation Plan   12/20/2005
Ninth Circuit Concludes That Adjacency Alone Confers Jurisdiction Under the Clean Water Act   12/09/2005
California Supreme Court To Decide Critical Issue In Claim Of Discrimination Based On A Disability   12/07/2005
Court Upholds Caltrans' Proposition 35 Right to Contract Out For Engineering and Architectural Services   11/29/2005
Free Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training: Deadline for Compliance With This New Law Is Fast Approaching   11/08/2005
Attorney General Concludes That California Water Districts May Contract With Developers For The Construction And Reimbursement Of Oversized Water Facilities   10/21/2005
Second Circuit Holds PRPs May Recover Costs from other PRPs under Section 107(a) of CERCLA   09/12/2005
California Supreme Court Expands Law On Retaliation For Opposing Employment Discrimination   09/09/2005
Appeal Court Holds EMTALA May Cover Adequacy Of Treatment   08/31/2005
California Authority Issues Nation's First "Local" GARVEE Bond   08/25/2005
California Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of Coastal Commission   08/19/2005
EPA Announces NPDES Permits Not Required for Water Transfers   08/16/2005
EPA and the Department of Justice Issue Guidance to Clarify that PRPs that Enter Into Administrative Settlements with the Agency Can Seek Contribution Under Section 113(f)(3)(B) of CERCLA   08/12/2005
"SAFETEA—LU" Promotes Private Investment in Transportation   08/01/2005
California Supreme Court Makes Favoritism of Workplace Paramours Illegal Sexual Harassment   07/27/2005
AASHTO's Guide to Protecting the Nation's Highways From Terrorist Threats   07/19/2005
California Labor Commissioner Issues Important Clarification Regarding Exempt Employees’ Use of Vacation and Paid Time Off   07/19/2005
Landmark Supreme Court Case Upholds Government’s Right to Seize Private Property for Economic Development   06/23/2005
New Policy to Make SWPPPs More Available   06/16/2005
Senate-Passed Reauthorization Bill Would Advance Private Activity Bonds and Design-Build Contracting   06/06/2005
Sacramento County Superior Court Upholds General Construction Permit and Rejects Numeric Limits for Construction Related Pollutants   06/01/2005
New Rules for Disposal of Employee Information Take Effect June 1, 2005   05/26/2005
A Proactive Response To Allegations Of Misconduct Can Minimize Adverse Consequences For Physicians   05/25/2005
Legislation Seeks to Cut "Navigable" From Clean Water Act   05/03/2005
New Bankruptcy Law Impacts Health Care Providers   04/27/2005
Supreme Court Extends Disparate Impact Claims To Age Discrimination   04/27/2005
California Supreme Court holds that the State Must Evaluate Economic Considerations when Establishing Water Discharge Requirements that Exceed Federal Standards   04/20/2005
Section 1983 Damages Are No Longer Available for Violations of Section 332 of the Telecom Act   04/01/2005
Nossaman Announces New Partners in 2005 - Class Represents Strength of Firm's Land Use, Environmental and Healthcare Practices   03/15/2005
Proposed Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan will have Significant Impacts on Real Estate Development   03/02/2005
Heightened Enforcement of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Laws Requires Increased Provider Diligence   03/01/2005
Data Quality Act Provides Under-utilized Tool to Challenge Federal Agency Use of Faulty Information; Four Years After its Enactment Effect of Act Remains Unclear   02/18/2005
State Senate Merges Committees: New Chair of the State Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee Plans Comprehensive Water Conservation, Water Management and Resource Planning Legislation   02/08/2005
EPA Finalizes Interpretive Statement and Proposes Rule to Limit Applicability of Clean Water Act to Pesticides Discharged to or Near Regulated Waters   01/31/2005
New Report Urges Public-Private Partnership Legislation to Help Solve California's Transportation Crisis   01/28/2005
New Employment Developments For A New Year   01/25/2005
U.S. DOT Reports to Congress on Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships   01/10/2005
Court Defines Discovery of Electronic Data   01/04/2005


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