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Big-Box Projects Required to Evaluate Urban Decay and Health Impacts   12/29/2004
Supreme Court Muddies the Waters with Decision in Cooper v. Aviall   12/16/2004
Court of Appeal Addresses Language Requirements For Landlord Exculpation Clause In Case Involving Mold   12/08/2004
Soliciting At-Will Employees In The Wrong Way Can Land You In Legal Hot Water   11/29/2004
Notice of Intent To Sue Alleges That Simple Water Transfers Require NPDES Permits   11/17/2004
Superior Court Judges in Los Angeles County Have Limited Access to Current California Statutes and Cases   11/15/2004
FCC Finds that Voice Over Internet Services are Subject to Federal, Not State Jurisdiction   11/15/2004
Broker-Arranged Exception to Usury Laws Interpreted by Court; Lender Lost and Forced to Forfeit All Interest   11/08/2004
Public Access to Meetings of Public Bodies and Writings of Public Agencies and Officials is Now a Constitutional Right   11/05/2004
New Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training   11/02/2004
New Workers' Comp Medical Care Structures Hold Promise for Employers   10/26/2004
FHWA Initiates SEP-15 To Promote Public-Private Partnerships and Other Innovations in Project Development and Finance   10/18/2004
Transit Agency Uses CMAQ Funds to Secure Low-Cost Financing for Light Rail Project   09/29/2004
Central Valley Air District Targeting Development for Emissions Reductions and/or Impact Fees   09/24/2004
Public Agency Staff May Be Individually Liable for Selective and Overzealous Enforcement   08/27/2004
California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 ("OPPA")   08/10/2004
Precedent-Setting Decision Greatly Restricts Economic and Recreational Activities Within Critical Habitat   08/06/2004
Court Holds that California Constitution Prohibits Super Majority Vote for Approval of or Increase in City General Tax   07/21/2004
Agency Designated to Administer a Joint Powers Agreement Determines Scope of JPA’s Land Use Powers   06/24/2004
Propositions 13 and 218: Charge Levied on Groundwater Pumping is Not a Tax, Assessment or Fee Incident to Property Ownership   05/24/2004
Major Overhaul of Workers' Compensation System SB 899 Will Affect Employers Immediately   05/03/2004
CERCLA Complaint Alleges Water Entities Are Liable for Using Colorado River Water for Recharge Operation   04/30/2004
Supreme Court Rules That Water Pumps Not Generating Pollutants Are Point Sources Under The Clean Water Act   04/02/2004
U.S. Circuit Court Vacates FCC Order Supporting UNE-P Competition   03/04/2004
Court Vindicates Telecommunications Industry’s Right to Use California Streets and Highways Free From Local Impositions   01/06/2004


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