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Nossaman LLP

Customs and Export Control

Nossaman assists clients with their international business, trade, and employment issues.  We work to remove obstructions to the movement of goods to and from businesses and facilitate the movement of international workers into the United States.  Nossaman's Customs and Export Control Practice represents clients in federal courts and before administrative and regulatory agencies, including; U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Commerce, the Bureau of Industry and Security, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice.

We provide strategic advice and planning services on the movement of goods, technology and people.  We have an impressive record of successfully defending clients accused of customs and export control civil and criminal violations, overcoming potential customs duties and penalties, as well as obtaining special licenses and exemptions for our exporting clients.

We advise clients with respect to the importing and exporting of goods and technology.  This includes all phases of importing and with respect to exporting, both real and deemed exports and where there exists requirements for an export or re-export license from the Department of Commerce, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, or other United States Government agencies.  We assist clients in obtaining licenses, special comprehensive licenses, and in identifying license exceptions. 

We assist clients in establishing compliance programs and in other ongoing efforts to assure compliance with Export Control and Customs Laws.  This includes advising clients in the development of training programs and in the production of training films. 

Nossaman's clients include major domestic and multi-national corporations, as well as United States and foreign individuals in a wide range of industries, including: life sciences, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, oil, beverage and high technology.



  • Classification of Merchandise
  • Valuation of Merchandise
  • Dutiable Status of Merchandise
  • Customs Drawback Claims
  • Country of Origin Marking Issues
  • Customs Audits
  • Protests
  • Civil and Criminal Investigations
  • Defense of Penalty Actions
  • NAFTA Issues
  • Foreign Trade Zones
  • Temporary Free Imports
  • Compliance and Training

Export Control

  • Export Licensing Issues
  • Obtaining Export Licenses
  • Export Licensing Exemptions
  • Deemed Exports
  • Special Comprehensive Licenses
  • Embargoed Country Issues
  • Civil and Criminal Investigations
  • Defense of Penalty Actions
  • Compliance and Training

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