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  Eminent Domain: Is it Possible to Recover Attorneys’ Fees if you Settle? California Eminent Domain Report 09/20/2019  
  Unpublished Decision Looks at Valuation Methodologies California Eminent Domain Report 09/20/2019  
  Court Provides Further Clarification on Inverse Condemnation Liability California Eminent Domain Report 09/18/2019  
  Fish and Wildlife Service Delists Foskett speckled dace Endangered Species Law and Policy 09/17/2019  
  Sea-Level Rise, Managed Retreat, and Eminent Domain in California California Eminent Domain Report 09/14/2019  
  FWS Rejects Petitions to List Yellowstone Bison, But Other Listing and Critical Habitat Designations May be Warranted Endangered Species Law and Policy 09/06/2019  
  Video: Bernadette Duran-Brown on Motions In Limine California Eminent Domain Report 09/06/2019  
  Death Certificate Project: A Dragnet! The Health Law Ticker 09/05/2019  
  Video: Artin Shaverdian on Settlement Negotiations & Mediation California Eminent Domain Report 08/30/2019  
  FWS Decides Not to List Joshua Tree and Other Species Under the ESA Endangered Species Law and Policy 08/19/2019  
  California Supreme Court Provides Rare Update on Inverse Condemnation Doctrine California Eminent Domain Report 08/18/2019  
  Video: David Graeler on Preparing Experts California Eminent Domain Report 08/13/2019  
  ESA Regulatory Reform Package Crosses the Finish Line Endangered Species Law and Policy 08/12/2019  
  USFWS Moves Towards Including Qualitative Criteria in All Species Recovery Plans Endangered Species Law and Policy 08/09/2019  
  SCOTUS Stretches the Statute of Limitations Period for False Claims The Health Law Ticker 08/05/2019  
  Video: Artin Shaverdian on Increasing the Scope of the Taking California Eminent Domain Report 07/30/2019  
  California Supreme Court Decides Wilson v. CNN: Court Rules No Categorical Exception to Anti-SLAPP Review for Discrimination and Retaliation Claims and Provides Encouragement for the Continued Use of Anti-SLAPP Motions in the Peer Review Context The Health Law Ticker 07/27/2019  
  California Supreme Court to Issue Opinion on Monday, July 22 in Anti-SLAPP Case Affecting Pending Peer Review Cases and Peer Review Defense to Meritless Lawsuits The Health Law Ticker 07/19/2019  
  Settlement Eliminates 1,500 Acres of Designated Dusky Gopher Frog Critical Habitat Endangered Species Law and Policy 07/18/2019  
  Will California’s Sea-Level Rise Trigger Use of Eminent Domain? California Eminent Domain Report 07/17/2019  
  Lessons in Litigating Inverse Condemnation Claims California Eminent Domain Report 07/14/2019  
  Court Holds Agency Appraiser Not Required to Identify Specific Damages When Outweighed by Project Benefits California Eminent Domain Report 07/12/2019  
  Bridging Public Pension Funds and Infrastructure Investing Infra Insight Blog 07/11/2019  
  Court Decision Serves as Important Reminder on Crafting Lease Condemnation Provisions California Eminent Domain Report 07/03/2019  
  Video: David Graeler on Temporary Construction Easements California Eminent Domain Report 06/28/2019  
  FWS Moves To Add Quantitative Measures To Recovery Plans Endangered Species Law and Policy 06/28/2019  
  Environmental Groups Seek Protection for Mountain Lions in Southern California Endangered Species Law and Policy 06/26/2019  
  U.S. Supreme Court Reverses Itself – Property Owners Can Have their Day in Federal Court California Eminent Domain Report 06/22/2019  
  Video: Artin Shaverdian on Abandonments and Narrowing the Scope of the Taking California Eminent Domain Report 06/13/2019  
  Fish and Game Commission Adds Four Bumble Bees to Candidate List Endangered Species Law and Policy 06/13/2019  
  California Supreme Court Hears First Inverse Condemnation Case in Years California Eminent Domain Report 06/07/2019  
  Video: Brad Kuhn on the Importance of Litigation Holds in Eminent Domain Cases California Eminent Domain Report 06/03/2019  
  FWS Proposes Listing “Madtom” and “Waterdog” Endangered Species Law and Policy 05/23/2019  
  Crafting Settlement Agreements in Eminent Domain California Eminent Domain Report 05/22/2019  
  Nossaman is Taking Eminent Domain On the Road! California Eminent Domain Report 05/17/2019  
  New Executive Order Heralds Reorientation of State’s Species Protection and Water Management Policies Endangered Species Law and Policy 05/07/2019  
  P3 Investors: Are You In The Zone? Infra Insight Blog 05/06/2019  
  Fish and Wildlife Service Moves to Reclassify Downlist the American Burying Beetle, as Threatened Proposes 4(d) Rule Endangered Species Law and Policy 05/06/2019  
  Utilities Have the Right to Remove Trees Within an Easement California Eminent Domain Report 04/29/2019  
  Rick Rayl on the Importance of the Appraisal Process California Eminent Domain Report 04/26/2019  
  Environmental Groups’ NEPA Challenge to USDA Wolf Killing Survives Endangered Species Law and Policy 04/25/2019  
  California to Finally Tackle Inverse Condemnation Reform for Wildfires? California Eminent Domain Report 04/17/2019