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Continuing Education of the Bar's 2019 California Administrative Mandamus

Continuing Education of the Bar
By: David M. Balfour, Stephanie N. Clark, Steven H. Kaufmann, Liz Klebaner, Jennifer L. Meeker, Tara E. Paul

A number of Nossaman attorneys helped author and update Continuing Education of the Bar’s (CEB) 2019 California Administrative Mandamus.  This comprehensive guide for obtaining judicial review of state and local agency decisions includes in-depth treatment of applicable standards of review. 

The attorneys who contributed to the updated publication include: 

  • David Balfour, who contributed on the topic of “Procedures Unique to Special Writ Proceedings” as it relates to “Actions Involving the Medical Board of California”;
  • Stephanie Clark, who updated the section on “Stay Orders, Noticed Motions, and Alternative Writs”;
  • Steven Kaufmann, who co-authored the chapters on “Other Pleadings and Procedures Before Trial” and “Procedures Unique to Special Writ Proceedings”;
  • Liz Klebaner, who updated the chapter titled “Trial and Judgment”; 
  • Jennifer Meeker, who authored the chapter titled “Appeal from Superior Court Judgment”; and
  • Tara Paul, who updated “Pleadings in Response to Petition.”
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