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ASHRM 2019 Annual Conference

Sunday, October 13, 2019
The Baltimore Convention Center | Baltimore, MD

Jody Rudman and Morgan Callahan will be presenting on “Hot Trends in the Federal Prosecution of Healthcare Arrangements” at the American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM) 2019 Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Entrepreneurial healthcare arrangements are under ever-increasing scrutiny and targeted for investigation and federal prosecution. In the past, some of these arrangements have either not been prosecuted at all or have only been targeted in limited situations such as obvious fraud, kickbacks, or a clear violation of other laws. Now, creative and new theories of prosecution are being employed. Additionally, because healthcare is a constantly-evolving and entrepreneurial industry, new healthcare arrangements are routinely created by entrepreneurs and blessed by their counsel, but are later declared illegal by government officials. 

This presentation will focus on the newer investigations and prosecutions of healthcare arrangements, including pass-through lab billing, MSOs, “pill mill” investigations, and the prosecution of alleged kickbacks in the commercial insurance context using the federal Travel Act. This presentation will also address an emerging trend of federal criminal prosecution of HIPAA violations.

The American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM) is a professional membership group of the American Hospital Association (AHA) with nearly 6,000 members representing risk management, patient safety, insurance, law, finance, and other related professions. ASHRM promotes effective and innovative risk management strategies and professional leadership through education, recognition, advocacy, publications, networking, and interactions with leading health care organizations and government agencies. ASHRM initiatives focus on developing and implementing safe and effective patient care practices, the preservation of financial resources, and the maintenance of safe working environments. For more information about ASHRM and their 2019 conference, please click here.

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