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$800 Million Available for Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure

The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) investigation into Volkswagen Group of America’s (VW) failure to comply with State emission standards, test, and certification procedures, on-board diagnostic requirements, and other State requirements has resulted in a settlement of $800 million to be invested by VW on Zero Emission Vehicle public outreach and infrastructure projects in California.  The investments will be divided into four 30-month spending cycles over the course of 10 years.

CARB is currently working on a guidance document for VW that expresses California’s priorities for the ZEV investment.  The categories that CARB have made a priority include:

  • ZEV infrastructure (charging stations); 
  • public outreach and awareness efforts; and 
  • “Green City” initiatives. 

The Green City initiative will focus on cities hosting pilot projects that develop sustainability mobility projects like car sharing and ZEV shuttle services.

Investment proposals for the initial 30-month period are due January 16, 2017.  
VW’s first draft investment plan will be released February 22, 2017.

This investment provides an opportunity for public agencies and developers to access funding for ZEV public outreach and infrastructure development. 

This is the final round for cities and counties to access this funding opportunity. 

Pam Loomis and Ashley Walker in Nossaman’s Public Policy Practice Group can assist cities and counties in applying for these funds in the final round. This assistance includes calculating how much funding clients can receive through the program and preparing and submitting the application. Over the past few years, Nossaman has been successful in securing hundreds of millions of dollars in state and federal funding for parks, water, housing and transportation projects. Pam can be reached at or 916.930.7738, and Ashley can be reached at or  916.930.7780.

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